Attacus atlas (atlas moth) has emerged

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This is my female Attacus atlas (atlas moth). She emerged on Sunday 2nd July 2017 and will sadly be dead very soon as they don't live very long. I have 3 other cocoons that I'm still waiting on so I'll post when they emerge.Please check out Mike over at KCTarantula's, he's a great guy who puts a lot of time into his videos, he's someone that I really enjoy watching and I think you'll enjoy his content as well.Here are other places to talk to me.Facebook, Snapchat & [email protected] Redbubble Merchandise a game?My XBONE and Nintendo Switch I.D is TarantulaDanMY PSN SulleyGSXRThank you for your time, please take care of yourself and I'll see you in the next video.

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AH Rose
I am terrified of moths and butterflies but this was fascinating, thank you
Ailin De Maussion
Alex Meza
Why do they Die so quickly
Amanda Sue
This is definitely one of your animals I could get down with lol very pretty.
Ann Curley
can you explain why do they die so soon? :(
Clare Løuise
Beautiful absolutely beautiful ♥️♥️♥️
Dragon's Den
what an awesome moth, its size is probably the reason it was used as the inspiration for the giant moth kaiju Mothra, from the Godzilla franchise
she is stunning, shame she wont live long :(
Emma Williams
She is beautiful!! Wow! 😍
Eric Beeman
That moth is so beautiful I bet up close it shows much more color
Erika Louman
wicked beautiful!!! 🌹
Euclides Zoto
Just stunning. Gorgeous little thing 😉
Oh wow! What a beautiful specimen! Such a shame they only live a couple weeks, but it's life I suppose. Hopefully she gets a male to reproduce, or you get a male and female pair like you said.\n\nThanks again for sharing your love of insects and other creatures!\n(I'm kinda bummed out how it dies so fast xD)
it is so cool looking.
Dan, when she passes away send her off to get stuffed and framed. Would look amazing on your wall :)
Jada Wellman
i wouldve encased keep her beauty screw educational purposes XD
Janine Marshall
I love these. I have a taxidermy specimen (much rather the real thing but such short lives). Look at the \
JeNi Carter
Very pretty!
Jessica Chung
I have a lot of your videos to catch up on 😂
Thanks again for letting me do the outro! \u003c3
Kathie Hoskins
Absolutely beautiful. What a breathtaking creature. Sad to know it only lives for a week once she emerged. Hope you have a pair emerge and able to breed.
Lisa O. Davis
What a beauty
Wow, I can't believe how bug she is. So beautiful. How long will she live for.
Michael Connachan
They are beautiful moths, what country are these indigenous to, thanks for sharing Daniel.
Miss Katonic
That is a stunning creature...My goodness. I've never seen a moth that huge.
Poor giant moth you don't really get to see them for long ):
Muff Chuff
Such a beautiful creature!
One More Tarantula
Amazing looking moth! To bad about the lifespan :(
Red Butterfly
Beautiful 🌹
Rob Murphy
Ronald van Kemenade
This is not a moth.\n\nIt's a behemoth.
I really want a tarantula but \nmy girlfriend doesn't want me to any suggestions on how I can convince her
Samantha West
Hey Dan do you mount your pretty bugs when they die? I would buy that moth and a few others if you mount them and frame them.
Samuel Schurman
I wonder if with a little genetic engineering if it would be possible to create one that lives for years not days
Sara Lemke
She's lovely! Don't you hate when all of your moths don't hatch relitively the same time and you've gotten no eggs/infertile? I raise Hawkmoths for Horned worms right now. I feel like they are beutifil but I would give much for one like that! I would like to pin them as well once they've passed, have you done that?
Shartline McDingleberries
Stefan Farrera
What do you do when they die? I would be very interested in buying a mount from you, I love insects, but I prefer to just look rather than touch/handle them.
Tarantula Tales
Absolutely stunning! :)
Tim Boisvert
Ultimate Kars
They only live for a couple of days, sad
Vicky Collins
Wow ❤️
Vladimir Stefanek
very nice form. I might come back to them next season.
edysicecream 115
How do you get one of these?
She's beautiful. When her time comes I hope it will be painless and peaceful.
emily Alvarez
Do more moth videos they are fantastic creatures. Absolutely stunning
DAN! \u003c3 \n\nMAC! hehe, KCTarantulas is baller.
keith centeno
didnt know that about months. that really sucks for them.
kevs' life
beautiful creature.. such a shame they dont last too long. will you mount her when she dies? awesome.
kharne thebetrayer
Those are some amazing moths.must get some of them😁
You''re telling me an all-to-familiar story. I hatch them as well. If I take them out of their enclosure into a well-lit room, they love to fly to the curtain and sit in the sun. The longest I ever had one of my big females live is 20 days. They get \
sdb insect hunter
👍👍👍\n\nwhere I am why the different colors with you have?
so thats the moth that the pokemon volcarona was based on, pretty cool.