Architects - "Modern Misery"

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AMV anime
yeah!!! that's it's hard..
Aaron Belesky
almost every single these guys release... I break down in tears. I feel I can relate so much the shit cuts me deep man!
Adams Vines
This hit me harder than my alcoholic father.
Akshay Dalal
Man I really wish my friends listen to this kind of music..
Alan Sayavedra
Al comienzo de la canción parecía Suicide Silence ....jajaja pero estuvo buena la canción
Singer: so then i have an arrow in my heart\nDirector: **squints**
All Lit
Royal beggars and Hereafter was a bit better! In Modern Misery is not enough hardcore moments for me... But still it should be in album \u003c3
Anonymous WolvenClaw
I showed this song my cat. Now its a tiger!
Antonio Ferreira
Whats going on in Modern Missouri??
Arben Fejza
Im done with this teasing game, see you on the 9th.
Avik Das
Thank you Architects. You have kept me alive for so long. You are the band that gave me one last hope when i was about to quit.
Ayoub khoutcho
Architects are better than bring me the horizon,now
Blagoy U. Vazlef
Best album of 2018 is coming. My body is ready.
Captain Gwen
Goog song but always the same song
Captain Orsson
We used to run with wolves.
Chris O'Neill
So excited for this new album
Chris Owen
I used to be a vocalist too, until I took an arrow to the chest!\n\nAmazing song, though \u003c3
Chrono S
Architects\nSilent Planet\nIce Nine Kills\n\nHoly trinity of current metalcore ❤
Clay Drummond
Album of the year LET’S GO
Don't try to tell me we are BLEGHssed\nWe used to run with the wolves
Replay button current status = smashed till it broke
Dan Vernon
I'm not quite sure, feel like I'm guessing way more than with \
Darren Bradley
Whoever says this is a weak release is lame.
Denny FrogUgly
📂Documents\n └📁Music\n └📁Architects\n └📁 Bad Songs \n └⚠️ This folder is empty
Dream Awake666
Dylan Gauthier
The square room Sam is singing in is the prison cell, mentioned in \
In some parts, this sounds so much like gone with the wind and memento mori nhijhunjsn I LOVE ITTTT
Exs Ohs
architect is getting better and better while bmth straying so hard to appease poppy children.
Federico Fernandez
Se nota mucho la influencia de Josh Middleton, y no veo que lo haya resaltado nadie!
Gremlin #Dream Arts
Amazing lyrics. Totally enjoyed this.
Guilherme Meira
Anyone else see this video as a continuation to the story in \
Harun Kamsaini
Show this song to unskilled labour..\n\nThey became the Architects..
Huy Yang
Wow, everything they've released so far this year has been amazing.
I am so happy to see them live in Vienna in January 29th. *-*
Imran Sahir
Architects and While She Sleeps are two of the greatest bands in business right now. WSS is a bit underrated but they'll get there. I can't wait for this album.
Incog Nito
I think this is my new favourite band
It took me 12 years to realize that I like hard music. 6 years more to realize that music can be so much more than something you listen to. That was when I found Architects. I started to really getting into bands (not only this one), reading backstorys, interviews, lyrics. Search for things I could learn from songs. I fell into a hole because of bullying, anxiety and shit like that. I bought All our god have abandoned us. And it fucking saved my life. Short moments of bliss, 3 to 5 minutes each, made me rethink many things. Listening to the album over and over again kept dragging me out of my personal hell. At the next Architects show I visited, I cried my soul out. All the emotions. The ability to actually let them out triggered by simple words, sung by a normal person.\n\nSeptember '18, I fell into another hole. Broken heart, more anxiety, the fear of losing my job. Then Hereafter was released, Holy Hell was announced. And I just couldn't stop smiling. Probably one of the biggest smiles in my entire life. For me this band is more than just music. They made me understand what music means to me. They kept me alive. They brought light into my darkest days. And the sad thing is, I will never be able to thank them in person for doing more for me then most people on this planet. So I will write it down here. \n Thank you Architects, for giving me the strength to fight my depression. For saving my life twice. And for making the fucking best music, I could listen to. \n\n I look forward to your show in munich next year ❤\nSo. this was my story. Short version but still longer than i thought it would be. And Thank you to everyone who made the effort to read this.
Jackson Plays :p
Why is this group so good to me
Jesus Mary
You have exactly 4:12 to live choose wisely
Jhulliano Setti
Thanks Tom, for inspiring them so much in this album.Architects are the kings of metal currently,and Sam has the best vocal.
Anyone notice the Momento Mori vibe at the end though? Goosebumps
Joseph Dunner
First song i have heard from this band. Holy sh*t so amazing
Josh King
Architects: *releases new heavy and brutal song*\n\nWhile She Sleeps: Hold my beer.\n\nSlipknot: You’re both so cute.\n\nRammstein: Pathetic mortals.
You guys okay? Between this and Royal Beggars, you've been losing a lot of blood lately...
Kareem Majeens
*Holy Hell I'm ready for this album.*
Kyle Larivee
01. Death Is Not Defeat\r\n02. Hereafter\r\n03. Mortal After All\r\n04. Holy Hell\r\n05. Damnation\r\n06. Royal Beggars\r\n07. Modern Misery\r\n08. Dying To Heal\r\n09. The Seventh Circle\r\n10. Doomsday\r\n11. A Wasted Hymn
Laura Franke
i need friends who listen to this kind of music badly
Lex :o
this gave me goosebumps holy shit where have they been my whole life
Lucie Kozáková
what an environmental anthem😄😍
Luffy Joke.
The synths and ambience progression around the chorus remind me of \
M. D.
Pretty good as always, but I feel like they keep that song structure and use it again and again...\r\nDon't get me wrong, I love that band, but it'd be even better if they tried to renew a bit (imo).
MK 25
My nipples are awful hard after listening to this. Anyone else experience this?
am i the only one who got goosebumps from all released yet songs?
Malcolm mloclaM
I have to admit, when I first heard this, I thought it was the weaker song of the 3 singles released before the album.\nBut since listening to them several times since.... this is hands down the strongest one.\nI mean they're all excellent, don't get me wrong.\nBut the melody, the intensity, the lyrics....
Malkeet Singh Bal
We Used To Run With The Wolves , You're Right Sam , We Are So Lost Now!!
Margarita Romanova
Must be pretty uncomfortable singing with an arrow sticking out of your chest. Proves that Sam truly is the best metal vocalist
Maroto83 03
why my peepee hard
Mehbobo Torp
This song... its energy, its intensity, its emotion... and those fucking lyrics.... sparking a light in my heart.\nI won’t go to the grave with the song still in me ❤️✌️
Wow Architects did it again, each singles is better than the previous one WOW!!!
Moisés Odoríssio
This song is all about what happened in Brazil. As a Brazilian, I mean, our country has reached its worst political moment.\n\nI know Sam knows what's going on.\n\nWe have just elected a fascist president who hides behind a religious mask.\n\nThis man propagates hatred, death, torture. He is homophobic, xenophobic, racist.\n\nI have many friends and acquaintances who are afraid, who walk in fear on the streets. The voters of this president are feeling the right to offend, to hurt, and even to kill.\n\nIt is sad to know that many people in this country that I live in have taken off their masks and are revealing their \
Nicola m
1:45 is ridiculous.
Nik Nocturnal
Damn, they're going hard for that AOTY title.
Sam is a beast vocalist, he can scream like that with an arrow in his heart? Goddamn...
Nishant Gandhi
Tom would be proud, Dan.
NoAh JoSePh
New architects or my wife's baby delivery? Sorry honey :/
Occifer FigPucker
Tom will run with the wolves forever. \u003c3.
Patrick Damacet
my neighbour called cops \ncuz I was playing Architects loud.\r\nthe cops arrested him
I'm a simple man. I see Architects I click like.
Roger Rabbit
No blegh, I am disappointed
Scott Welch
This song gives me goosebumps
Sebastian Hurtig
The band we need but don’t deserve.
Aquí tiene su apisonadora, gracias.
Royal Bleghgars \u003e Bleghafter \u003e Modern Bleghery
Damn. Even if I'm taking this song too literally its amazing. We using to run with the wolves. These words hit me somewhere I can't even find. Life used to mean more than income and social media/status. I was born in the wrong time.
I was a little scared about what would happen to the band after Tom's passing 'cause he was the principal composer and lyricist in the band, but they are keeping that good level from the last two albums and Josh Middleton was the best option to follow Tom's legacy... Tom would be proud of them, they're such an amazing band. Forever Tom, forever Architects.
Parkway Drive: we’ve got the metal album of the year\nArchitects: hold my beer
That Guy
This touches the soul and the heart of everyone,trying to remind us what is happening.And there are still people listening to mumble rap or some shit like that.So sad!
The Emperor Gontier
Holy hell Will be an epic album
The feels and message coming from these singles are so powerful. The 9th can't come fast enough. Dat look at 3:02 tho. You know it's about to go down
Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih
Это не Джордж Миллер, расходимся.
The lyrics, the emotion, the melody, the heavy riffs, the message behind it and this band. You guys are \u003c3
Vlado lugosi
Fantastic band, england always teaching rock and heavy metal classes, i love architects, my respects, greetings from chile weones🤘🇨🇱🤘
Voice Of Ruin
I can already say that the new record will burn everything!
greetings from syria :)
jacob rhoads
There’s a reason why this band is having incredible success, ‘cause they deserve it. You don’t just hear it, you FEEL it.
jon thoms
With so many people listening to rap, the hard hitting screamers are the reason that music is still good.
lacerta aeneus
Let's face it, ladies and gentlemen: we will love almost everything these guys are going to release :) For some reason, I feel myself on the similar mental waves with them, I'm sure they are uncapable to write the song that I won't like, it's as obvious as tomorrow's sunrise.
martin sedy
3:36 Everytime when I hears this, I just imagine myslef flying through outer space ... absolutely beautiful
meh user
no \
michael griffin
what the heck?? i am not a metal fan why was this reccomended to me?
to nie ja
xXx_Pokemaster Cyro_xXx
I like songs that are actually saying something significant.
1:37 ...'cause there's no human in us left... \nyou know what I mean?
yoboichris! m
This hits harder than my abuela with her chancla!
yves govaerts
Note to everyone: like the video before you play it because you might forget it after YOU SMASH YOUR PC WHILE HEADBANGING ON THIS EPIC SONG
Кирилл Шкода
В детстве я хотел стать архитектором
Максим Жиганов
I've been listening Architects since I was 15. Now I'm 21. I relistened all their albums many times and tried to find inspiration and power in all of their tracks. \nI don't want to accuse anybody but this is step down. The melody, the lyrics, the emotional message are so weak that it is more a pop song than Architects are usually suppposed to be. \nEverything's is changing. As for me, that's the end of the epoch.
Ярослав Лебединский
Ребята спасибо что вы есть,каждое утро с вашими песнями поднимает моё настроение и заставляет идти вперёд! Жду новый заряженный альбом!