Mark Ronson, The Business Intl. - Bang Bang Bang (Online Version - New Edit)

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.'s official music video for 'Bang Bang Bang'. Click to listen to Mark Ronson on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:Un, deux, troisBang, bang, bangFeathers, I'm plucking feathersOne by one, by oneNo more skylarking, around my headYour informationBut there's no hiding, behind moulting feathersOn the plane, on my brain, 'bout to do the sho'40k contract, take it out the do'Dice, symbolise my life, roll 'em on the flo'From your grubby hands, as you hand the grand standYou live a shitty life, we live a bon, bon vieHotter than the book, while we watch the tvThink you got us fooled, ooh never againFirst time, shame on me, second time, your time will endNo way, bang your dead, here's your silhouetteJe te plumerai la, têteJe te plumerai la, têteBang your dead, alouette,here's your silhouetteJe te plumerai la, têteJe te plumerai la, tête

Mark Ronson & The Business In... Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. Bang Bang Bang Official acoustic daffodils feel right instrumental music mystikal vevo

-T S-
Uk will accept Kanye as their lord and savior soon.
Tribe Lives.....
This song was before the US became a cesspool of hate. This is LOVE AND JOY
Alex Gærtner
I think the Youtube view counter's broken... there's no way this can have only 3M and 'Baby' has 1Bil.
Alexander Cristian
Chorus : Shitting through Mirela
Alexandro Maximo
Is it me or the video has 80s style ?
Alicia - Craig Tucker - - Pit
Super nostalgic this music :3
Andre Anthony
Bening Rastiarsa
This makes me feel like I was born on 80s **-**
Benjamin De Roover
Mark Ronson is basicly the Quentin Tarantino of music.
Bre Lune
This guy is awesome smooth slick and stylish, with added freshness Q-tip i could be wrong, anyway still listening to this groovy track (2014)
Cherry Canetis
Je te plumerai la ... tête ;) ❤❤❤
Chidz Hustle
2018 and this still sound fresh as hell
ok someone help me understand this song. From what I understand it is trying to call out the government on keeping society in the dark and messing about with us, treating us like an experiment but they want to find the truth? Am I right?
Chris Taylor
The girl reminds me of Santigold
Claudia Deacon
This song needs so many more views!
Cody Carpenter
I lost this song in college but i finally found it!!!!
Daryl Allman
The first time I heard this song, I never looked back. Still fresh as when it first came out!!
Do Why
Used to listen shit ton of this back in 2010. Man time flies. \nPS favorite part 3:10
Don Norris
Dylan Robson
THAT BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dᴇᴇʀ Girl
Adam Driver brought me here
I can't believe this song is actually that old :0
Emma Selwyn
God blerss Lumines!
Feno Mozo
1:16 The DBZ teleport sound effect haha
His watch! I must have it... the source of his powers.
George Kay
Can't believe this is nearly six years old already. I remember listening it back in 2010 when I was fourteen :)
Mndr is so sexy in this!
I love how he clicked Abstract to make the black guy appear! \u003e.\u003c
Heritage MABUNDA
One of my favourite songs. That as well as it having Hip Hop legend Q-Tip in it puts a stamp on it!
I Can't Sing
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
and MNDR is great :)
J Nee
Mark Ronson knows how to write, produce and create some amazing music.... this dude gots talents
Jack Dando
Q-Tip's the boss
this has a vaporwave aesthetic before vaporwave had an aesthetic
Jolly Wolly
This song never gets old, still on of my favorites!!!!
Jude white
Like if listening in 2k17
Junior Douglas
I always thought she said \
Kimone Smith
i never knew the rangers were in this video
I searched no way bang bang bang and found it hahaa xD
Liam Cordon
Is the guy rapping the same bloke from Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers? Sounds so similar.
Lloyd Edgar
Fun Fact: This was one of the inspiring factors during the development of the Valve game \
Markus Mindestlohn
I always thought she says: \
Matthew Etheridge
I'd like to Bang Bang Bang Amanda.
Q tip is sick, so much more could have been done with his talent
Michael Burke
I really dig Marks videos.
Michael Machel
2018 still listening
oh god that Japanese pronunciation makes me cringe
Monica Grix
I will listen to this until I'm dead.
Moving On...
Best. Video. Ever. Love this!
Nader Subaih
i have no idea what they are saying, but i cant stop listening to it
Natalie Spa
To RhythmAddictedState: I speak Aussie English and I can definitely tell you that not all Aussie/English accents are pleasant, some are like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears, very pain inducing LOL
Next Level
Q-Tip is the man
Nia Alexis
totally forgot about this song till I heard it on Gossip Girl, dang, great song
Odion Unuabona
I remember this song from when i were 15, im 19 now and im wondering WHY DOES IT ONLY HAVE 2MILLION VIEWS? there needs to be more songs like this!
P Dubs
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the pure, blissful awesomeness of this clip? I WANT TO LIVE IT!
Is it me or is this video looks stylishly 1980s?
Rebecca Casagrande
Who else is here because of that party scene from Girls?
As a French speaker, their accent raped my ears. But otherwise, the song is great. :D
Sabincka M
Who is listening this song in 2018 ? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I LOvE YOU RONsOn !!!!
Sanne Soep
0:45 to skip the intro! :)
Sara beatriz de canela
amo esta cancion
Shorty X
2018 🖤
Sizwe Mkhize
Such a fantastic video to a great song.
i like Q-Tip that's why i came
Stacy B
7 years ago . i feel so oldd
StrobeNetwork Records
Loving the overall retro style of the song and video.
How are people so late to discover Mark Ronson?! He's been around since 2010 and earlier :O
Taelan Baylor
Lumines Electronic Symphony
Tamir Maoz
This song is so groovy in a good way!
The Yawn
I was searching for this literaly now for almost 8 years and now i found it omg... cant belive i was 10 last time i heard this song. Damn, 2010's, good times 😢...
First heard this song at least six years ago, and only jsut realized the rapper was Q-Tip! I would know that voice anywhere!
Tiffini Tomlinson
After 5years I still get that good feeling inside , love this song
Un cil dans l'oeil
Allé juste pour le peu de français qu'il y a je me dois de soutenir ici xD
I got so hooked on this song after listening to it on Lumines: Electric Symphony.
William walkos
What tar banger hay
MNDR is departed Deirdre Barlow.
Always thought she said shake it to morella....
I heard this in a store years ago and no one could tell me what it was called, its been stuck in my head for five years and i just heard a snip of it in gossip girl of all things. I replayed the clip over and over until i distinguished a few words, looked them up and i finally found this!! 😄
i heard \
Why can't I stop watching this?
I don't know how I got here, but I'm glad I did, such a good song, this brings back nostalgia like crazy
jeb stuart
amazing song.
marico .H
これ本当に好き笑 日本語使ってるのも珍しい!
Q-Tip still LIVES! :D
mi goreng
I remember this song from when I was a kid and \
phil mitchell
This is actually a really good song I'm surprised its not more popular\n\n
I see this video every day and it still makes me happy. \nI like that it's basically a remix of Gentille Alouette.
thelma taco
The Song: \
troyes cuddle buddy
Mark's wink. Wow
I'm so happy I found out about Ronson :D he seems to produce really good songs. Only his old fan base looks like a bunch of \
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