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Subscribe to TRAILERS: Riddick Movie CLIP - First 10 Minutes (2013) - Vin Diesel Sci-Fi Movie HDLeft for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: one carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick's past.

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When he resets his own leg, makes me cringe every time.
A.J Thomas
I want more of Riddick. Can't wait for another ten years of under development.
Abhishek Sagar
The bad days bbaaadd ddaaayys
Ajay India
advance concept movie.
Alene Avera
יש עוד סרטים אחים.
Alonzo Branson
Groot and Drax were both in this movie.
Ankit kumar
Great diesel
Anthôny Silva
Alguém aq fala português? 😞
Antilles Gaming
Dang Riddick Sapranos
Aqonyahan Aqonyahan
What's the name of this movie
Blessing Mashava Ryce
Esh l get nightmare the first time l watch this movoe
This property is screaming for someone to come along, who cares enough about it that they're willing to do some daring things with it. There's plenty of good raw material (story, characters, Universe etc.) to make something epic, but IMO that hasn't happened yet. Pitch Black was a great setup film...TCOR was a solid follow up film (just as good as the first one, but not better)...but Riddick, it was just okay. It's still a decent watch...but a bit disappointing. It's only a rehash of Pitch Black...sprinkled with some TCOR. We need a completely different adventure. 
god i love Vin deisal
Chavez Poindexter
They should start releasing tge first 10 mins for every pos
Cheyenne Cole
i love this movie i watched the old one and the new one almost the best movie of the centery!
Cosmic Nava
06:05 This scene was made pointless. Riddick stabs his wounded leg to keep the armor plating on to support his leg. Going through that pain only to take all his damn armor off the next day.
Dakota Thoms
What happens if hyenas evolve into a Doberman like creature
Dedy Yusuf
Indonesia like
Deepak Singh
Don Finch
He's a tough bastard
Great movie
ENVY Nibb;ins
you get enough of all that converting you be just as looney as them.
lol lets face it nobody would ever surive on a planet like that for more than a day. what does he eat?
The 3rd one kind of suck.
Fernando Yanmar
This movie is much like wall-e, which was a nearly perfect movie until the humans arrived
When you play Ark: Survival Evolved and decide to move from The Island to Scorched Earth.
chronicles was way better. I wish he had the budget for this one...
Gooper Loper
Yeah.. it does make me feel a bit better about my bad days... 
Ivan Drago
His legs look painful
J Dorner
I watched this movie.  It is a keeper.  There is real potential with this series.  It isn't \
Jabran Ashiq
Name plz
Jason Voorhees
Love the animals
Whoa whoa whoa idk if anyone else commented about this but did they use a mine craft water sound at 1:48?\n\nEdit: Again at 7:19
JumpingPrism 565
What wrong with his vision?
Man I need a new Riddick movie before Vin Diesel gets too old to play him. He's the one true Riddick.
Ko Ko
Lhousyn Filfillol
Lorenzo Spurlock
A neew neeeeed eyessss tho
Lucas Barbosa
What the name this movie? Are you have link for download?
Manoj Sharma
Superb clips
Marisol Mora
max piña I queen ude
Martin Septim
Matthew Clevenger
awww he killed the poor eagle
Matthew Smith
definitely the best character thought of..the anti hero who always plans ahead and knows how to use a blade
Md:mahadi Alom
great movie clip
Milos Gavric
Press F for bird
Mohammad Julhas
Fantastic movie and very very nice vedio but really very everything scene akteg very very dangerous animals
Mohd amir Amir
Mr. Midshipman
Based off his Drow Assassin from his D&D campaigns.\nI love Vin he's such a badass geek.
This movie is awesome, I don't understand why it didn't get better reviews or make money in the cinema. it's like no amount of careful creativity will satisfy people. the bar has been raised so high that no one knows how high it is or when it's met.
Munawerpasha Munna
What are moves mind blowing really World no1moves
Munkh Oyubaatar
so basically riddick's eyes are like he got sharingans
Nal Dos Santos Oliveira
Filme 2018
Narelle shurdington
There needs to be another Riddick movie as I love the movie
Nate W
I used to be friends with Diesel’s niece. No joke. My family and I were going to her birthday party and just when we were arriving, my dad noticed Vin ducking out through the back door. When he told his friend (who was in fact Vin Diesel’s Brother) what he saw, he just groaned and rubbed his forehead.
Looks like nice place to live 😁
Pixie Lilly
Rockk Mishra
Guys plz make it coming soon.
Segundo homero Rimaicuna cordova
Como se llama la pelicula
Reddick is Alpharius before being reunited by the Emperor
I'm kind of stupid. Why exactly did he break his leg?
Shining Star
Best first 10 minutes of any film or movie as far as i'm concerned!
Spencer Thompson
I alwaya wondered why Riddick didn't try the 'eye stare' like he did in the prison on Crematoria to subdue the beast.
Suddy Jumanne
Lov it
Supriya Dhembre
Video i
Suyoung Park
What the hell is he keep doing to he's legs?
Looks good
am I the only one that feels the riddick movies are all so similar and boring?
Veritech Girl
5:54 No Fair! Cant - resist - chasing after - Frisbee!
Vincent Cutrufello
there are bad days, and there are legendary bad days. rofl XD
Vivo Sungailiat
Wadi Jarot
World of Nemrath
Awsome movie!
I see some differences from Pitch Black, in that he is out on his own now, and rather than being hunted by nocturnal beasts while racing to a shuttle, he is actually surviving, all while being hunted by mercs who have come to claim him or speak with him. The ending also provides a different story. Two more movies are supposed to be made, and I hope that they do, and I am confident that the new stories will be more superb, one is to be in the Underverse and the other on Furya.
Xi Nova
1:48 minecraft water sound
Yutivo Reyes
Why make a sequel to a movie that was a flop?
Zhiyang Lu
@2:44 I am GROOT!!!!
most men would of panicked in the situation in the pond with the dogs waiting top side to tear his ass apart but this is the product of the hardened beings the ones who were toughened
1:49 that sound effect from the water reminds me of minecraft when u lose ur fish
brian mellett
When is the NEXT ONE coming out ??? Soon Yes
A scene straight out of the FALLOUT game! Who can see it! This is what it would be like out of the vault!
eRenaldoR Munnings
'This is the chronicles of robbery,I was robbed but my Father's memory inspired me and my personal devotion's keep me sane as I grew strong!
gulshan kumar
Abe sale pardiusar bhosdki ke kitni din bad movi banai ab 3 la jayda paise kamayega mere bos femas ho gya fast and furious se
harshal harshal
This is a hell
madan singh
movie name??
me myself
only man that holds breath for minutes, and comes up without even breathing through nose to look for enemies first
real heft trout 420
He is great at playing Riddick if there was one without Vin I would not watch would not be proper
Love the beginning of this film. I don't understand why they cut out the end scene showing The Underverse or something. I can't wait for the 4th movie.
vishnumurthy janagani
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