World Dance - The Drum n Bass Experience (DJ Hype mix)

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dj hype drum n bass World Dance - The Drum n Bass Experience (DJ Hype mix)

Rather no scratching, but great music.....\n\nJunglists r u ready????\n\nThanks for upload!!!!
Adrian Mitchell
this is Houston roger that!
Anthony Blears
I was a techno-fiend in the 90s but someone gave me this compilation. It was my only foray into drum n bass, and I loved it. Finally reunited with it - thank you.
Captain Caveman
Great find! I have been looking for this album for years ! thanks to you sir for uploading
Chris Hall
Beavis & Butthead, yep, yep, (scratch) YEP!
DJ Episode
Banger after banger, too mixing, top scratching. What more do you need?? This was the era for jungle. Cheers for the upload!
Dilesh Dusara
What a great set by DJ Hype and Ellis Dee . Smashed it with mixing scratching and track list . I don't have favorite mixes and parts of the set cause i can listen to the whole hour and 13 minutes of it and love every minute . And not forgetting the other one by Ellis Dee
James Dance
Cd's ha! I av this on tape when it first come out, that's how old Skool I am, original junglist
Junglistdon MC
Kev Smith
Remember this bit at 30:26 playing in background i was balls deep lol
Who in there right mind clicks on a DJ Hype set and complains about the scratching...... That's Blasphemy....
Mark Ferguson
Big up the Branston Road massive
Mat Fletcher
Absolutely respect for uploading this i had the 3 cd box set and someone borrowed it and claimed it as theirs . Been looking for this for years dj hype scratching is amazing \
Mike Lawse
One of the biggest dnb albums at the time remember so well when it was in the shops no downloading on itunes back then.
bad ass memories!!!
Nik Larox
Peter Lindo
Mann!!! What is the song that starts at 49:15!!! I think my neighbors will learn to appreciate it too if you know what I mean :)
Ricardo Paniagua
Whoever uploaded this is getting some mad Karmic points. THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Richie Moggz
Lifechanges x
Sam Cooney
Love the album Johnny, brings back so many memories! thanks!
Stephen Gash
One of the best live vinyl mixes ever recorded. Done
Cheers fo this ....... had it on cassette tape lol
TJ Williams
Absolute classic of a mix from the Ganja Recordings head honcho Dj Hype. Probably one of the best sets ever recorded, so many classics mixed in an almost surgical manner, and to think this was before the days of the CDJ 1000. All vinyl mixed and scratched by one of the scenes pioneers.
Vish Scale
im 33 now these tapes that i took from a older cousin was my first intriduction into jungle i was 8 years old
blood lust73
wow kick back to past thnx mate (aka dj manic mel) good days when we was all scratching the most weird tracks together dreamscape worked so hard would kill normal people but we were more awake after gigs than before lmgao we all old now some of us still going but not me thnx 4 blast from past
corey vaughan
got this on cd good to hear its on you tube great album wicked tunes all the way
Love it. Thanks for the blast from the past. My Walkman used to go louder. Screw this sound limiting modern shit 😍😍
gert fukked
nice one for posting this, rinsed these cd's when I was a young'un
whats that bad ass track at 38 called I love it ..think the rest of the people  down my street will do too
Damn, this brings back memories!!!!! Good lookin out!
mark Harris
I need to find a banging set where the dog barking is being scratched like a god!! please help 😁😁😁😁😁
prestige vision
jeeeez dj hype and elisdee big boy set, world dance jeeeez
Best album ever! Thanks brings back memories!!
Thank you reminds me of the 90s ; bere wicked memories!!!