Walking Dead CANCELLED TellTale DEAD. N64 Classic This Year?

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N64 Classic Announced & Telltale Games shutting down, CANCELLING Walking Dead! PlayStation Classic was just announced but the PS1 Mini is being countered by Nintendo with the N64 Classic! It looks like the N64 Mini is COMING! Nintendo 64 Classic vs PlayStation Classic. Subscribe.NEW SHIRTS! - "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.

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Telltale has never recovered from the season 2 disaster of Walking Dead. Walking Dead season 1 was their best game. Everything else is down hill.
My little daughter and i like playing walking dead togther. She like to dress up like clementine and we will role play around the house. We just finished new frontier and was gonna buy the last season. But idk now. Sad
Alexis Martinez
I am so angery! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....... :( .......... why... why, just, just why. You can't do that! Finish The Walking Dead please. Please :(
Alfie Donut
They are closing because they milked the walking dead to death
Anime Rocks
I feel like dying ( no telltale!!!)
Art C.
So wait, if the N64 classic does release around the same time as the PS classic, wouldn't that mean that they'd be competing against each other? It would be the mid-90's console wars all over again whilst in the midst of the Switch vs PS4 Sales going on; \n\n#Consoleception.
What killed telltale was the chapter system.\nI bought Minecraft story mode on my phone on launch for 5$ because one of my friends told me about it.\nI had never heard of telltal games before and expected to be getting the full game, so finding out after completing chapter 1 that I had to spend more money to get the rest of the game killed it for me, and I think that it killed it for a lot of other people too.
So no more Batman s3. I’m gonna scream
I am literally dead inside. Just wait until about 5 minutes into the video... You can see my heart break.
BrendenMicheal JefferyJordanRyan
only interesting game coming from them was the batman stuff.
Cameron Choiselat
Games I could see on the N64 Classic Edition:\n\n1. 1080° Snowboarding\n2. Bomberman 64\n3. Bomberman Hero\n4. Donkey Kong 64\n5. Dr. Mario 64\n6. EarthBound 64 (unlocked by unlocking Ness in Super Smash Bros.)\n7. Excitebike 64\n8. F-Zero X\n9. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon\n10. Goemon's Great Adventure\n11. Harvest Moon 64\n12. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards\n13. Mario Golf\n14. Mario Kart 64\n15. Mario Party\n16. Mario Party 2\n17. Mario Party 3\n18. Mario Tennis\n19. Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber\n20. Paper Mario\n21. Pokémon Puzzle League\n22. Pokémon Snap\n23. Pokémon Stadium\n24. Pokémon Stadium 2\n25. Rayman 2: The Great Escape\n26. Star Fox 64\n27. Super Mario 64\n28. Super Smash Bros.\n29. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater\n30. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2\n31. Wave Race 64\n32. Yoshi's Story\n33. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask\n34. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Damn that sucks... I think Stranger Things could have saved the company
Chris Sousa
The thing with the Rare properties being on a N64 classic is that you're assuming Nintendo wants to give up a percentage of their sales to Microsoft, even if they have a good relationship. Microsoft owns 6 IP's that could all potentially be on a mini system like Conker's Bad Fur day (unlikely) , Banjo 1 and 2 , Perfect Dark, Jet force Gemini , and Killer Instinct. Assuming there would be about 20 games like the SNES mini, that's potentially 25% of the games included belonging to Microsoft . I can see Nintendo trying to get Banjo but I can't see them trying to get all of them . Hopefully I'm wrong though
There is a simple answer to this “The Walking Dead Battle Royale”
The reason why Telltale did so badly in sales, despite the games being awesome is because of YouTubers. As much as people hate to hear this, you can look up the game's choices and watch someone else pick everything, giving people no reason to buy the game when they can see someone else play and spoil the whole thing. YouTubers kill games like this that focus on choices and story more than gameplay.
Cryshy gaming
I don't want them to end like Half life 3
D. Almeida
Wood I'm starting to enjoy you more and more man. I use to hate, but you can't judge a book by its cover. Your a legit dude! I think you are way more authentic than pixel Game Squad.
The wolf among us, and the walking dead is one of my favorite games ever, and stranger things is my favorite show ever......so im really depressed\nI hope that somhow in a few years they come back, or maybe like how telltale itself started, some of the ex-employees make a studio like it
Damned Eyez
Wow, Wood, that's rough. I never got too into The Walking Dead (quit watching the show mid season 2, and only played the first TellTale Game...and not even the DLC), but their games were amusing. I just hated the episodic releases and, like you and a lot of people, waited until they were done. Of course, by that time the buzz had died down and they just went on my pile of shame...\n...but anyway, it's rough when something you're really into gets cancelled without finishing. At least it's understandable in this case (lack of money), rather than higher ups just cancelling it because they didn't like the returns. Maybe someone will release a digital comic or something to tie things up at some point.
Darryl Jack
5:09 - 6:22 \nMy man got hit with those info bombs, and went through a existential crisis
Dewit Now
Microsoft needs to buy TellTale and then a Halo TellTale would be sick. I totally would buy it.
Doug Sahr
As much of a bummer it is for those affected, who are I'm assuming not at fault in the slightest, let's get real here. They had released buggy games for years and their illusion of full choice in games has lost its luster. They had plenty of time to get a new engine up and continue to pioneer their signature storytelling but instead pushed quantity over quality when fans had been telling them otherwise for years. Way too many bridges burned with lost saves and other technical issues. I loved Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Walking Dead S1 and Batman.\n\nThat being said this seems like a perfect Microsoft or THQ acquisition and hope they step up before too many find different paths.
I wish they would have at least finished the Walking Dead. They're pretty much closing after Minecraft story mode is done.
Dylan Emery
So many people want Microsoft to buy Telltale, but I just don't see it. Microsoft always rushes their companies, look at the messy release of Sea of Thiefs. Honestly, Sony would be better, they give their companies almost total freedom and let them develop their game at their own leisure, look at Days Gone and The Last of Us Part II, those two games look like they're gonna be fantastic. I don't know why Robert Kirkman hasn't done anything to support Telltale on The Walking Dead, I mean come on! He was a part of Seasons 1, 2, and Michonne. You'd think the guy would care more about his own franchise and what the fans want.
That realization it got canceled
Flaxen Monster 38
Now we'll never know the end of Clem's story! This does suck.
Frank The Tank!!!
Can they at least throw in an ending for the walking dead episode 2. Just let Clem kill Lily and A walker kill Clem. THE END.......
Frank West
I was a fan of the fables comics, and I liked the wolf among us, I wad excited for season two. Same with twd\n\n\n\n\nNow I'll cry myself to sleep
Sucks to see TellTale go away. Even tough i didn't play every of their games, i still like most of their older work before it became less point & click. I really liked the Strong Bad and Sam & Max season stuff and i wished they would make more of it. \n\nI wonder how this will affect point & click games in general and in the future for other developers.
GalacticGizmo 8
I really like Minecraft Story Mode, but they don’t finish walking dead!?! That game is amazing!
Geoff Brown
With Microsoft desperate for 1st party developers, how are they not jumping on purchasing Telltale Games?
Ghost Lights
Ew, instead of finishing Walking Dead they're going with *minecraft??*
Haks 86
yh man, the telltale closure REALLY sucks
Harjap Singh
I feel guilty cause I just watch the games and never pay for them
Henriko Magnifico
The fundamental flaw with their games is that people don't purchase them because you can just look up playthroughs online. It's free and sometimes more enjoyable than playing it yourself. The gameplay is pretty terrible so the story is the only reason you would get it, but as there are so many playthroughs online there is no reason to get it at all for most people.
This is what happens when we Stand by while capitalism extracts & hoards every resource in sight. It starves the competition by distributing profits away from the weakest and holding hostage the consumer by limiting its options. Boycott any developer or studio that employs such greedy disgusting practices before your left with no other option than to heel.
RIP I loved telltale games especially the walking dead now its cancelled for Minecraft it doesent really matter if its Minecraft but why first I really loved this series and played it all. Now I just basically wasted 100 dollars on all of these games and the fact that I cant play it till the end which was Worse :(
Eh tell tale relied too much on licensing other properties for their games. As neat as some of them may have been conceptually I feel the lack of making new ip's is a big sticking point for why they may have run dry financially so to speak. Take into consideration another point and click company Daedalic Entertainment who far as I know only did 2 license games based off of a pen and paper tabletop called The Dark Eye(both are really good) but most of their stuff is original ip's. \n\nIn terms of the n64 classic I don't think they can even get golden eye because of it being a movie license, besides that it aged terribly.
Indie Denise
Wolf among us was amazing asf....😭
Ircha Gaming
N64 Classic HYPE!!!
Wtf... A dev team need to hire these guys to finish the final season of the walking dead game, you can't let it die like this, it probably almost finished too...
J-Breezy 0819
Blame Fortnite.
Jackie Jones
Telltale also didn't pay the workers when they were let go and didn't give them a 2 week notice either. Gosh.
Jake Drake
and here i thought 2018 was going to be a flawless year!! AS USUAL I WAS TOO OPTIMISTIC AND STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Lee
Please someone start a kickstarter to save telltale
Jonez Zone
I had to comment twice because I’m pissed
Josh Luke
I’m so sad I been wanted to play the stranger things game by telltale but they cancelled it 😢
I am really sad right now but that yeah at the end was funny
Kai Texel
hope you got it already because as of now, you cannot purchase it. Removed from stores
Katariina Martens
I will miss Clementine, Bigby, Bruce/Batman, John Doe/Joker..\n\nLee and Kenny. 💀 They were great and I will not forget them.
Krumble's Play Page
That just killed me
LR Nappa
Its just a game. No drama pls
minecraft story mode\n\n\n\n\nminecraft instead of walking dead\n\nI don't want to hurt you but think about for a second....
Jesus I’m So Sad. They Need To Finish TWD Most People Might Get The Game When Its Done. It Would Suck If The Game Does Get Great Sales After They Close :(
Lil Niko
They have more employees who want to finish the game so we might get the episodes 😆😆😆😆
Aww you’re reaction was so sad!! \nI don’t know how people can’t understand how much joy video games bring. Me and the hubbs have gamed together forever. I have a lot of gfs who complain about their s/o’s playing too much and I’m like yeah I got to go we’re marathoning borderlands 2 again this weekend. LOL
People had better get thier money back.
We'll never get a Walking Dead ending.\nAlso no Half Life 3.\nDreams don't come true...
Matthew Weston
Better have Conker, Banjo, Zelda and Mario.\nGamecube Mini better have Animal Crossing and Windwaker.
good man
Menadel Animation
Me and my friends love TWD games so im going to learn how to draw the specific style of TWD games and im gonna start making fan animations...(dont think i will post them on YT
If the n64 classic is as hackable as the nes and snes then this will be awesome.
Can't get easy platinums anymore I guess.
Perfect Dark \u003e Goldeneye \n\nWe can all tell you wanted to say it. I’ll said it for you
The platinum is now untenable. Someone better finish this game.
Phantom ghoul 113
The outrage this will be is going too be astounding. You don't cancel things like the wolf among us 2 and the walking dead and don't expect unrelenting anger from fans of your \
Player Parker
Wolf among us 2... ☹️
RGT 85
BeaaatEeeeemUuuups News Coming at ya riiiiight noooooow!
Sad to see this happen to Telltale, but this is what happens when you fail to evolve and don't understand what your consumers want. \nPeople want Wolf Among us 2? Ignore them for so long that most people who cared have moved on.\nPeople want their choices to have more meaning? Make the vast majority of the Walking Dead S2 irrelevant in 3. (And then reduce the relevance of your most popular character for the rest of the game for good measure.) \nPeople BEG, for more continuations to existing stories? Keep buying more expensive IP's and watering down your target market with mixed messages on what your plans actually are. (Looking at you, Michonne and Batman.)\nNot to mention the crap we've dealt with waiting for Season 2 of Minecraft Story mode on Switch. \n\nIt's awful seeing them go, and I hate how so many talented people are losing their jobs, but unfortunately I'm not surprised this happened.
Ryan Costello
Haha I bought the 25 buck season pass because they didn't let me download the individual episodes.... I am actually livid
When did javi had a new frontier sign on his neck??
Salty Boi 99
Sam Bailey
I'm so sad! Clementine, Bigby, Bruce all these characters we may never see again:(
Shadarr Slingblade
Wow that's so irresponsible of this company. There are people who paid for the whole final season of the walking dead.
Simon Smith
Would not be surprised if they are going to try and get it crowdfunded, crying poor to the public to motivate donations. \nEnd of the day, as long as the final season is complete, I don't mind
Spawn Wave
THQ Nordic is about to go shopping again :D
Rip for season 4 no killing lily😭
Steven Cornier
Telltale is pulling a half-life
Thats a huge shame, the final season 1st episode was sooo good! They improved so much on season 3
Taryn payne
Clemon time do you love me are u dying. Don't get bit
Terra Firma
Fully understand yours and everyone elses dissapointment about Telltale and theirs TWD :/ never played it but will do sometime.. and batman. Atleast Overkills The Walking Dead is coming soon for your TWD need.. ofc its a completetly other mecanics but anyways. Robert Kirkman is heavenly involved in the story etc and has announced it to be his \
That ironic weeb that likes weeb things
The problem with Telltale is that they made too many crapy games and bleed out all their money from The Walking Dead Season 1, that bleeding only got worst as they acquired a lot of really expensive licenses. To make it worst: They never bothered to improve or change their engine, so a lot of games were pretty buggy and by the time they announced that they were going to make a new one: It was too late\nBasically Telltale died by it's own greed, you could say,: it didn't just died, it was murdered (I hate myself for making that reference)
The Majestic Canuck
I was 14 when I first started playing The Walking Dead back in early 2013. I became an immediate fan of Telltales but wasn't really interested in Season 2 or 3. But was and still is a fan boy of The Wolf Among Us. I was really looking forward to Season 2 but that's not happening now. Hopefully those who were laid off can potentially start another studio and regain some of those licenses. When I was still in college for game development (dropped out because I realize I rather learn myself than sit in a lecture all day.) I wanted to work with Telltale because Story Based games have always been my favorites. And working on some would've been amazing. \n\nOn a side note, I just bought Season 1 of TWD on Switch and played through it. But I guess now I have to rebuy it on the PS4, Xbox Juan, or PC to actually experience the whole story now. Wish they didn't shut down!
Tom Sawyer
I hate that telltale is closing down they made such great games
Tony Nguyen
I feel a big reason that their games didnt sell well because telltale games are easy to just watch a youtuber play, because you dont actually miss anything from actually playing the game. Theres no real gameplay, its basically like watching a movie. Many people rather watch their favorite creator play this instead of playing it themselves. The games are extremely popular and well known but this doesnt translate well to sales because so many people rather watch someone else play the game instead of playing it themselves. Unlike other games like minecraft and fortnite, you arent missing anything by watching someone else play it. There may be a few different choices but other than that theres nothing else to really do or play.
Trepis Fenris
I hear this next chapter will quickly end Clementines story which is unfortunate
WolfZ Solar
I bought it 10 days ago and I was hyped and they cancell it😭😭
I'm not surprised. They licensed so many properties and used them to over saturate their own market and didn't take any time to evolve their formula or even to update their terrible engine.
Just kickstart for the final season end of the walking dead
hypro manyak
j macher
The wolf among us was FANTASTIC
jj the waffle
I wish EA closed instead
You know why Telltale Games went under? I think it's because of youtube. Most of their games are 80% animation movies, with 10% decision making and 10% gameplay. Why buy a game that you can experience for free on youtube? As much as I love some of their series, it's just not a requirement to experience the same level of joy to actually play their games if you can also watch somebody else play it.
mr pugman
Telltale: Stranger Things\nMe: Yay\na couple months later\nTelltale: It's canceled \nMe: Excuse me What\nTelltale: Yep\nMe: DAMMIT
ok skeleton
ah, I was excited for the next chapter-but I never payed for them. I always enjoyed watching PewDiePie play them instead. Karma, I guess.
unifrog animation mr man
on the wallmart website they said that metroed was shiping DES 31