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Some thoughts about the French language and how to learn it.Transcript:Hi there, this is Steve here. Today, I’m going to talk to you about learning French. French was my first love when it comes to languages. There’s an expression in French, in fact, “On revient toujours a son premier amour.”. You always go back to your first loves. I love French, I love all the languages that I learn, but I have a special feeling of affection for French. I studied French at school; I couldn’t speak at the age of 16. I went to McGill University and had a professor who turned me on. He turned me on to French civilization. To learn a language you’ve got to really love the language, be committed to the language and want to be part of that community of people who speak that language. That’s what happened to me. I got very keen and I ended up going to France for three years where I studied Political Science at L’institut d’études politiques in Paris. French is a precise language, it’s the language of logic... Study the full transcript on LingQ:

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As a native from France I have listened your video with attention and must say that your advice seems interesting...well French uses English words but in some peculiar way...People can wear 'smoking' and 'basquettes' (these at their feet), they buy things and call it \
Aalima Parra
even i want to learn french!!!!
Alexander Nabroski
So true. So true. Thank you sir!
Apple Cake
I'm from Quebec,canada so I speak fluently in English and French
Ariel Ruiz
Merci beaucoup, je pense le même
Language of logic = ideology from the Enlightment. Like saying english is \
It's cool that you studied en France, thanks for the tips. Je voudrais étudier à Paris.
Bettina Horváth
Hey Steve, I'm in such a dilemma, I don't know what language to take at uni. I'm vacillating between French and German, hence the reason I ended up here haha.\nI'd like to know your thoughts on my situation. I already speak English and Spanish fluently (and Hungarian, which is my mother tongue), but French just seems so different, so unfamiliar compared to the other languages I've learned. I feel like it would be a lot more effort to learn the sound and writing system of French than German. Do you think it's true that you can get away with poor German or Spanish when talking to natives than with poor French? Do you think after English and Spanish, French will be any easier to learn?\ufeff
Borat 1
Wouldn't it be simpler if everyone learned two languages? The native one from where you live and a common one, chosen from the existing languages. It seems English may be the one, by default. But simplified and standardized. So just two. Then the whole world could communicate with each other and no languages would be lost.
For me, the best comment on language learning came from Khatzumoto: \
Carl Prude III
I personally refuse to study grammar until i get to an intermediate speaking level.  It's just one more unnecessary barrier that slows down your thinking and process of learning.  By using French text/audio books you are able to learn the language at face value and you will automatically notice \
Chelsea Kimberlye
I just want this guy to be my grandpa ohmygosh 😭😭😭
Chris F
Coming from Spanish the one word, etre, for \
Christian News
french just makes you draw into it
Dennis T. Nedry
Studied German because my grandmother is Swiss and speaks in German, French, English etc. Next thing I know I am on a date meeting a girl that I had no idea spoke German and took 4 years of it in high school. Needless to say, foreign languages are almost as interesting and stimulating as being able to play an instrument in my opinion.
Diamante Dea
I am learning French and languages, but I especially LOVE French
Enaya [M.] N.
So cool! Thanks
Evan Rowlands
I went to university and had a professor who\n\n\n\n\n\nTURNED ME ON ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Evan Swanson
I'm taking Spanish and high school and I've been very happy with the sharing of Latin roots with Spanish and French. Obviously because Spanish is Latin-Iberian and French is Latin-Frankish so not as much vocabulary similarities as with Spanish and Portuguese. However the basic grammar structure is fairly easy for me to comprehend because I am already very familiar with the primary Latin grammar via Spanish Class. So basically what I wanted to say is if you want to learn a language but your current options at a school don't include it, try to find a language that is related, like Spanish to Italian or German to Swedish, and so on. Very helpful.
Furious Ashes
My problem with French is that I can't write a word wich I learn from listening and I can't pronounce the word which is written. How can I fix that.\nI love French since I was a kid.
In my idea , The important fact of learning any language is the preferences from childhood .... like me i was 9 or 10 but english really surprises me, no parents were speaking it, no brothers or sisters not even a close relative , what really turned me on was old american movies at that time , like - six million dollar man - rockford files - lacy the dog and so on , when i joined the saudi navy in 1982 i had no problem at all in learning English , even teachers was very concern about me, i admit i was bad in math , but it got better with days on, and same with french i loved that language but unfortunately there was no opportunity to learn it.
First Swedish Then english and now French
Hassan ali
“He turned me on” I died
Honoré par Balzac
I like how you respected the feminine plural of amours
Hunter Flores
Loved the video! Very helpful, Steve. I have learned Spanish and I can also speak Portuguese decently. I just think French is a beautiful and very interesting language. I understand how it can be difficult to understand since there are so many vowel sounds (more so than Spanish), many consonants aren't pronounced, and so many more words are just one or two syllables which seems easier but can be more difficult comprehensive-wise. Very informative video. It really inspired me to learn! Merci beaucoup! Hunter
Je suis français et je regarde cette vidéo . Pourquoi? Je sais pas mdr
Jared Broughton
J'aime la video. J'apprends le français. C'est une langue, surtout compréhension orale.
Jaune Smiley
14:43 Tips on learning French!
Jeff Culler
There's also the minor issue of how colloquial French is spoken as opposed to how we learn it. Two common examples are:\n\na) in common conversation, to express the 1st person plural actions they will usually state \
I'm french and I will congratulate you for your work and your skill in french. All what you said is correct and your advice is absolutely right. Thanks for sharing this kind of video and for your love of my language.
Jill Stephenson
Je veux apprendre comment parler plus vite, c'est difficile pour moi.
Joanny Jo
WAW, je suis vraiment impressionnée, votre accent français est si correcte, j'en suis époustouflée!!!! Votre vidéo m'a épaté, franchement. Il est parfois rare de trouver un anglophone avec un accent français aussi parfait.
Joseph Grimer
At first i found your style slightly off putting, but now I'm really addicted to your videos, and the way you think about languages. Thanks a lot, these are really interesting!
Josh Lessard
''Stà dire'' ahhaahgah C'est à dire olollolo
Juliette H
Bonjour je m'appelle Juliette et je suis Française. J'aime regarder des vidéos en anglais ( déjà pour m'améliorer dans votre belle langue :p ) et pour pouvoir écouter les accents ( c’est très drôle ) . Je dois vous dire que je suis très impressionner car je perçois peu votre accent. La langue française est très dure, même pour nous petits français, avec toutes les conjugaisons et la grammaire ! De nos jours la langue de mon beau pays se dégradent car beaucoup de petites racailles intègrent des mauvaises expressions à leur langages communs, surtout à l'oral, il est très dur, par les temps qui courent de trouver des personnes qui maîtrisent le français orale sans faire une faute et c'est limite impossible de trouver une personne maîtrisant parfaitement, tous les petits détails du langage écrit Français. En tout cas merci pour cette vidéo vraiment très amusante (pour moi ). :) Je souhaite à tous ceux qui vous regarde un très bon apprentissage !
Karolina Bobrik
I love all languages but there's that something about French, it sounds magifique. Je t'aime cette lounge, tres incroyable. Want to speak it so bad. Is it necessary to go to France to learn it? (my languages are Russian, Polish, English and Lithuanian-fluent)
Kendal L
When I stayed in France with some old friends for the summer, the first thing I learned was how to say, \
L J Silva
Some interest vocabulary-learning facts:\n\nTimekeeper\nSEVERAL years ago we mentioned TestYourVocab.com here on the blog. Not long ago, the site reached its two millionth test result, and so the researchers have put together some data:\n\nMost adult native test-takers range from 20,000–35,000 words\nAverage native test-takers of age 8 already know 10,000 words\nAverage native test-takers of age 4 already know 5,000 words\nAdult native test-takers learn almost 1 new word a day until middle age\nAdult test-taker vocabulary growth basically stops at middle age\nThe most common vocabulary size for foreign test-takers is 4,500 words\nForeign test-takers tend to reach over 10,000 words by living abroad\nForeign test-takers learn 2.5 new words a day while living in an English-speaking country\nIn a separate post, though, comes a surprising fact: the reading of fiction specifically is as important as reading generally.  People who read \
Interesting video...thanks for sharing
Duolingo is great! It is helping me a lot
Salut Steve ! Je m'appelle Cody, et j'apprends le français depuis décembre 2016. Et en janvier j'ai commencé à écrire un journal intime en français. Maintenant j'ai fini la méthode de l'auto-apprentissage que j'utilisais pour apprendre le français, et quoique j'aille acheter une nouvelle méthode, je voudrais en savoir plus sur les autres méthodes lesquelles je peux prendre pour apprendre à un niveau plus élevé. Est-ce qu'il y a quelque chose que vous me recommanderiez ? \n\n(Je cherche une réponse car c'est mon rêve de le parler couramment. Aussi, j'aime bien votre chaîne et j'ai reçu beaucoup de conseils de votre chaîne sur l'apprentissage de langues. Merci, mon ami !)\n\nCody
Lol French is also my first love btw, the difference is that it's my motherlanguage. Anyway, thank you for the advices on languages. I'm currently trying to learn Japanese by watching a lot of animes, learning grammar and usefull words from time to time.
Lisieux Bevilaqua
And what about portuguese from Brazil?
Thanks for sharing your passion of Molière's language.  I would like to speak English as you speak French.  You're the first American I've erver listened with this level of French, on youtube.  Congratulations.
“ I had a professor who turned me on” \nLol
The best way I know, to get use to french pronounciation is watching movie with french dub and french sub at the same time.
Meaningful Life
Will I ever mange to speak french as I do with English although my mother tongue is Arabic
Could you do a video explaining why you are so sexy?
French is fun because of all the letters they do not bother pronouncing, though the pronunciation seems much more straightforward to me than English. I have no idea why _ocean_ is pronounced the way it is in English. Or why lead and lead or tear and tear are pronounced differently despite being written the same. Even stress differs between import (noun) and import (verb). English is chaotic, French is just weird:D
News From The Other Side
Steve opened bottle of wine before making this video.
Nikki Diamond-Christudas
Merci Steve, oui c'est aussi mon premier amour, ah, je suis canadienne-française, malheureusement mon père m'a élevé en anglais. Mais tout finit par bien finir, car je suis bilingue!
Noriaki yoshie
Hello Steve! Could you tell us what is the best books for learning French if you never mind? I bought a book \
Ohreally H
Sir, Merci beaucoup!\nJ'aprende la langue francese.\nJ'aime La langue Francese! ^_^
Pavel Michalek
Hi,\n\nI try to listen French audios on Lingq (or elsewhere as well) and learning new words. And if I review those audios again, I can understand those words which I learned, while reviewing them in written form (cards, cloze, multiple choices etc. on Lingq). But when I hear a new text I feel like I am at the beginning again, I feel like lots of the French words sound all the same to me again, so I can barely understand even the discussed topic itself.\nI try to spent 30min-1h per day by active learning with Lingq or Babbel (listening and reviewing marked words) and passively when trying to watch French movies or French news.\nI´m still beginner in French (started almost two months ago) and trying to approach A2 content on Lingq. My main goal for the beginning is to understand the spoken French.\n\nBy what kind of listening (meaning where, for how long, how difficult content) I can improve my understanding of spoken French, so I can at least recognize the words in sentence (be able to imagine them in written form) if not immediately understand their meaning.\n\nThank you for your help in advance and sorry if my question feels long or exhausting.\nPavel
Peshuga de posho
I speak fluent Spanish and my Crappy english\nSo I partially understand 4/10 of french by listening it. Even though I've had never had a french class before.\nI want to at least speak these 3 languages fluently by the time, I'm about 18 year old 
Piseth Tann
J'étudie lan langue de françis å l'université..... :)
Ramon Pinas
Me too I can say I have special love for this language, but is so hard for me to understand everything sound the same .I don't recognize the words in the sentences if spoken and contractions exactly the way you describe everything.many thanks for sharing your expertise and skills .very very helpful !!❤❤❤
Rand Salam
Im iraqi my native language is arabic and i can speak english fluently and im taking french courses now and im just so in love with it .
Roger Diogo
Je savais pas parler français...However I can understand french accents, no need to play stupid, and ask people where they are from?
Rogue Flower
How long would you say it would take to learn a language?
Rosangela Sena
One of my biggest dreams is to speak French and English the same way I speak Portuguese: no fear, naturally, feeling confident, having fun and taking them both as a tool to communication and not a creepy challenge like I see lots of people afraid when it comes to learn a new language. =) P.s:  English is my first love and French is my affair hahahaha.
Rosetta K
Salut, comme un plupart de canadiens, j'ai appris le français à l'école . Puis après l'université jai suivi un cours débutant intensif et a habité au quebec pendant 1 an. Ma problème c'est que je peux comprendre les émissions en français et m'exprimé mais j'ai un accent anglais et je fait des erreurs grammaticales car j'ai appris un plupart de mon français en parlant. Jai essayé de regarder des vidéos à propos de la grammaire française mais je m'ennuie bcp et termine par regarder une émission français au lieu d etudier la grammaire. Quoi faire? \n\nD ailleurs jai la même problème avec le mandarin et cantonais. Et j'ai un ami avec la même problème, mais en anglais.
Some Person
Those are great tips for learning French. I'm learning French and I use a variety of resources such as a textbook, grammar book, French-English dictionary, and books that consist of readings in French. I also listen to French songs and I practice writing in French.
Stefan Reichenberger
Since you mentioned Russian: Russian is full of French loanwords: кашмар, каникулы, карандаш, пляж, район, пальто, журнал, магазин etc.
Sue Wright
In a sense I'm pleased I didn't feel like learning today, because on listening to your video of what to do at such times, I saw this one! There I'd been just thinking it was me with the monotony....I feel a whole lot better now on knowing you too have the same feelings, to the unpronounced t, l etc, but doing so if it relates to a female or is feminine.   -mm--O^ O^--mm-  At least I now KNOW that what was really befuddling me perplexed you too! I'm now on my way to LingQ and will again knuckle down feeling quite content(e) Merci beaucoup: )
I still remember learning french in school, we used to have a full lesson for just a couple of verbs at a time. It was disgusting, even though I loved the language i hated the lessons. I still can't speak well, more than throwing words around so that the listener can barely understand what I mean.
My fist love was French, but I had to learn English first... Now I'm here.
Thomas M.
Why the heck am I watching this!!? I'm french
Troxlarz Gent.
My biggest problem is when I'm hearing native French tongue I can't differentiate the words. It's all too quick for me, any tips on that?
Handsome guy. Thanks for your tips.
Victor Williams
Victor Willis
And I thought I was hopeless for wanting to teach myself French at age 19, like it was \
Vintage Audio Workshop
certainly helpful!  thanks for the vid
My first love has 2 kids with someone else. I think it's a little bit too late for me to go back.
There are actually 3 ways to ask a question : \n-est-ce que tu es content ? \n-Es-tu content ? \nAnd : \n-T'es content ?
d westfield
i think the most difficult thing about french is it does not sound like how it is written. it is because of all those silent consonants and liaisons.
Thank you for these insights, very interesting you hear you talk about some of the nuances in the spoken language as well.
on est trois lololol
hetero sapien
I think part of learning a new language, is to not have an expectation of it being a rational process; let me elucidate, there is not reason for English to say \
I still love French language, but I just could not speak it well. I don't even consider myself a great English speaker.
The trouble I'm having while learning French are the grammar rules i.e qui, que (who, whom) and when to use de, du, de la (from un et une)
le swag
Salut mon nom est jule, et j'aime les portes ! \nFrench lv2
mimi bonheur
Je pense que je n'ai même pas besoin de prendre des cours d'anglais pour m'améliorer en anglais car pour la première fois en 10 ans d'apprentissage scolaire je comprend parfaitement votre accent et je suis emportée comme une plume. Encore merci Mr Steeve Kaufmann. Vous articulez très bien et c'est justement ce genre de vidéos dont j'ai besoin. Une native française qui vous suit depuis déjà plusieurs mois.\n 
+shinobi2119 \nIt is difficult because we french use \
Oh my God when you say \
onofre marual
500th comment
s a n s t h e s k e l e t o n
Eh bien, il est amusant d'être français
shickady HP
My first love is japanese but currently I'm learning Korean both are my loves
Can you please recommend a book for a person of 51 wanting to learn the French language? I have been listening to French music artist and started watching movie spoken in French.
soso liban
here's several ideas for how to learn French\nDecide exactly why you want to speak French\nTry to use French in your everyday life\nFind what method works for you the best.\n(I learned about these and more on Mirykal french plan website )
I've been learning for about 5 months, and this is by far the most helpful video I've seen yet. Merci beaucoup!
tushar shivan
You are really talking something very conceptual to learn french
Je suis trés bonne a la français car j'aller au un école d'immersion et je suis dans la 6ieme anné mes j'a les difficultés a comprendre les personnes qui parler en français.
İnanılmaz TV
Merci de vos conseils~~