the chronicles of Riddick lord marshals full fight HD

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The Chronicles Of Riddick (Film)

2019 DE
Dune rip off, even the scream at the end.
What a fight, RIDDDDDIIIICK the man.
AB Parker IV
Thanos doesn't have a heart he is void like the Grinch
Hahahaha “give me your soul” “fuuuuck you “ 😂😂😂
Adriana Frenkestain
Hayatımda en izlediğim geri zekalı film
Alirio Lopez
So what was the ability of the lord marshall was he accelerated or time diplaced?
Amazing Life
one of the most underrated fight in sifi history
Andrew Cervantes
Now kill the beast while he's wounded!!! I rewind this all the time. 2:51 The whole movie she keeps composer except this moment.
Armour is a good thing.
tries to kill an unstoppable force.
Brasil Melhor
2018 😢😢😢 quero um filme novo
Bryan Correa
Riddick better than Michael Stephen Shank. riddick don't act he actually does. he that strong.
Moves like Lomenchenko
Channel ICUP
How it feels when you get into a bar fight but you're too drunk to defend yourself
Conlaoch Cattan
That would be like landing a league of legends skill shot that the enemy flashes into. For an enemy that can flash repeatedly. And a hero that moves with truth. Odds seem pretty good.
Daaamn skippy
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dan Ostrom
I can't stand this extended version. I'll take the theater version every time.
Danny Danko
This dude ended up in thor ragnarok with almost the same armor....... \nLame on ragnoroks part.
Darcy O'Connor
The weird speech and overacting chops on that necro chick bothered me when this was new, and still does now lol
Dupras Films
What is up with all the Mortal Kombat refrences?!
Ed Spencer
Poor princess, the hypergamy trail ended there!
Eduard BlaBla
4:12... WTF is she doing with her fingers?? :DD
Experiment Master
I heard a lion's roar in this video clip. Dafuq.
Fanghur Rahl
3:38 At that moment, he knew he frakked up. lol.
Goku Super Saiyan
Heh, Lord Marshall, looks like your days are numbered into just one day.
Gontrand Trand
I love the totally unnecessary knee-strike to the head, after breaking the blade in the bad guy skull ! \nSo free, so angry, so like Riddick.
Greg Lane
You guys ever hear of Riddick? Dude's dope.
Iridion Prime
I like the theme of the necromonger and honestly I think this movie would've been amazing if they focused on the tension between Vaako and the Lord Marshall. I wish the whole Riddick aspect was deleted along with the horrible acting of Thandie Newton.
Jay Goodman
Mma trained bouncer did me like this:(
John Lin
Skurge always betray his master
John Lindsay
Look just like the SoA seen Jena killing Abby and the cop no?
Jordan Glasper
I gotta say, I’ve never been more embarrassed to see a warrior abuse Super Speed like that. The way the King used it just felt wrong, cowardly, that’s not a warrior. I’m glad he lost, but wanted to see Riddick match, then surpass his level of speed. We all know he had the power to beat the King. Am I crazy, or did I hear “F you” play in a faded echo as Riddick uppercut the King?
Kim Sanderhoff
The guards just let the girl run and stop the evil guy in the back... no warning... no yelling... weird.
I thought when Riddick broke the knife in his head was pretty cool
Damn O'Driscoll!
Lego Ribeiro
4:07 the end
Leon C
Lisa winn
Never underestimate a furyan hehe.
should have just tackled him like he does in fast and furious. he could have just ended the fight just there and then. that other dude probably has no groundgame anyways
Luan Martins
Melhor cena...
Marko Scientist
I would give my thang to suck to this flying grandma to suck on fly! ;-)\n\nLOL!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Mash Mcawesome
thats quicksilvers Dad
Matt Baker
That chick screaming Noooooooooooo is cringier than Anakin screaming Nooooooooo in Episode 3.
Maureen Wacera
Mike Wazowski
That fight scene is on my top five list of all time, for all genres.
Mарк Алексеевич
Did he say what I think he said at 1:21?
Neil Laycock
Can't they just sit down and talk things over? Perhaps have a quiz or something
Shudda used the helicopter stance
RIDDICK for President..
The Perfect Example Of What *Batman: Arkham Knight* for PC Felt Like For The First Time, \n\n* Major Frame Drops And Screen Flickering and Screen Blur Moments While Moving your camera. 0:13\n* Enemies Warping Around You When You Attempted To Attack Them hitting nothing but air. 0:06
Patrick Band
Patrick McHale
I hope they make a 5th Riddick film with Vin Diesel . The last one was great.
Peter Amarillo
the bad guy looks like rudy gugliani. lol
Why does she refer to him as a beast?
Richter Belmont
If the badguy has superspeed. Wouldn't it make more sense if he just trainrush Riddick with a power punch and knock him out or even impale him with the momentum?
Ronie Buenbrazo
Sam Salem
I bow to no add, I skip them.
Sandy Grungerson
Colm Feore. So great.
Sohail Ahmad
I laike this maan
Maluko e brabo
TheSpirit Portal
Came back to this scene to write\n\n\nULTRA INSTINCT
Lord Marshall was a great villain... great movie!
ToxiC BikEr
The moment in counter strike 1.6 when you encounter a speed hacker 🤣
Trenton Mccorkle
I love this movie I watched it about 30 times
Tyler Sturm
True men in there faith will not renounce God even if it means death
Did you think this was going to be a street fight?
Zach James
Exactly the same premise for a fight scene as x-men apocalypse. Yet done way better.. Sad to say a Vin diesel movie is better
Zaxkz EstusChugger
Holy shit this is so bad.
ant owens
Lol eves master Esau gets destroyed she like
big foot
Can anyone explain the Marshall's ability?
they need to make 1 more riddick movie where riddick finds furya but finds out it is as dangerous as it is beautiful
ephraim omudaki
herjie may abindan
Timeskip by Hit is real..
tarantula gibi adam
I have no idea what Thandie Newton was going for in this movie, but that said, she's definitely so bad she's good.
jamaria jackson
kratos vs hades
kitty mcpaws
Riddick with dem byakugan
luiz eduardo
Ridick é foda
Vaako is just ridiculous. \
nick seven
the knee to the face killed lord marshall
and what would be the odds of that?
Stannis boratheon really changed his life around
Lord Marshal fights like Mayweather Jr! LOL
thorbjørn mann
Well riddick didnt actually defeat him 1vs1 so this is unfair.
3:53 I guess that's checkmate.
violent shemp
did anyone else lol when he broke off the blade?
That warp guy probably only got his powers like 10 mins ago. Otherwise he's an idiot that has no idea what he's doing.
Вадим Сигида
Риддик выграл
Го Го
Лучше бы он забил его и дальше руками!!!
Руслан Свист
Я такой какой есть , другово нет!
Руслан Финонченко
театр юного зрителя
павлик задуняшкин
Музыка Где? МУЗЫКАА??!!