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The video includes everytime Ben gets or finds Omnitrix/Ultimatrix. Also everytime Albedo gets he Omnitrix/Ultimatrix.Support me on Patreon : ★Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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My favourite ben 10 classic
Akise schunck
I grew up with the original ben 10 its sad to see how stupid everything else is and was the older ben 10 had a alien for every situation making it boring and i dont wanna talk about the reboot
Akshay Chikte
Ultimatestrix is best
AlaniJR Aho
The omnitrix is kinda like venom latching itself on to spider man
the Alien Omnitrix looks the best in my opinion the ultimatrix was rather cool I didnt like the gauntlet effect made it seem more of well a gauntlet and not a watch
All video channels all video channels
Ben 10 omniwars no betar ben 10 classic hi es betar i miss yu lassic kal ben 10 i love ben 10
Angel Gauge
Best crossover ever
Aryan Shakya
Asha Singh
Good baby and you
In Ben 10 Reboot they down it the worst what I ever see! My favorite Ben is 1Omniverse, 2Classic, 3Alien Force, 4 Ultimate Alien. (Sorry for my bad English! I am from Ukraine)
Bailee Johnson
I like them all until the reboot. The show doesn't get your heart racing like the old days
Ben Life
Ben 10 (Classic) Is One Of My Childhood\nAhh The Good Old Days...
Ben Tennyson
Un ben 10 world what happened to ben lose the omnitrix
Biado Rafael Rojo
amazing really
Bitx Alpha
The ben 10 2018 reboot is completely shit
Crazyfreak 2000
I love the original the reboot sucks
Dan Carta
I actually felt like I was going to be sick when I saw that reboot one
Daryl Dixon LBM Videos
The Ben 10 at the beginning is my favourite
David Chalarca
I want a omnitrix but is not real
Do U Know Da Wae? My BruDah!
I like Classic ben!
Dr. Dragorite
Name a better downgrade than reboot
Elia Kuscu
Press on 1:11 0,75 and and at 1:22 press normal
Eracnet Plays
5:43 what is this avengers infinity war?
Erwin Roll
Nothing will ever live up to the original
I hate the reboot
Fern o humano
Ben first aliens Transformations
I stopped watching at 5:40
Greenherring 10
Even single moment from every series seeing ben equip the omnitrix it feels so nostalgic
Guilherme Daniel
who ikes the originals including omniverse?
Harsha Gopal
I used to watch omniverse as a little kid and all the memories came flooding back to me. Now I watch Ben 10 reboot. Don’t the voices sound similar?
Interstellar Bagels
8:05 THIS IS NOT BEN 10!
Ben: A shooting star... looks like a satellite or something\n\nWhere did you find the last one
Jean Nguyen
You just used the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song at the end of this video.
Jullian Mendez
I like the omnitrix and the ultmatrix
Justin Tem
Miss the old Ben 10
Kajol Islam
This reboot makes no sense because ben got omnimetrix in 10 years age
Kenny Kasensouk
Every Omnitrix that Ben received in each series
Kizuki The Otaku
Türk olan yokmu
I like the og Ben 10 and omniverse
Marcia Volpe
Ben 10
Master Yoda
Im soo excited for summer i\n\n\n\nAnd i hope i find a shooting star
Michael Oluwajuyemi
I miss the original. I wish they would continue Omniverse.
MikePlayz Collins
What's a watch doing outer space anyway Lol
5:50 Thanos snap with his fingers
Muhammed Emin CEYLAN
5:37 Generator Rex 😭😭😭
Neelam subhash Mishra
Best ben ten YouTuber..\n....
Nevio Destroy
I love des kriegte des Looks Like eventuell ein findiger Amin Avengers Infinity war
Ngoc tran
young ben sound like dill pickles from rugrats.
Oluyomi Folasele
For reel what's a watch doing in outer space
P a
It would be ben 10 ultimate omniverse if they couldnt have the great idea to reboot him
Swietne bezbłendne ,,nostalgia\
Prex Dank
Omniverse is tolerable \n\nBut that new reboot is 100 % nope
Romil Patel
How about all Ben 10k fusion transformations
Sebastian Anria Herrera
When Thanos kills Ben
Seung Lee
I wish omniverse looked like ultimate alien but nope because Dwayne mcduffie died
Shubham 71
please can someone tell me the name of the episode at 5:50
Spirit Walker
Asriel charges Ben 10 reboot!\nYou feel the space in your hate list get smaller and smaller
Tamilarasan S
The Clever Dragon
Original is Way better
Tk Planet
Attention everyone here Ben 10 world makes great videos and I watch all of them and he replied to all my comments so sub to him NoW even though I don’t really know him it feels like he is my best friend 🙂
Tony The Wolf-Un Canal De Juegos Random y Mas XD
3:27 oOF
Ultra Instinct Warrior
Swipe left swipe right? BEN USING TINDER?
Victor Darden
Vivek Sagar
Albido my favorite villain
Who else stopped smiling at 8:01
new ben 10 su*k :/
Watchapol Autchawasukarn
Noob haha
Welser Cordón
Bien 10 para Mi finalizó en El final de (Ultimate Alien) \nLos demás sólo quisieron intentar convencer al público que podían ser mejores que las primeras Tres entregas \nPero no Pudieron \nSer más que sólo un relleno....
WildFire Tn7
Look at the ultimatrix at 4:20 . Then 4:24
YAHYA Mahamed
Yash Sanghavi
i want to know how alien force ben takeout omitrix video
You’re lameo husband
I’m really surprised Ben 10 is back. As a reboot, interesting.
Only me or someone like de the nem ben 10?\n\nTo me the new ben 10 is good
ZackAttack R.P.G
The original will ALWAYS be immortalized when it comes to the franchise
9:10 what episode
My favorite omnitrix is albeto’s omnitrix from omniverse
_Radik _
_Ben 10 world Best :)._
armyn gaming
Soviet russia\nIn america ben get omnitrix\nIn soviet russia omnitrix gets ben
chakib boumezrag
i love Ben 10 i was watching it since i was a little child all the version was cool except the reboot shit . i mean the show now has more jokes then ever and ben isn't mysterious at all and the biggest shit is that they added some new weird bad guys and this is the only reason they took 2 stars out a 10 . so all what we are asking about is to please make the show better . PEACE !
estarossa mandamiento del amor
Dislike the new ben
fullot game
El mejor fue el primero el último es una mierda
junrung sritrakulchang
I want to see reboot Azmuth.
kaisin.boy house
| Ben 10 | Alien Force | Ultimate Alien | Omniverse |
mahir buksh
I am 18 now but I still love all the ben10 series. My favourites r omniverse and ultimate aliens
michael de santa GTA V
I like the ultimatrix and the omnitrix (alien force)
patryk Zdziebko
Ded Ben ten
vuradi suryateja empire
Old Ben 10 is gold but ultimatetrix watch was my best
Øfficial Galaxy
I wish they still add the original, IT CAN'T BE BEATED AND ITS MY CHILDHOOD
Ne gunlerdi be
รัชกุล เตมิยาจล
Alien force is 1st
8:35 Where going the watch?