L.O.T.D Try On Haul! Is This Real?!

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Hi guys. Thank you so much for watching my video; I really hope you enjoyed it. Please please please, like, subscribe and click the notification bell. It’d mean the world to me!Clothes mentioned:Blue striped jeans:A bit about me:So, I’m 20 years old and currently live in London, I have a little girl, she’s 2 years old (could possibly do a little video about that if you’re interested). I grew up in Kent and now I’m just figuring out what I’m gonna do with my life. Socials:Snapchat: toniii_smiiithInstagram:toni.smithhTwitter:@toniii_smiiithBare with me, my tripod/ ring light is on its way, I just got far too excited when all these wonderful clothes arrived. I just had to try them on! Thank you, Toni x

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G David
Great video. I thought the first skirt looked great on you, you should do a style video around it.