Riddick Full action Movie

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Very Good Quality well done sir
U have the cronicle of riddick??
D_Mib1 _M
Box boy killed his dog,damn...looks like it's going to b another John Wick payback.
Denka urhigh
Is there a follow up movie like part 4?
Divanda Nadya
Thank you sooooooo much😍
Dūm Dūm Brown
I wish this movie have subtitle... bcs i cant understand the word they saying. Their voice hard to listen.. hard to guess what they saying
Dingo dongo
JD Games
Jordan Adams
- QUESTION - in the begining of the film, Why does Riddick use Pins to fix the Necromancer armour to himself???
Pitch Black was a Thriller, Chronicels of Riddick was an Actionmovie, Dark Fury an Anime, Riddick 3 a kind of roadmovie - I can't wait for part 5!
The dog died 😢
MD Monir
Mikos Ragguinan
I wish the dog didn’t die☹️
Pumblechook 1
1:50:32 Alien Vs Predator
Warrior of Some
Gj on this not getting a strike and having to get rid of the movie. I always wanted to watch this so thank you so much
michelle catherine te tai awatea Rika
love this movie !!
pablo pablo
I always cry when a dog dies becausenmy dog died too :(
samuel akinpelu
Is the action movie
1:30:30 is the best part
winstom guttierrez flores
6:43 dross is that u?
youGO dux
Well done sir I watch and sub to ur channel, do you think you will be able to put ted 2 please
Μάνος Φ.
perfect movie 10/10
اشرف خليل
Gd vin