Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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I like subscribers \nBcZ i made a bet with my friends
Abhishek Girwal
The Royal family deserves 200 million viewers in Present they are finest dance crew in the world
Adelaide Nakamoto
someone here in 2019?
Adore Delaska
i love the little detail at 1:35 where she turns and shoots the guy on the right
Air Force Pilot
what's the name of first one song?
Anna Laaa
Some here on 4th of December 2018? ( For ARMS: Jin's Birthday 🎉)
Asha Wild
That was epically outstandingly unreal outta control outta this world.... far out 🤙🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Bailee Dean
I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times 😂
Be Voiceful
This is a real proof that size doesn't matter
Beyo God Child
They sure do love Rihanna
Brodha Sattva
This is the best Dance Crew video ive ever seen (I watch ALOT of dance crew vidz, lol). Im happy for them. They deserve this recognition and dance crews in general should get this love. 113M views and counting!
Bruh Wikness
Mdsss arrasarammm muuitooo
Caleiyah Scott
I'm I the only one watching this still?? Like if you're still watching
Catherine Oliver
9:36 to 10:06 L E G E N D A R \nEdit: omg 96 likes thanks guys
Dancing Soldier
At the end when they give an ‘innocent’ smile like nothing happened😂
Deep Rana
Unbeatable 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💓💓💓💓
Deliler Topluluğ
5:00 song pls 2019
Esther Vianna
1:33 \nBoy does death drop: smiles\nMe: *shook*
Eva EC
1:50 my favourite ♥️♥️❤️❤️
Fabes Bernard
8:23 WHO IS HE?!?! 🔥🔥🔥
First Name
The audience sounded so dead, man if i was there i would of lost my shit....
Franziska Baier
Das ist zwar gut aber ich würde diese Tanzfähigkeiten niemals gegen mein jetziges Hobby tauschen auch wenn reiten in vielen Augen nichts besonderes ist aber nach 11 Jahren würde ich es mit nichts in der Welt austauschen und auch niemals aufgeben ❤🐎💍Obwohl ich schon ein paar kleinere Unfälle hatte doch bei einem hatte ich so krass Angst um mein Schatzi 🐎❤💍Gott sei dank ist dem Pony nichts passiert
FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.―
*0:00** rip headphone user*
I-I I'm speechless \nI'm SHOOK
Gamegirl daily
3:21 me and my squad walking into 2019.
Giovanna O'Neal
I watched sooo many times but I keep coming back because I never get bored of this dance !! It’s sooo good 💖💖💖
Happias Heezy
thats taking dance art to another level......thats legendery.....they got energyn ey executed every dance move well....well done...God bless em
Harman Singh
Best dance in the world
I'm everywhere and I watch videos on every topic.
who else watches this everyday?
Jesusa Leyson
8:06 imagine if jhope react in royal family what will he react if he sees the boy infront
Jimin Is A Living Mochi
So this is what blackpink was covering ohh!
Jordan Melina
1:54 my ass was screaming 😭 yess boo
Jussara Ramos
Eu sempre asisto Eu amo
Khulan Undrakh-Erdene
After this I had to be put in a coma for two weeks bitch I was out for two weeks. Still recovering
The facial expressions though
Kim jiwon' s Wife
I love that they don't just have skinny girls they have all shapes and sizes
Lalisa Manoban
Anyone here after watching Kiel Tutin and Lisa dance?
Lieve Does Things
the guy with the blond hair looks like justin bieber at this 1:48 time
Lior Hakmon
1:52 to 2:10 *Legendary*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPls what’s the girl name :)
Lisani hdez
Quisiera formar parte de esa academia de baile :'''v
Lola Park
7:44 name song??
Luis Manzano
El mejor de todos están en cordinacion los felicito sigan así nunca se separen😃soy de Perú saludos
Megan Post
Doctor: you have 10 minutes and 17 seconds left to live\nMe:
Melissa Velazquez
1:44 😍
Someone watching in 2019?
Milli .M
I don’t know how many times have I watched this
Naoko Shiuzuke
0:55 when you hear a mosquito near your ear😂
Natalie Cleveland
the best part is from 0:00 to 10:17
Ngoc Le
Those girls ponytails are more stable than my grades😂
The best choreo i've ever seen so far! Very very awesome performance!
Nona fierce
OMG. If there is any PERFECTION than this?Then Please gimme the link :'')
4:50 favourite part ❤️
eu sou a única br q n ta entendendo nada dos comentários mais ainda assim continua olhando?
how long did this took to choreograph jesus christ
Polis Kamerası
Preeti Mukherjee
Are they humans even? Means so flawless !!!
7:00 yess we love a dislocated arm
Renee Kenefick
4:11 Song???
Rica Fallorina
Riya Rode
Man, I wish I could dance like that!
Wonder how many faces were hit with ponytails
Sara Maroc
Someone watching in 2019 ??
Schizhoe •
It's hard to believe they're from New Zealand
Shania Jones
Still the BEST dance crew to this day😍😍😍
Sheepish Goat
I can’t run for more than half a minute and they’re over here dancing vigorously for 10 damn minutes I salute
Teresa Avalos
6:58 speed 0.25
Tukai choudhury
*The BEST Longest Dance Performance Ever PERIOD*
Unbelie Bubble
*BeST pArt **0:00**-**10:17*
Vanessa Dubbins
1:45 to 2:42 I C O N I C.
Yesi Arts
COOL ;-; 7U7
Zoe Shaw
1M of the 115M views are mine
alin mour
Who else wanna Dance like this? 😂
camila cabello 5
How small would I look in front of the red hair girl?😱😱
chrysa p.
I just noticed at 2:21 the girl with the bun winked to Parris (the girl with the shaved head) like \
coco rino
8:06 why is no one talking about that whole thing. It’s just so perfect
daymone kara
They play in (love dance )as a dancer !!!!!!!!!!! It was a very beautiful movie !💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
faith marie
2015 was the good ole days
fortnutislife Vag
5:55 to 7:04 FABULOUS
gabi C
Iconic 🤩 they have influenced all of our current choreographers ❤️
itsuga ok
Sometimes I wanna be a dancer but I dance like a dying worm 😑😭
jhazmine sumugat
9:19-9:28 whats the name of that red haired girl???
joon my bias
image being a fraction as talented as paris goebel
kitkat l
2:46 me and my crew come out to lunch be like
lainee boo
I don't know why but I always be going back to this video over and over again and never get sick of it and always amazed when watching it.
2:28 the reason why im a lesbian
meiki 123
It's probably my favourite video EVER. 🥇🥇🥇
my name is ugly
2:28 omg i'm obsessed 😻😻❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️
My brain is lost. This was so good that it blew my midne minde mayne mind
parkMochi isMyBaby
I love their facial expression when their dancing i wish i could dance like that
THE POWER IN THEIR DANCE MOVES OMGSJWJ and like if I was a dancer, I’d be so shy to all the dance moves like the butts movements and stuff
raj ganesh
This is the best dance performance without flips...\nS-rank and team lab have to learn some moves from this team...
toni 234
This video is the best 👍💯
yolando campbell
Who still watching this
Балғын Саутова
С 1:45 и с2:09 МОИ ЛЮБИМЫЕ МОМЕНТЫ ❤
Канал для тебя
Маша Леонова
Ребят, русскоговорящие здесь?? А то чет никого найти не могу)
8:31 the strength of the man in front of the camera👍👍