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AB Parker IV
I love angels \u003c3
Aaron David Kapner
Agent 313
Love Riddick movies, i remember seen this movie at the cinema with my father, i was i think 8/9 years old.
Antilles Gaming
I love this series. Vin Diesel is perfect for this role
Are Em
Chronicles of Ridic-ulous.
Ashmel Martinez
Que desgracia la de YouTube, ni una película vieja quiere subir. Queremos otro YouTube mejor..
Kinda makes you wonder what woulda happened if he had said \
Bill Kahn
One of my favorite movie scenes of all time
Brandon Parson
2:15 me when someone plays Gucci Gang
Charles Miller
Most badass character ever.
Wig L your tow... Typical do not bait and switch ship. He a mess. Hare cut?
He should'a taken the money!
Dustin Newman
He lost me when he called a weapon a “gat”
Emilie Smith
If only he would have walked in on Tony biting my neck like a vampire .... omg..!!!!
Eric Buchanan
This is my favorite of all the series
Erik Ahl
1:03 I don't Know what universe this is, but I think \
Gavin Lim
Ok I learn from my mistakes \n1 I might not take the job and go look for another convict instead\n2 Alright, I came but I took 9 others with me \
Guardian Observer
Haha! \nThey had their last sex.
Ikarus 1980 BJK
Jesus? Do you think that Jesus or any religion will exist until that age?
Love that ship. Great design.
Gat!! \nRemember \
J wilson
I really like these movies. But they could've done better with 1, better acting. And 2, better props (defiantly more of 1)
J. Ryan
Tombs(if that's how you spell it) is an interesting Character. I'd enjoy a spin-off of his work as a merc. I bet his backstory is awesome.
Jabran Ahmad
What is the name off this part ,?
James Punting
A little skidish toombs
Jason Lurf
Is Tom Araya piloting the ship?
The incompetence of those guys is unbelievable. Heat sensors? Motion Sensors? Flash Grenades/gas to take him out or make him leave cover? No, no, no, no and nope. Lets just fly into the lions den blindly. 3 mistakes? Na he made just 1. He took the wrong profession.
KarateKID 142
this planet is basically pluto mix with Neptune
Kouldor Bane
This series was good and had sssssooooooo much potential sucks it’s basically on hiatus 😔
One of the most reggreatable films I'd ever watched
Mik Moen
Riddick is the most fantastic universe I know absolutely nothing about.
Vin is so perfect for parts like this.
Monday Friendly
Imagine all the dialog is for an orgy sextape lmao gtfo lol
Brilliant film.
Not Sure
Should've taken the money, Toombs.
Penguin Pie
The right answer : \
Probe Konto
Right answer was : It's yours.
I do like this film more than the first one but I feel they got overly ambitious, it would have been better as a chase film, ditch the Necromongers all together, maybe have hints and whispers of them like someone saying what the Prison Warden said about a 'Ghost Army' to set up a third film, without the Necro's it would have felt more of a sequel to the first film but expanding the Universe slowly, just have is basically a chase and rescue film with Aman reaching out to find Riddick to help save Jack/Kira with Bounty Hunters after him all through the film a bit like what the 3rd film was then end with the Necro's storyline as it would have been a great ending to a trilogy with him killing the Lord Marshall.
Ramon Camacho
wrong answer
Ranjeet Kumar
Love that instead of mounting armoured turrets, they will literally just strap on a guy with a rifle
Reason 1234
there is literally no reason for those guys to be hanging off the side of the ship. Makes no sense whatsoever.
Ricardo Castillo
Great character, gotta hurry up and make more movies before Vin Diesel gets too old.
Richard Riddick
Robert Danverns
1:50 your welcome
Robert Loughrey
4. I am groot!
Rocket Power
Rodney Higgins
You have used all your lifelines and here is the million dollar question... 'Who's ship is this?'.\n\n'Mine?'\n\n'Is that your final answer?'.
0:00 - 0:11 😂😂😂😂 broke ass people aint got turrets
Learnings Fun! \u003e:(
Steve Fowler
Lmao...Nice Engineering design for a space ship...let's hang the gunners outside on lol
Tarak Algiryan
ديرولنا فيلم ريدك لجزء لأول
The Mighty .Chicken
I always thought Riddick was Conan the Barbarian in space, especially if you know how this particular movie ends :p
You know, I could pretty much take or leave Vin Diesel. But Riddick is undoubtedly a badass character, and I've actually enjoyed all of these films, although I wish the last one didn't simply retread Pitch Black.
They should make a rated R tv anime series of Riddick. That would be awesome. And it would be even better if Vin Diesel voiced Riddick.
Best scene in the movie. Then it's all downhill from there. Oh, and the scene where Riddick ends up making friends with the vicious armored kitty-cat creature. That scene's pretty good, too. \
Umbrella Ops
I've always thought The Chronicles of Riddick and the Riddick universe is a lot of fun. I like the lore and story behind Riddick and can't wait for the next movie centered around his home world, Fury. Also, check out the video games, Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena. Both expand on his character.
UnderRated Comments
Love Richard B. Riddick but hate Dominic Toretto
Vakhtang BoLoTashvili
answer was \
Vivek Bhakser
Solide horo
It's an animal thing
ana ruiz
so underrated - one of the best Sci fi movies outta there.
This is cringey af
chung hoang
Ngoài đời mà ngu thế này thì chết là phần thưởng quá xứng đáng.
donthaveone donthaveone
they never learn!
ekielr jayme
what chronicles of riddick movie is this???
harri hiltunen
fantastic movie...
john quick
like... how you mute an itrusive advert, i guess they hope it wont have the complete adverse effect. No matter how many time's they try to suck.
justa relaxa
Im retired...
magic everywhere in this bitch
For Christ's sake, man. He has a knife to your neck, you couldn't have just said \
mohammed idh
2000-2010 movies \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e 2010+ movies
I love how ridiculous some of the things are in the Riddick universe LOL
philip cross
i wonder what happened to tombs other guys, at least one survived was he with tombs later on or did he leave him and take up gardening.
I get it, he should have said \
So he chooses to be bald? Yeah im sure
rene kenshin
Who's ship is this? Mine....\nWrong answer.. Waaahhhhhhh
Imagine if this universe was combined with Ridley Scott's aliens/predators
shawnte Pitts
that's right girls
And that's why you always keep a firearm on you in such a situation.
vlad anis
0:15 throw on a fresh pair of panties everyone.