Learning French - Difficulties And Tips

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Some thoughts about the French language and how to learn it.Transcript:Hi there, this is Steve here. Today, I’m going to talk to you about learning French. French was my first love when it comes to languages. There’s an expression in French, in fact, “On revient toujours a son premier amour.”. You always go back to your first loves. I love French, I love all the languages that I learn, but I have a special feeling of affection for French. I studied French at school; I couldn’t speak at the age of 16. I went to McGill University and had a professor who turned me on. He turned me on to French civilization. To learn a language you’ve got to really love the language, be committed to the language and want to be part of that community of people who speak that language. That’s what happened to me. I got very keen and I ended up going to France for three years where I studied Political Science at L’institut d’études politiques in Paris. French is a precise language, it’s the language of logic... Study the full transcript on LingQ:

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