The Voice USA 20 Best Blind Auditions of All TIMES!

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Top 20 blind audition of The Voice USA. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE.This is a Most Amazing of 'TOP the Best Auditions' of 'The Voice UK' and 'The Voice USA' From 2013 to 2016 Compilation. Let Check out the list of song: .All four judges turn around, amazing auditions. 1) Beth Spangler - 'Best Thing I Never Had' 2) Pip - 'House Of The Rising Sun' 3) Monique Abbadie - 'Loca' 4) .Enjoy, like and SUSCRIBE! incredible voices , exciting and strong songs. Selection of very talented women .

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Aaliyah LeFevre
Christina 💕💕 been a fan for over five years, will always stay a fan 💚
Alexandra Kennedy
Pharrell has and always will be my favorite SOLELY because of those facials😂
An.n. ka
20:24 wiiiiigg he’s sooo good
RIP Christina Grimmie. CG4EVER.
BG s
Pharrell 😍
Brandon Stevens
Where is Javier Colon tf
Brody King
5:42 is definitely the one of the most memorable for me
Cameron Rodrigues
I still cant believe christina is gone forever😢😢😭😢😭😢😥😥😫😫
Connor Malbeuf
Christina Aguilera is and will always be the best coach!
Country Dingess
I believe if Cody wickline would have picked a different coach he would have made it! Black was jealous! Christina had the hots for Cody :) so Cody had to go...
What is the song after Christina Grimmie?
David Essery
That second singer.....I’m not crying, you’re crying..
Desiree' Knotts
Christina \u003c/3
Eddie May
I’m not crying... you’re crying. 😭
28:17 my fav
Gabriel Herrera
And melani martinez ?
who is last singer?
Haley Smith
Christina Grimmie and Taylor phelan and the one who sang I feel good we're my favorites
Jermeria Bailey
Love the video💕
Johnnie Ephraim
you gave no list at all and that sucks!
Katy K
Christina!!! Uhhh! Love ya Grimmie❤️
Kayla McCauley
I love how when one of the older sisters was signing her little brother was crying
Keerthana J
Shakira is a great star. I love her. But it always felt like she turned her chair after looking at the other judges. She looked like a baby coach who needs more practice!
Laser Sharp
Y’all forgot to add Jesse Campbell
Mary Minervini
The guy at 20:11 has a voice like caramel
Matthew Cooper
whenever I watch these compilations and see Christina Grimmie I go straight to the comments to read all the love cause I know its filled with love for her talent.
Merlin Thomas
Whats the name of the dude at 4:30?
Michael Lombard
Judith Hill is my favorite performance maybe. Her tone grabs you from the first second and is like an angel throughout.
Mr. Fett Esq.
The girl at the end singing \
Nicholas Cox
Nitya Tak
Song and singer at 3:48??
Oliver Plays Rules
11:00 rest in peace my guy..
Olivia Looram
RIP Angel
PickledPeople 101
I love how Blake always gets mad when the others turn around after him XD
Rebecca Marston
Cassadee pope sucks. She is flat and is only famous because she’s pretty
Rhiannon Crawford
How is Trevin Hunte or Javier Colon not on here?
Shelby Cardwell
chris jamison and judith hill and india carney and SISAUNDRA LEWIS are forever my favorites
Terry C.
Why do some of the judges wait until the last minute to turn when some of those people can really sing??
TheCyaniteProject Co.
The girl at 5:44 is just a dream.. I hunted for this video to hear her again. What's her name? Where can I hear more?
Third Eye
Any top list without Javier Colon is pretty much incomplete
Tomalyzed d
Rip Christina. You are Gods angel.
Tri Ryche Guy
The judges wait to push the buzzer because they dont want other judges to pick with them or after them. Plus its a wait and see who do it if anyone????
Wessam Shaheen
R.I.P. Christina Grimmie and Anthony Riley. 😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏 WHY DO THE BEST ONES HAVE TO DIE
Year of the ox
Gotta have avery Wilson in there damn
11:00 took 9 seconds to get 4 chairs. Dayum.
acockcia clark
All I want is nothing more... than to see Christina come back down from Heavens door😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
alicia k
Sorry but girl 1 sucks
axesthetics s
RIP Christina.
Dude looked like Don Cheedle singin I feel good
Sawyer Fredericks is still my favorite audition of all time.
21:40 is amazing and by far the best in my opinion.
strxwberry tae tae
6:05 she kinda reminds me of Halsey ❤️
Great compilation!
I seriously cannot watch this right now folks. Reason I had to put this on pause at 2:11.. THE SECOND he opened his 👄.. Tears instantly rolling down my eyes for several minutes. IN..(y'all know)..CRED..DI..BLE!! I hope he did really really well. To really really feel that out of about 2 videos of top 10 others I've viewed and have really been wowed so far, to just blow me away like THAT from jump!?.. Bravo sir.. You seriously deserved all 3 immediate options.