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The latest viral dance challenge in south Africa now is known as the Malwedhe Dance challenge which started from the hit track Malwedhe by King Monada. The dance has started going viral all over social media

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A time will come u people will put knife in your throat and say is a dance
Abigail Asare
This one diee its madness oo\nEei!!😂😂😂😂
Agnes Ankamah
Oh which one too be this?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alphyz Qrw
Amina NInah
I love the song and his voice but i don’t like the dying part
Angela Prince
Interesting though
Anime Bobo
my mum normally does this dance with her friend I find funny
Arvin Gary
it's very creative
Awesome Lives
#First to like
Blessing Shamiso Chereni
Number 4 got me crying lol poor kid this dying dance is lit 🇿🇼 zimbabwe approves. Dec here i come
Castro Prince
Love it
Cute Sandy
Stupidity infact satan is really strong
Very good, thump up. ❤️❤️❤️\n\nDallasOnlineTV (Home of healthy, future millionaire, billionaire)
Dee Kally
My Congolese people where are you December is 🔥
Derrick Smiley
Song please
Diana Amoah
Lolx we still proud to be black....Oh yeah
Doreen Ababio
Ah really😹😹😹😹am waiting for Ghanians 2 try it😝😝😝
Edilio Covele
I can't stop to laugh.kkkkkkkkk
Elizabeth Ganah
😂😂😂😂😂😂Oh my God.I shot my words
Emmanuel Asante
Guys please help me download this song who sang it..??
Enae Berg
One Corner is still number 1
Etornam Rithesh
Who else wanted to use the liking button to laugh but couldn't? Please hit like😂😂😂😂
Eunice Frimpomaah
This dance bi madness 😂😂😂😃😃
Fellow Tv
Am from Kenya this song is big
Forgive Ami Agorsor
I can't stop laughing this is very very funniest song oo
Fortune Pepper
this is crazy... idibala😃😃😃😎
Fresco Bwoy
Handygh TV
this dance is very crazy
Honey Zoor
Once it enters naija then it'll go viral
Innocent K. Boateng
*OMG and someone will say one corner is crazy😂😂😂 I'm just weak*
Jacqueline Jennifer
Good morning everyone here, have a successful midweek.
Jemimah Sawau
in Kenya its more than crazy hahaha
Justice O Opoku
what kinda is
KLM Gideon
Lol...Where from this one too ??
Kihara Faith
Unakufa......\nKenyans where are you?\nWe have to try this challenge
Lalla Logy
😂😂😂😂Is weer december...This song replaced omunye😄💔🚯Distruction boyzz maak kak monada vat d beker🏆
Lawrence Harris
Should be called the kill it dance🤣
Little Apple
Like seriously 😂😂😂\nThe world is really going crazy
Luthando Myezo
and why should i leave satafrika ku lit
Marcelle Obiang
Im from gabonese very good i like this song
Martha Nampunda
so amazing
Marvel47 Davis01
The name of the song bro
Mesua Kwarteng
Crazy but beautiful
Mncedisi Ramaano
Malwedhe has gone so viral
Mulusa Kanyama
Love the song the dance is insane from Zambia
Namazzi Julie
Anyone from Uganda watching after fbk
Nana Ama
Herh dis song and dema dance trending 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃. If im in a relationship with u and u dnt give me .i collapse😃😃my sickness
Nigerian Comedy Skits
Njialong Assumpter
This is hitting the walls of Cameroon oh. I love the music n its craziness
Ntandoyenkosi Nyengera
hahahah will definitely do mine as well
Nwachokor Lucky
the name of the song pls
O29 Chanel
Patricia Hayford
This dance is more crazier than one corner 😂😂
Pierre kande
can some show me the oringinal video liink and let me understand why the dance is in that way?
Power Couple Life
We went to Cape Town and LOVED it, we made a video about our trip too. I subscribed to your channel, keep up the good videos!
Princess Glys p Annan
Eiii where from it
Rachael Lisa
Loving this dance seriously 🤣🤣🤣love frm Uganda
Regine Moungue
Hahaha this dance is 🔥hitting the world wide,,, soo fun-filled
Sammy Bravo
This challenged has broken many spinal cords in Kenya....hahaha just kidding
Sandrine Love
Thank I found this sound today been looking for it for long nw
Sky Waxing
Hahaha seriously
Swabra Hamid
Who played that song and wats the title.. Nice song
Taylor Reveal
This shid is crazy💔💔😂😂😂
My dance challenge video is out too 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tyler The one
Whats this, the \
Usman Suleiman
If one corner is still the craziest dance in the world press the like button
V. Josephine
4 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂no purpose in life
Valentine Kwamboka
In kenya it's 🔥🔥🔥\nEveryone is up for the challenge... at least I can do this😂😂
You guys wait till Kenyans drop their crazy challenge here thats when you will realize December is just around the corner, all the way from 254
Wolfgang Breitenseher
Narcolepsy is a normal trait for them.
Zama Khuzwayo
aminette hamelberg
Who knows the name of the song?? Want to download pls
bright amanor
Where form this
caroline shivoche
This one will kill me
catherine morgan
Loving this dance from Nigeria
celestine aleso
I love this dance, the most craziest dance ever
eljunfrel litao
elvin kakomo
kkkkkk crazy this dance is i say
Please anyone to tell the meaning. It's crazy
jamiu jimoh
The music its self whats the tittle it really sounds cool
john Macharia
Hahaha guys funniest stufff ever
john kisio
number 4 is the beeeeest😂
naomiwaithira maina
Kenyans where are you because we have to try this challenge at home😂😂😂😂😂
princess Fatima
Hahaha crazy dance 😂😂 love from Ghana 🇬🇭
*PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THE CRAZE*\n\n\nGeo okhe Jola lenna, ( if you are dating me)\n\n\nOkhe raloke kago Nhlala ( Don’t play with breaking up with me)\n\n\nNna rena le malwedhe ( I have a sickness)\n\n\nWa nhlala odho tsosa Malwedhe ale khole ( if you break up with me, you will bring up hidden sickness from far)\n\n\nKena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala ( I have a sickness of collapsing)\n\n\nWa nhlala kea idibala ( If you break up with me, i collapse)\nMalwedhe aka akamo maratong. ( My sickness is rooted in love ralationships or comes from love relationships)\n\n\nWa jola Kea idibala. ( if you cheat, I collapse)\n\n\nWa njolela Kea idibala. ( if you cheat on me, I collapse)\n\n\nLege okha mphe tshelete, kea idibala ( even if you don’t give me money, I collapse)\n\n\nGe okha dize, kea idibala ( if you don’t give me money, I collapse)\n\n\nMalwedhe aka akamo maratong. ( My sickness is rooted in love ralationships or comes from love relationships)\n\n\nWase boye gae, kea idibala. ( if you don’t return back home, I collapse)\n\n\nWa tima phono kea idibala. ( if you switch off your phone, I collapse)\n\n\nPhono ya Tshwara Ke modhabo kea idibala ( If your secret lover answers the phone, i collapse)\n\n\nWa njolela Kea idibala. ( if you cheat on me, I collapse)\n\n\nMalwedhe aka akamo maratong. ( My sickness is rooted in love ralationships or comes from love relationships)\n\n\nKena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala ( I have a sickness of collapsing)\nWa nhlala kea idibala ( If you break up with me, i collapse)
sheila muhoza
in uganda its a hit
stephen Kobby
Hahahahah 😂😂😂
terry rwamo
this song will kill someone for sure so amazing ever seen dancing like that for sure !! i lik this song when i'm so high....the song of the year congratulations 🙌🙌🙌🙌
tinashe chasara
From zim loving this crazy dance 😅😂😂😂