Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) Mel Gibson Post-Apocalypse Movie HD

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Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) Mel Gibson Post-Apocalypse Movie HDIn the post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits.Welcome to the Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailer Vault Channel. Where trailers from the past, from recent to long ago, from a time before YouTube, can be enjoyed by all. We search near and far for original movie trailer from all decades. Feel free to send us your trailer requests and we will do our best to hunt it down.

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The new one (2015) is much much better
The rawness of it👍
Aaron Morris
Humungus sounds like a used car salesman.
I still pray he is out there, somewhere.
Adrian Ladda
This is pretty much the creation of mad max it has the theme it stuck with in the rest of the series convoys no water insane people no law cars and the creations of man cars
Alexandros HoMegas
The Greatest Australian movie ever made!!!
Andy Kelly
Snakes on a plane pisses all over this low budget tripe.
What if Mad Max is the reason why Mel Gibson went crazy
This is post-apocalyptic Australia?\n\nLooks the same to me
Brendan A. MacWade
This and Aliens are likely the greatest english-language action movies ever made.
Bubba Zanetti
easy, I know what I'm doing..
CatVision TV
Stupid movie everything in this movie is unrealistic people would be looking like africans who are starving to death or would be dead lol in that kind of environment.
Collin Garrett
I wish they still made movies trailers like this.
Damiano Ferrati
I hope that post-apocalipse will be like this
Darron Mecak
we want our coupes back
Edson Kunde
This is happening right now in Brazil due the truck drivers strike :D
Eric Acuña
Para mi fue la mejor pelicula de Mel Gibson.
Erick Marques Mansur
mad max 2 the mad max fury road
That warrior woman was hotter than any of the wives. They don't make them like that nowadays..
Ethan Ethen
The new version starts off great but then Max takes a back seat the whole thing slows down with a woman power undertone and none of the characters except one ever grows an inch.  The new movie would have been better to keep the world Max lives in and create an off shoot storyline featuring badass chicks.  IMO it would have been way better.
Fender Blitz
This is i called post apocaliptyc movie
Mad Max toh
The whole compound!!!
Fur Fag
I came here after the elusive quotes vid by James, and the way the movie trailer guy says \
GuryLipitoRex Falcão
I didn't let the fear of failure, rejection or death determine how I thought, spoke or acted. This is probably why you've heard of me.\n\nJesus!!!
Halyoosha A
Mel Gibson was one handsome man back then.
Hernan Vior
Real life action fallout ! Lol
Jake Vogel
This is still the best 1 outta the 4 Madmax movies!
Jeffrey Richardson
87 octane
Joe Blow
1981 BAD ASS
I watched Fury Road yesterday. Omg how much it sucked. And Tom Hardy...he was just not meant for this role.
I watched this when I was 9, Mad Max is the best, Mel will always be the Road Warrior to me though. Tom Hardy is good but he just doesn't compare to the original Mad Max, these movies are the best
Joseph Njuguna
They had such good sequels back then; Mad Max 2-The Road Warrior, Aliens, Terminator 2-Judgement Day...
Jules Stardust
Mel Gibson was too hot
Julia Furlong
Prob my favorite movie of all time. I told my kids that, & that it has been ever since I was their age & that \
Kiingnaz Naz
I saw them all when they came out in the cinema and I must say- Fury Road is a worthy Max sequel!\n\nIt's Road Warrior evolved. Hardy may not be Mel, but he is okay. I cannot think of many people who could personify Max as well as Mel, but he comes pretty close. I \
King Ijaz Malik اعجاز کنگ ملک
Amazing Trailer
Meat grinder on the hood.
Luciano Luz
Todos são ótimos!
I suppose when they were making this hideous cheese-fest. \nIn their imaginations, they all (especially gibo) imagined it being the spectacle, that the new movie fully realizes. \n*\
Mario 8A
mexico in a few year's XD Looool
Milton Mendes
One of the greatest action sequels ever made.A legendary movie.
yeah let's go to bendigo
Nathan Lewis
My Favert Movie Made 1979 My Birthday Reminds Me Of Me My Sister Max Name
Oskar ya hax
omg !!! so this where fallout come from.
Prince Vegeta
That moment you realize that this is fallout with cars.
Raggedy ManX
Greatest movie ever made
Robert James
California Love . . . . ba da dum dum dum.. .    .. sorry
Rogerio Barbosa
Fury Road, look at the perfect Mad Max movie !
Roland Deschain
Mad Max 2 is one of the best action movies I've ever seen.
Buronson and Tetsuo Hara acknowledge Mad Max 2 Road Warrior had the idea of creating the manga in 1983 Fist of the North Star then came as a anime in 1984-1988 then it came as a movie true to the Hokuto no Men series in 1986
Scottie Mac
The Real MAD MAX!
The carnage in this is crazy. Mad Max always takes things to the next level.
Sir Fabulous
Man, Australia is pretty interesting
South Sea
Mad Max 1,2 & 3..Mel's best work by far......
Did all old trailers spoil the movies
Sumona Florence
Wow that's how Mel looked back then?
As much as I love the Mad Max tril, It was a rip off the American Film \
Trews Detroit
they don't make movie trailers like that anymore.
Vágní Vandrák
Xavier Harrison
Is it me or does Lord Humoungous sounds different
Zombra Kinze.
1981!? The Year I Was born
avengers for life
love this movie best in the series fury road is the second best
Great films mad max 1 and 2.\nThunder dome was OK.
ben inglis
That was an amazing film.
cody hollis
GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE???????????????????
desly gutierrez
I saw this movie yesterday it is awsome especially the boy with the boomerang he killed someone! Awsome!😉
One of the greatest action movie ever. That inspired so many other great pieces, such as Hokuto no Ken, Akira and all steampunk works from the '80s up to today..
henok ghebreghergis
Everyman for himself, huh?
Ah yes. Back when movies could truly suck for no reason whatsoever and you had no alternative but to watch. They don't make 'em like that anymore!
kenneth riley
lucius croy
I prefer this version
The best out of all of them
professor awesome
the mad max movie series are if you agree
Isn't Fury Road the remake of Mad Max 2? Its basically the same damn movie straight to the plot.
user born in December
Lord humongous = Jason voorhees
Tom Hardy was interesting, but didn't capture the \
vinn wynn
Lord Humongous sounds different in this trailer. Why?
☺ ☺