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Anton Cvetkov
guy holding a knife seems so out of place, they got spaceships gravity weapons and shit and soldiers still carry knife to threaten
in german he comments about the animal \
Brian Ellinger
Well yes\n very much so \nthat's why I try to keep my soul in the light \nand try to keep my body healthy and eat right and exercise\n and stay away from bad people \nI am just afraid of the dark \nas I am of the light...\nBecause God likes to test his soldiers \nI didn't sign up for that job
I never understood his origin or anything, I was very young when I first saw the very first riddick movie
These movies have the best one liners
Hmmm Hmmm
Furyan is kinda like a Saiyan???
1:52 when you are caviera and an enemy player walks in, in the middle of an interrogation
Ivan Colonna
and that was one furyan\n\nimagine an entire planet of furyans...\n\nI wonder of how many necromongers they killed.
J Rod
Would of been awesome to see his eyes reflecting in the dark as he came out out of that room.
Jeison Cardenas
Riddick comoletas
K. LurKy
The guard at the end was like I quit😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucas Rackley
1:16 to 2:08-When Batman fights the alien bad guys in Justice League, I want him to do a scene just like this.
Shadow Heart
Or \
Just to clarify to everyone saying and that was just one furyan. Not all furyan's where like riddick they where a normal race essentially. Nothing too different about them. The different one is riddick.
Wendell Cotham
Did everyone enjoy the show
Sister they don’t know what to do with just one of me
That's weird. In the version released here in Australia, and the DVD copy I bought, the shot where he extinguishes the candles is a fraction longer, and he says \
In the days when Vin Diesel still had his neck... xDD
mick james
You know this scene would of been so much cooler if it wasn't so well lit.
of all the old movies there doing remakes of i would like to see a movie where riddick gets a clue where some of his people ran to and hid to make a kind of furyan hide out . a place that is thought to only be a myth and he he helps them fight a big force or challange of some kind with the help of riddicks new army . that would be a movie i would gladly buy
silvis iborra
esta escena pero en latino
starting over
Pffft the dark... I was born in the dark baby
your name
I wish to God they make a movie about the furyan home planet and make a giant war between then and necromongers
حسن بيطلي
لفلام.مره حلوه