Zac Efron- Lopez Tonight Show (Celebrity Questions) featuring Walter Moran

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One of the best memories of my life. Got to meet George Lopez , where he made fun of me by carrying me, and then got to meet one of my idols, Zac Efron.

George Lopez Lopez Tonight Walter Moran

Cindy and Chelzea
hahahahaha lol thats so cool !
Julie Marie
haha I love the twins with the eggs
Laura Sanchez
was he reading a telegrapher and how do you know
Luis M
more like celebrity challenges
How tall are you?
Rene Wright
wow hes a really nice guy I think he asked him to play the bell because he knew the kid was embarrassed
Sara William
i would drop and give zac 10 anyday.
Walter Moran
@DEbargelover123 well I'll let you in on a little secret, he was reading the teleprompter. It wasn't his idea. Producers had it planned out.
this is old
Haha that's awesome
tiffany davis
zac was wrong for telling that man to do push ups. but i still love him though.