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BLTV counts down the top 50 Mike Tyson Punches In HDBouts included:1981-06-27 Mike Tyson vs Joe Cortez (a)1982-06 Mike Tyson vs Dan Cozad (a)1982-06-26 Mike Tyson vs Kelton Brown I (a)1983-03-26 Mike Tyson vs Craig Payne (a)1984-06-09 Mike Tyson vs Henry Milligan (HL) (a)1984-06-10 Mike Tyson vs Henry Tillman I (a)1984-07-07 Mike Tyson vs Henry Tillman II (a)1984-08-18 Mike Tyson vs Winston Bennet (a)1984-08-23 Mike Tyson vs Kelton Brown II (a)1985-03-06 Mike Tyson vs Hector Mercedes1985-04-10 Mike Tyson vs Trent Singleton1985-05-23 Mike Tyson vs Don Halpin1985-06-20 Mike Tyson vs Ricardo Spain1985-07-11 Mike Tyson vs John Alderson1985-08-15 Mike Tyson vs Lorenzo Canady1985-09-05 Mike Tyson vs Michael Johnson1985-10-09 Mike Tyson vs Donnie Long1985-10-25 Mike Tyson vs Robert Colay1985-11-01 Mike Tyson vs Sterling Benjamin1985-11-13 Mike Tyson vs Eddie Richardson1985-11-22 Mike Tyson vs Conroy Nelson1985-12-06 Mike Tyson vs Sammy Scaff1985-12-27 Mike Tyson vs Mark Young1986-01-11 Mike Tyson vs David Jaco1986-01-24 Mike Tyson vs Mike Jameson1986-02-16 Mike Tyson vs Jesse Ferguson1986-03-10 Mike Tyson vs Steve Zouski1986-05-03 Mike Tyson vs James Tillis1986-05-20 Mike Tyson vs Mitch Green1986-06-13 Mike Tyson vs Reggie Gross1986-06-28 Mike Tyson vs William Hosea1986-07-11 Mike Tyson vs Lorenzo Boyd1986-07-26 Mike Tyson vs Marvis Frazier1986-08-17 Mike Tyson vs Jose Ribalta1986-09-06 Mike Tyson vs Alfonso Ratliff1986-11-22 Mike Tyson vs Trevor Berbick1987-03-07 Mike Tyson vs James Smith1987-05-30 Mike Tyson vs Pinklon Thomas1987-08-01 Mike Tyson vs Tony Tucker1987-10-16 Mike Tyson vs Tyrell Biggs1988-01-22 Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes1988-03-21 Mike Tyson vs Tony Tubbs1988-06-27 Michael Spinks vs Mike Tyson1989-02-25 Mike Tyson vs Frank Bruno I1989-07-21 Mike Tyson vs Carl Williams1990-02-11 Mike Tyson vs James Douglas1990-06-16 Mike Tyson vs Henry Tillman1990-12-08 Mike Tyson vs Alex Stewart1991-03-18 Mike Tyson vs Donovan Ruddock I1991-06-28 Mike Tyson vs Donovan Ruddock II1995-08-19 Mike Tyson vs Peter Mcneeley1995-12-16 Mike Tyson vs Buster Mathis Jr1996-03-16 Mike Tyson vs Frank Bruno II1996-09-07 Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon1996-11-09 Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield I1997-06-28 Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II1999-01-16 Mike Tyson vs Francois Botha1999-10-23 Mike Tyson vs Orlin Norris2000-01-29 Mike Tyson vs Julius Francis2000-06-24 Mike Tyson vs Lou Savarese2000-10-20 Mike Tyson vs Andrew Golota2001-10-13 Mike Tyson vs Brian Nielsen2002-06-08 Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis2003-02-22 Mike Tyson vs Clifford Etienne2004-07-30 Mike Tyson vs Danny Williams2005-06-11 Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride2006-10-20 Mike Tyson vs Corey Sanders

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Adilson Adilson
O maior de todos! Nunca houve, nem haverá um pugilista tão perfeito.
Alec Gross
if I had to choose between 10 years in prison or one minute in a ring with mike tyson, I'd really have to think hard about it
Ali Rafatjah
Tyson had not just power, but incredible speed, and accuracy!
Alp Quan
American 33
He made most his opponents look like they were average men like you and me yet his opponent's were PRO Heavyweight boxer's. That's incredible. Tyson is the GOAT
Animals world
Who still watch in 2018?
Augustina orji
Who is here after the Anthony Joshua vs Joseph parker fight
AuzMurri Hart
How many of you guys would knock your own ass out before jumping in a ring with this beast?
Aziz Kilichev
Тайсон легенда))
Blink twice
never gonna be a boxer like Mike, ever again
Blue dust
Any one in 2018
Bodeen 456
Tyson was definitely the f n man in heavy weight no dought about it. Watching Sat night fights on HBO as kid awesome!!! Even tho the fights didn't last to long haha
Ribalta's face at 10:10
Certified Finest
Mike Tyson the greatest beast that ever was
Chosen One
4:42. Did Spinks take a dive? Where's the punch?
Chuba Longchar
When power meets speed, precision and timing.
Cliffey Trembling
mike is more of a street fighter. He lets them do their thing than Pak Sau, Ka pou.
Crusader †
*EPIC* !!
He had all the bombs but those uppercuts are brutal.
Daniel Thangsing
Boxing means Mike Tyson
David Williams
WHY do we have a \
Evgeny Stanislavcuk
Ибольше таких не будет:(
The rule is you hit a guy on the chin to knock him out, tyson is the only I have seen knock someone out with a punch to the forehead. The guys head looked like it was about to snap off😂
Si Cassius Clay se hubiera topado con Mike a sus 20 años, no le hubiera dado tiempo en convertirse en un musulman.
Faheem magan
There can only be one Mike, there has, never was, ever will be anyone like.. 'Iron Mike Tyson.'
Flavio Araújo
O cara era imbatível!
Geyzee L'atelier du Brigadier
Iron Mike only lived once on this earth\nUntil Jesus return no man will ever wake up mornings with such beastly hunger and desire to kill in the ring\nRespect for a legend which teared apart Titans of his times...\nRespect for you Mike\n✌️\nPeace
Hiba Babahmed
He got 2 best punches. His left and his right one
It's Private
When fighters actually fought and not fight for points
Itachi Dharani
@1:59 tyson s punch vibrating through the ear phone
Great boxer and in my opinion one of the greatest in history. Watching him fight was like watching a predator thirsty for blood.
From about 1986 till 1989....No human that's ever existed could beat Iron Mike in boxing match or street fight!!!
J Wiro
Idc what anyone says, the fights that he lost were not his fault, he had no control over all the shit that happened to him. This man at his best, i don't care who it is, would have knocked anyone down.
50 wins 44 ko's
Jalen Davis
You can tell some of these guys got knocked down but could still continue. They just didn't want to get hit anymore. lol
Jasim Mohamed
This is called boxing not today's matches
Jean Willemse
Mike is my favorite human being ever... But I always felt more respect for the guys who took his punches and didn't go down straight I'm not kidding... If you can eat a Tyson hook and stay standing you are one of the toughest mofos on the earth period... I don't even think Mike Tyson could take a punch from Mike Tyson...
John Ruggiero
The Buster Douglas fight was a. Terrible time in Mike Tyson’s life, but he still won the fight! It was the longest count all over again. If that had been any other red Tyson wins by 8th round ko
John W
In other matches he knocked out 2 mouthpieces, and also dropped 2 guys with body shots.....body shots.\n\nI have been watching boxers for 60 years, and not even Muhammad Ali ever did that.\n\nMike was The best ever.\nNotice how he hooks his arm, and turns his entire body to deliver the power.
Jrandon Boyce
Tyson one punch you ask him to show the wae. He's like a Mythical Titan
Kikru Belho
I love Mike Tyson.... If only those low life medias or wannabe journalists write and talk some good things about him of his personal life,he would've been LARGER THEN LIFE to this day...\nUnfortunately there'll be no Mike Tyson in boxing world ever..not in a thousand years!! His skills are just super human.....he fought ass whooping giants and drop everyone of them like they were nothing.......even the biggest, strongest and most skilled undisputed boxers couldn't stand a round or two with Mike Tyson....\nIf wladamir,deontay wilder,Anthony Joshua etc etc fight Mike Tyson during his prime,I bet non of them can stand a round with Mike disrespect but Mike Tyson was 80% god of boxing...
imagine a figth make no gloves vs roice gracie..!
I loved seeing the ref step in the stop the fight even when his opponent was still upright because he saw how devastating Mike’s blows where and knew his opponent had no chance of instantly recovering.
Gerçek Terminatör.....
Major L
In my Honest Opinion. He's the best ever heavyweight there ever was or ever will be. Not taking credit away from Ali, Rocky Marciano, and the others.
Matt Beeman
The only way to beat Tyson was to stick and move. If you tried to go toe to toe with him he was fast and had a lot of power and would knock you out. A prime Ali would've beaten Tyson to a pulp.
Maximillian Tarmidi
How can he easily knock someone out ?
Mider-Span Man
I don't care what anybody says; Mike Tyson is one of the greatest of all time! Both as a boxer, and as a person.
Mohamad Namdari
Mike Tyson is king of box\nHe's batter than everyone \nHe's really boxer
Mr Blacky
Mike was killing machine in his prime. No one could beat him, not to mention boxers nowdays. They are joke for Mike. Mike is the youngest heavyweight champion ever. That alone says a lot by itself. Iron Mike best boxer of all time in my opinion!
God it's such a shame the fame went to his head, because in his prime, he was the greatest boxer who ever lived. Not even Ali can hold a candle to Mike in his heyday.
P. Graham
Patrick Close
Penniless Jester
That hook to the body followed by the uppercut is absolutely vicious
Raymond Little
Tyson said, \
Ricky Panie
The legend...
Rob v w85
who's the douche bag who disliked this video?
Sebastian Zduniak
Tansel Y.
Legend of combinations of boxing. Allahu Akbar. Blessed guy mike
Terlan Huseynov
Best overall fighter of the 21st Century! Screw you haters, fact is fact!!
TheNewKingOfBASS 160db on music
Mike Tyson stare is like looking down the barrel of a shotgun
Tojik bacha
Тайсун молодец!
I'm dying at number 8. Homie took his mouthpiece out himself, \
Umer Baig
Napa: Vegeta what does the scouter say about his power level?\n\nVegeta: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!
Vladeta Ivanović
What was the music at the beggining and ending?
Some of the highest quality footage I've ever seen of these. Good job!
Wood 38
If you watch his early fights, his opponents were beat before the fight started, pure intimidation. His fights were the most entertaining to watch. And he won the Douglas fight, he was down more than 10. That was his first lose. Never the same.
Yeow hwa huat Yeow
Mu ba sayang mei hong banyak cakap apa you rehat OK o you masak merah your love you OK wagin ne you meong me lau bo love suka you love aea
That double right hand- liver/uppercut combo is absolutely savage.
anthony antonio
Boxing as a sport needs something new like tyson. This is when boxing was real! Heavy weight monster moving around like he only weighs 140. Amazing!
antonio aversa
So if you can say top 50....then you don't say much more
1:51 after being hurt, you see Holyfield going in to intentionally butt Tyson. One of many. \n\nHolyfield has a granite chin to stand up to the shot prior. But he was always known for his intentional headbutts, against a shorter fighter like Tyson, it became more apparent.
cod amasing
You know it's going to end badly for you when the stop watch counter starts at the beginning of your clip.\n07:44 the balance speed and power are just scary.
Iron mike the best ever👑🔝💣💪
ghost filled basement ss
Very very well put together.
ian smel
mike tyson the most skilled boxer ever in hes prime
Super Mike Tyson
1:53 How Holyfield stood up to that is simply superhuman.
mohammad rehan
Number 1 boxer on planet earth
namiq nebiyev
et regli adami ud diyecem dunyanin bokusyorusam?
prashant saraswat
Where does that amazing punching power comes from?Mike tyson is really incredible!!!!!.
rayanhacker Moroccan
sempak yecuss di tiang salip
Tyson Moeslim... \n👍🤜🤛💪
Алена Шпилевкая
Кто против него выходил, либо Булки, либо думали что у них стальные яйца...
Г. Е. Н Г. Е. Н
Майк Тайсон Легенда! Уважение такому бойцу!
Крис Бабушкин
Величайший боец!
Сергей Муранов
великий боксер
Стас Билюр
Тайсон Лудший!!!!!!Сильный,быстрый в наше время побил бы без напряга любого чемпиона мира будь молод так!
Фахриддин Исманов
Кроме TYSON НЕТ никаких боксор он диствително КАРОЛ ринга
владимер самсонов
кахрамон Носиров
Сами лучши бокср май тайсн
עידן אלמליח
Tyson is the best boxer of all time’s 🔝🥊