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CHALLENGERS APPROACHING! See all the new Character Trailers for Super Smash Bros (Wii U and 3DS)! The new roster is shaping up to be an amazing clash of all-star fighters!If you enjoyed the video and would like to support us you can do so here:

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Please Nitendo make a super smash bros anime series, that was awesome! I loved the action!
Ali Madani
Popeye needs to join the battle
PacMan and Game & Watch. You old coots.
Andres Perez
WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON WII FIT TRAINER OMG GIVE HER A BREAK, HOW ARE YOU NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT VILLAGER, LIKE JEEZ WII FIT TRAINER IS FINE, THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH HER, SHE MIGHT BE SUPER PALE AND A WEIRD EDITION BUT NOW JUST THINK OVER ALL OF THE NINTENDO CHARCATERS IN SMASH, the two anthropomorphic animals that ride spaceships, a pink walking black hole, a penguin king, a 30 year old plumber that jumps and breaks bricks for a living, A gigantic turtle that can breathe fire, a monkey with a jetpack and gun, a green dinosaur that commits suicide for its master way to much, a flat drawing looked like it was drawn by a 2nd grader, a doctor that throws pills at you, a man who goes to another planet and finds carrots that he can control, a for no reason super fast hedgehog that for no reason calls him a stupid name even though its not funny anymore, and a a car racer that can magically make fire spawn out of his hands and feet and has the most iconic move in the game, AND ALL YOU GUYS COMPLAIN ABOUT A FUCKING Yoga Teacher! Being In Smash Good Job Internets, Good Job.
Angelo The Sonic Fan
5:00\nBowser: ...Nah, she's not my type to kidnap.
Bastien Persenaire
I hope so Palutena don't talk in the game...
Beyond Batman_22
I would love to see an animated tv series of super smash bros based on the style of the link vs pit fight. so epic!
Bonzi Buddy
Little Mac's intro is probably the most badass imo
Bryce Keeton
Canal Play Channel
of Super Mario Galaxy...\nROSALINA\nWoooooooooo!
6:06 Yeah, take that Samus! Nobody messes with Mac!
Carrot Bunz
Why are some people requesting characters that Nintendo doesn't own
Chris Artates
Cooking Mama\nWill Fix This!\n\n\nWe can only dream
0:36 what your all here for
they should put crash bandicoot and rayman
DA MotoNeko
I swear i'm in tears over how much i like these trailers. So much is well done and it feels so much in the spirit. The soundtrack is just purely amaing itself and then we have things like Link fighting Pit and by god does everything look well. I get hyped on each of these still!
Dangerouspanda Lloyd
Its not Melee!
Daniel Lavan
Is mega man just a boy samus? ask yourselves that people
Link is better then pit
They put Wii fit trainer in, but not Conker. Alright. Nice priorities Nintendo.
Dat Tranthanhdat
Where is sonic ????
DatBoiCJ 16
Now I really want an anime of Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus.
Dylan Flanagan
15:17 and Links a boss 11:27
Enak chandler
The animation for Link vs pit was pretty cool.
Wii fit trainer: Feel the burn! xD
Foxfox 413
Ok, so, I know they have no games (I think) and they aren't Nintendo, but I think these guys would put up GREAT fight in Super Smash. I give you, Gamzee Makara and John Egbert from HOMESTUCK.\nGamzee:\nAttack 1: Gamzee repeatedly hits you with clubs :o)\nAttack 2: Gamzee throws pie at the opponents \nTaunt 1: Gamzee sits down and enjoys a slime pie\nTaunt 2: Gamzee juggles his clubs and eventually puts them away\nSpecial attack: Gamzee goes sober and his pins do much more damage then they usually do\nJohn:\nAttack 1: John attacks with his pogo hammer\nAttack 2: John uses Casey to attack\nTaunt 1: John is looking around when Casey comes by and gives him sort of a hug (she has no arms so)\nTaunt 2: John does a little dance shown on act 1\nSpecial attack: John goes God tier and blows wind in the opponents, and he can fly\nPLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN
George Smiley
Okay, don't get me wrong, hear me out, I know she's not a nintendo character or even a video game character, but I think my mom would make a great addition to the franchise.
Glitter 500
Kirby doing the tree pose is amazing
Gone Craizy
There NEEDS to be a Super Mario Galaxy 3
Banjo Kazooie needs to join the battle!
it's confusing how  Mario is sometimes happy in his video games\nbut in smash he's all serious.
Hollow Man
I just want one thing:He has a game on nintendo and the character I want:\n\n\nMaxwell from Scribblenauts!!!!!!
How To Vegan
They should add Shadow and Knuckles and Steve from minecraft. And maybe Goku
Jackal head
When they'll have Crash Bandicoot?
James Pete
This is so perfect, all I would ask is for Shadow the Hedgehog to be added then it'd be complete
Jonathan Mora
I've played all the other smash bros games but they seem to have lost real originality in this game.really the wii fit trainer? WTF ? like some characters are just useless I've played with every character to date but the new ones are just gonna feel like some of the old ones.....also showing us what new characters are gonna show up in the game not good marketing.
Juan Vargas
Like for Kirby in Mario Kart!!
Karina Alonso
Kyo Kusanagi
Mario Kart 8 but with no\
LMGamer 36
Like if you want inkling
La Killa
I wish Nintendo would acknowledge M rated games on here...\n\nI know Smash is mostly aimed for kids but seriously (Brawl of course was rated T because probably Snake, but then again, the age was probably mostly targeted to teens)....and so was Melee and they didn't have any M rated characters (it was really violent anyway)....\n\nOk, what I'm saying is why only rated E-T games only? Yes, I know you guys are going to argue Snake but there have been other games made by Nintendo rated M like Eternal Darkness and Geist (which I know wasn't the best but still...ROB wasn't exactly the best but he's still in it...) I wouldn't mind seeing at least a stage based on that...hey, some of the games also made by Nintendo appeared as trophies or stages like Animal Crossing or those Japanese only games....\n\nWell, pretty much with the way kids now play video games very young and the introduction of Amiibo....there's probably going to be in no way a M rated representative in Smash can argue Bayonetta as DLC but 1) she's third party, 2) Sakurai doesn't want any more, 3) they'll probably have to raise the rating even though you got a shirtless guy and a woman in some sports gear that guys are probably going to gobble at....and maybe hack as her being naked...\n\nBasically, Nintendo shouldn't be afraid to add M rated stuff in's about Nintendo's history right? Show that you've got some games that not all were for kids....
Where is shrek
the link vs pit fight.. so good
LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3
Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, I like turtles, and you should too.\n\nMario: Per favore no.
Luca Liparoti
i wish Palutena's trailer with Pit fighting Link would actually be a TV-Show...would be epic *heavy breath\
Lucas Brown
If Capcom created Super Smash Bros.4\n\n\
Lushy 1012
I came here Only for link cuz he hot
Mag Mar
Damn it I really wanted Majora's Mask to be playable... but no we get that stupid Yoga girl... yeah, a YOGA GIRL and that damn kid from Animal Crossing instead of Majora... WOW that sucks, seriously it can't get any more boring than those two characters.
Maria Maria
Daisy would of been 10 times better than Wii fit trainer
Matthew Morrison
2:55 donkey kong wants a kissy XD
Maximal 7x13
Name your favourite charecters =]\nmines :\nLucario(Favourite pokemon in both games)\nLink(How do you not like)\nGreninja(BADDASS IN BOTH)\nKirby(He's Baddass)\nPacman(that music tho)
Metro Bummin'
Wow, Nintendo has already run out of ideas that they added the wii fit trainer chic and Pacman other than the characters the game is cool
Mikis Vd Linden
14:23 Yeah thats a ball so.......\n14:26 NO WAY! NO F*KING WAY!\n14:30 *faints*
The New Rugal , Little Mac D:
Nathaniel Dance
Pit's into fight with Link is just too good. This needs to be more of a thing.
Not Spider-Man
Look. The reason they are not adding Tails or Zero or whatever is because Sonic, Megaman and Pacman are third party guests/ guest stars so a guest cant bring a guest along with him now could they?
Novus 9
still playing Link on Super Smash Bros Melee :)
Only reason to buy a Wii.\n\nSeriously. Only reason.
Osam Iyawe
Yoooo! A Legend of Zelda anime would be awesome.
They made Megaman's trailers so epic but he sucks lol
Ravenigma Nevermore
A lot of people are switching their mainly-used characters to the ones that are coming out with the new Smash game, but me?  I'm sticking with Link.  Always have, always will.
Why Was It \
Rick Janssen
They just HAAAAAD to put more character copies in, like Dark Pit and Dr Mario... I would've had a better idea!\nWhy not put the Bandana Waddle Dee into action, because with his spear he can do many cool tricks
Seraphim Sans
I thought it was naruto for a second it was actually greninja
Seto Kaiba
they need a dragon ball z or naruto character 
The fight with link and pit is my favorite part of the video
If Steve was in super smash brothers, his powers would be....\n\nThrows blocks at other players.\nGets a pickaxe and mines the floor which temporary destroys the floor he mined for 5-10 seconds.\nGets TNT and throws it at other players. If it hits a target the TNT will blow up.\nReleases a wolf which pounces on other players.\n\nFinal Smash: Steve rides an enderdragon which spits fire and can whack people about.
Super Mario
Waluigi:   ....Waluigi no win this time.....
Super Mario lennon
Little mac is one frame away from punching samus then suddenly AN AD P L A Y S\n\n\n\nBtw who's watching in 2018
Instead of Lucina, Dark Pit, or Dr. Mario, how about Quote from Cave Story, Waluigi, or even Mewtwo?
Who tf is greninja? He's not even a popular pokemon. HE'S NOT EVEN ONE OF THE ORIGINAL 150
the wii fit trainer though
The AMV TOP 50
Just needs Harry Potter, Bella, Edward, and Jacob from Twilight, and Justin Beiber to be complete.
The TattleTale Strangler
3:49 I like how Donkey Kong pokes Kirby saying in his mind Dafuq are you?
11:24 - 14:05\nThis proves that Super Smash Bros could make an AWESOME animated movie if done right.
What do you guys think about this: Solid Snake was my second best character after Link. Could i Replace him with Shulk or Greninja?
Wheatley The Core
Nintendo be like...\n\nEverybody is here!!\n*Does not have Shrek*
[WUT] Adam
9:15 Reggie for Smash confirmed??
artic fox
i think they should add spyro :P
bryan Martinez
Mega man looks awesome on that cliff. Also Mega Man's theme, 10/10
cuphead fan dude
greninja final smash should be mega ash greninja
cutie pi
sora for smash
8:07-8:12 pac man's old look in the clouds
The best was when DK started poking Kirby 3:49
add isabelle!!!!!!!
Hear me out I know Nintendo doesn't really pay attention to this but I think shy guys toast would be a great fighter
joshua crowe
Ungandan knuckles\n\n\n\nKnows da wae in
Palutena looks like a powerful-slow character. Like Gandondorf, but with more variety in attacks, not just purple punch, purple kick, and purple jump.
nice lad
Imaginary character roster that will never happen.\n\nBit Trip Runner\nSlenderman\nSteve (mc)\nSome assassins creed dude\nDovahkiin\nSilver The Hedgehog (no voice except 'It's no use')\nTrip from Facade\nChell\nGlados\nThe dude from SotC\nSimon Bellmont\nTom Nook\nSuper Meat Boy\nKoopalings\nLara Croft\n\nAny others?
Anime link \u003c3
pyromaniac aardvark
hype: IT'S OVER 9000000000!
quiet cottage subliminals
5:08 \nMy reaction when I first watched the trailer: Is that...Punch-Out I hear?\nMac baby ain't no trophy any more!\nI love rewatching these...
They should make Smash storyline about it being this huge interdimensional tournament that everyone wants into but only few make it in.
Is this on the Nintendo64?
Are their any competitive Wii Fit Trainers?
I think the Wii Fit Trainer would be my most used character!!! She's cool and funny too!!!