Super Smash Bros 4 All Cutscenes Movie / All Character Trailers | Wii U and 3DS 【FULL HD】

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All Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Trailers in one video (Latest character trailers: Bayonetta, Cloud & Corrin @ 1080p 60fps)Timestamps are below, so go ahead and click any to re-watch your favorite super smash bros 4 cutscenes movie / character trailer!Super Smash Bros Switch Reveal

Super Smash Bros 4 ALL Cha... Super Smash Bros 4 ALL Character Super Smash Bros 4 ALL New Character Trailers all super smash bros. for wii u and 3ds trailers

I liked ssbb. wolf was my favorite along with marth. I don't have a wii u...... unfortunately, T.T
There should be an entire Kid Icarus and Legend of Zelda crossover anime.
Alex Ramirez-Campos
Someone really needs to add an English voice for Marth.
Anime Diplomat
this game is 50% fire emblem
Arthur Mitchell
Does anyone else love the heartbeat effect at the beginning of the trailers?
Aubrey Oates
3:09 Goron Tunic plz....
Bad Script
Bendy Studios
who watched the whole thing\nlike if u did \nI did
Beyblade Guys
Did you see ness creeping up on mewtwo with a master ball 😂😂LOL
Black Mesa Zanza
Corrin is my role model because he ignores his family to play smash
Brian Hesby
Smash 4 - More Fire Emblem characters than you knew existed!
It’s been nice Smash 4 but Ultimate outclasses in every way now with World of Light out.
Super Smash Bros 2018 All Cinematic Trailers:
Pit: Oh no, Lady Palutena, she's about to KO me!\nBayonetta: Enough talk, angel, I've told you before, don't fu-\n(All characters look at her with frowned eyebrows, Mario holds pink slip)\nBayonetta: -Ur, I meant to say don't MESS with a witch!\n(KO's Pit)
Crash's Underwear
They should upgrade Greninja to Ash-Greninja on Smash Switch. Let him stand tall 'cause we all know he's a winner!
Am I the only one that thought Reggie and iwata were gonna be playable characters?
Cyborg Wizard
The moment Mega Man was revealed to be in Smash is when you could feel the hype being spread worldwide.\nTruly, a moment to be in recorded history.
Think Sakurai's a big fan of Fire Emblem? I can't tell
Doom Desire
When I first saw wii fit trainer, I actually thought nintendo was kidding.
I look up to Corrin. Pushes away important life decisions to play smash.
Ellen Tanaya Alford-McEwen
Why do all the characters look better in anime??!!
Emmanuel Mondesir
Emperor Uriel Septim VII
I'd really like to feel YOU, Shulk.
Loved Corrins one. But that Pit vs Link Anime fight was badass. Makes me think a proper Smash Anime could be awesome.
French Toast
The pacman trailer will forever give me chills
who agrees with me that bayonetta isnt the character for kids?
Giro N
26:37 I like how Duck Hunt covers his eyes and is like \
Golden lotus
Heather Colthart
i like the mega man trailer because it shows the newcomer actually losing until he uses the robot masters weapons
Who's hyped for a new Smash on the Switch?
Roy kills roy \u003c:o
Hina Face
How to make this game perfect...\n-Put Snake back in for the fans\n-Put a fresh new story mode, a sequel to Subspace at least\n-Make Lucina a costume for Marth
Ice Dash
Now I remember why I should buy Cloud, To destroy Bayonrtta
lol little mac getting embarssed for being smaller than the girls
Isaac Gutierrez
40:35 Time for the best part SMASHING-Bayonetta
Duck Hunts and Bowser Jr's reveals would've been so hype had the 3DS version not been out already at the time of the trailer debuts
Jack Ricketts
They really should have thought up something better than \
Jackson Serr
I'm here for nostalgia after Smash bros Switch
Jacques Dupaquier
I can only use my tomes so many times\nthats why i carry my levin sword!\nthat can only be used so many times...
Johnny terrell
I still think Ryu should have his dark Ryu form...
Kent Stone
Of all the characters they had to put in the game, why bayonetta? Really?
Logan Not the one from Marvel
Do any of you think we will be as hyped for Smash 5 as we were for this game?
Lucas Doherty
20:51 Chrom, you get your chance this winter! =D
Mariokid 64
I say that Nintendo should add snake back in the game, since they had him in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.\nLike if you agree.
Matt Moores
This is exactly what I've been looking for. And you had the nerve to list them according to their times? You, sir, just earned a subscriber. ^.^
Matteo Millucci
Anyone thinks that Bayonetta is OP!?
Matthew Cangelosi
This has to be one the best games of all time. Best cast ever in a video game. Great gameplay, huge amount of content, unprecedented fan service all in a one fighting game. Only Nintendo could have pulled it off.
Michael Gemmill
anyone else watching this for the hype for smash 5 ?????
Michael Savino
Sakarai made it seem like Bayonetta is a Kid Icarus character
Miguel the musician Torres
Face it. Smash is one of the best things ever made. I know some characters might not make it to the final game. But really theres always gonna be someone left out. Like metroid. Lots of people are saying its unfair Fire emblem has more. But really there isnt many iconic people in that game. Kirby has Waddle dee which is probably it. And Donkey kong has a few more. But just be happy that Nintendo is putting effort to creating a great game. Dont forget U.S got it first than Japan. Sorry everyone else.
MinionMine Bloxer55
Smash Brothers Anime? Yes please.
MooseInBlue 2nd
This is why a Super Smash anime would be the best anime ever.
Mr. Pepé
People, \
Shulk and Bayonetta ♡_♡
Niki Frye-Maturo
I wish there were trailers for every character (DDD, Kirby, etc.)
PR Smasher
The tears, the memories, its been a wild ride! Lets see if they bring it back for the Switch with new characters
corrin: my birth parents, the people who raised me... SCREW IT SMASH!
Possessed Pickle Jar
Does anybody else want an official kid Icarus anime?
Project Hunte
Random Stuff
That ending \
They put a ton of effort into Rosalina's trailer
Ro Sri
i always forget that sonic is in this game and i dont know why
Roman Kalaj
Why do these trailers have mad hate for Bowser he's beaten up in like all of these
Man the Villager wants to catch EVERYONE in that net doesn't he?
Smashing CJ
On the 12th day of Smashmas, Sakurai gave to me.. :\n12 foward smashs\n11 Dong memes\n10 perfect back airs\n9 Mushrooms\n8 Alternate Skins\n7 Falcon Puanchs\n6 Bayo Combos\n555 For glory players\n4 8 player matchs\n3 Kirby Dittos\n2 HooHaas\nAnd A Star on my Christmas treee
Mario...Sonic...Mega Man...Pac-Man...Ryu...Cloud Strife...Bayonetta...all in one game.\n\nThis game has officially made history.
Seeing that Mii Fighter trailer again hurts my soul. Mr. Iwata was taken from us far too soon. \nThat Reggie vs Satoru trailer is still really rad. It holds up so well
The FungusFriend
I lauughed really hard when I saw the line \
The King of the Penguins
Bayonetta is so goddamn cool. Poor Pit couldn't handle her M-rated sexiness. She is pretty out of place in this game. I love it
Well, now we know Little Mac isn't afraid to hit a girl.
mario\nsonic\nmegaman\npacman\nryu\ncloud strife\nall we need are snake and crash bandicoot
Wesley Damaschino
Wicked Bat
These trailers make me want a Smash 4 story mode even more
William Gonzalez
We need to appreciate Mario a little more. His animation here was amazing
Yolo gamer
13:32 mario is like, \
Zippy Kirby
I know the fact that Bayonetta was originally going to be a playable character in Sonic and Allstars racing Transformed, but was rejected, as either of the following reasons:\n1. Because Bayonetta's character has an adult tone, the developers feared that including her would increase the game's age rating,\n2. The developers couldn't tone her character down enough to keep the game's age rating.\n\nThen how did Bayonetta become a DLC for Smash Four!?
Zoe Hart
It's to much fire emblem man... it's too much...
blinded journeyman
How I wish ssb had its own anime, (with Nintendo keeping eye on it..) a certain goddess's commercial looked rly good.
Mac spent all that time on the jump rope but he still cant recover
There was no need for Lucina or dark pit, they could've just been different skins
flash bullet
the one with kirby and the Luma was cute
I have way too much time in my hands considering I watched the entire thing
jump 7holes
Oh it's been such a ride... From Villager's first appearance to our last badass witch, Bayonetta \u003c3
I came into each DLC trailer thinking, \
Waaay too much Fire Emblem.
nato59 ramen
3:27 Mario, Link, and Kirby doing the tree 8:06 Samus comparing little mac and her height
Nintendo please, if there is a Smash 5, please give us a story!
oscar rocks 2
Bayonetta thinks she is thicc well you know who is more thicker than her \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*WARIO IS EXTRA HELLA THICC AS HELL*
It says Greninja makes a splash but splash doesn't do anything
weirdo 1256
My favorite was shulks I did the future move on my bro and sis and they were so pissed at me it was so funny
did anyone actually watch the entire video?