The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

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If you love Combat sports, please watch this video to the end! This is the all-time best we ever seen in MMA, Boxing, K-1, Muay thai, BBJ, Taekwondo, Karate, SUMO, Wushu, Judo and Wrestling – all in this 21 minutes! This is top 20 + 3 bonuses The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports ever! Did we forget something?Music:Courage of Nations by Marcus Neely

Amazing Moments Combat Sports The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports all-time best sports

#1 one handed fight . Everyone is talking about the Danny Williams one handed defeat over Mark Potter . I think Mark Potter \ndeserves a little of the spot light as well, Because he remained a gentleman and didnt attack Dannys hurt shoulder. He could \ncould've very easily punched that hurt shoulder and won that way . Seems Mark Potter is a real man . Danny williams , Nice one.\nhanded victory.
3D_hUrricaNe :D
wheres cant touch this
A. C.
Pantangco. Respect
AHPS 2018
That is such a joke I own a construction company and nobody is breaking those concrete blocks with that little force flipping over them with their head. There is a YouTube video where a guy is on some morning news channel and he is outed as using those same bricks they are easily broken but just look like they are hard concrete
Abdallah Kemmar
Bravo aux champions
Adi rocker
Sumo one at 15:51 was awesome
Adrian N.
Choreography is not a combat sport, neither is brick breaking
Adventures Through The Mind
Easily the most noticeable aspect in all these clips is that early MMA fights showcase good sportsmanship. These days is mostly brute egos and showmanship.
America you got Mail with James Aikman TRUTH SEEKER
Arm Collector
The chinese chicks with the spear routine was impressive
Ben Logue
The fight at 14:45 has a ridiculously long count for the first knockdown. I counted 24 seconds between the knockdown and the point where the fight resumed. Then the second the other guy gets rocked the ref calls the fight almost instantly with no count. Was that white dude his brother or something?
BenADC owi
Intro song ? Nice video thanx you
Carly Edwards
8:00 wtf she could have gotten impaled with that spear
Charles Jönsson
_Video clip plays_ \nAh nice, what a good cl... *DOOOOO DOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOO*
Christopher Lalrindika
those bricks look brittle af
15:35 He gave his opponent 10 seconds. While he barley got 4 seconds to stand up.
Cirilo Duarte
Os bônus aí o cara não consegue ver...
Creator Fundamentals
21 minute video.... about 16 minutes of transition screens.
CreeperFrito12 Z
Oq eu li \
Dan Rebeiz
I’m only 0:17 in but I just had to honor dude-bro’s unstoppable hair.
David D
Connor McGregor dropped on his head and knocked out!! ;-p
David Koch
To me, Mike Pantangco embodies what true sportsmanship is. His opponent was his to knock out, but rather than hurt him anymore, he tapped out. He did not want to send his opponent to the hospital, or maybe even worse. He knew he had won, and that was all he needed. I would love to buy that young man a beer!
2:18 mma judge: you won... \nthink we all know who really won
1:47. GUILE?
Carefully planning and u can make almost anything belivable too the weakminded
Ephemeral Majesty
Wushu is a performance art, not a combat sport.
Ernie C.
geez, that wushu demsontration nearly gave me an anxiety attack
Esten Daren
7:06 Jesus !!
Eve Lynn
It must have been hard to carefully stack all those concrete blocks without some of them turning to dust in the process.
Evolution : Machine to Man
I think they used M 0.5 concrete, if any civil engineers here?
The one arm boxer clip. That was amazing.
Gary Murphy
Respect to the guy in number 18 who tapped out rather than send his opponent to hospital because they weren't getting paid.. Very few people would have resisted the urge to put the lights out. Maybe hes too nice for MMA?
Why make the end ones in such bad quality?
Hellow Mellow
Bruh.... that sumo slam was beyond godly
Howzer The man
The dude who tapped to save his opponent from more damage was an amazing show of sportsmanship and just goes to prove these fighters aren’t mindless thugs with no compassion well at least not all of them lol.
Idar Olsen
Pantangco, what a great example for us all.
Ionel Manole
Congratulation..fayr play..bvoo
Ishant Sharma
No 18th made me happy
Ismael Rodriguez
MMA has no beauty, form or technique ,In MMA everything goes and its all over the place in terms of strategy and rules!.Is like looking at wild men or cavemen fighting for dominance.
Jason Mewtid
1:24 this concrete blocks are made to break that’s not even impressive.
8:05 Xin zhao full items bronze 5 vs Lee sin 1 item master tier
Jeff Horne
John Krain
07:10 fake spear circus starts.. seriously.. it's more of dancing than real martial art.
Josy mol3
The Danny Williams fight looks fake as hell. But what do I know.\n\nThat guy fixing the other guys shoulder was awesome 👏 😎
José Oliveira
why cant we see the top 3?? makes no F sense that filter
Mma sucks concrete blocks the best
Kenith Bolston
After seeing the kid tap when he was clearly was winning because neither 1 of them were getting paid and he didn't want to send his opponent to the hospital I had to give this video a like. SPORTSMANSHIP LEARN IT
Kitt Pham
8:22 Wayne Smallwood, the drunken MMA!
2:00 WOW...the most respect u can ever give to someone. thats humanity
Lonely YT
Smallwood 😂 😂 😂 8:24\n\nI’m such a kid sorry guys 😝
That black guy forgot everything he learned(if he learned at all) when he was still training. He even forgot how to properly throw a punch. Lmao
Magnus Modai
3:57 he should have just fell straight on his back carrying the guys head to the ground with all that force.
Mary Antonio
14:29 omg, wtf are they doing to this poor man after he got ko'd? they slammed his head and then lift his legs like they gonna rape him. wtf?
Maximum Mayhem
@13:00!!! Opponent dislocated his own shoulder while striking his opponent... His opponent RELOCATES his shoulder so he can continue the match!!? I've never seen such sportsmanship before!!
Monkey D. Ivan
Mrmoo- -gaming
7:21 when you master you moms hitting techniques 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Why was this mostly guys in rings with gloves on? You know how many other combat sports/traditions there are? Fencing, combat with staffs, combat with nun-chucks, Kung fu, etc.
Change word sport to MMA
Raisen Kusagari
gordon ramsay? the minute 19:02 in the public
Are we in the Matrix? @14:00
Rob C
That first clip... All the bricks are made out of rice cracker.
Rob Cram
12:54 best moment ever.
S Hawkins
15:19 Classic. Great Bash.
Sam Fook
Whats up with those bricks tho :-DDddd
Sergey Mashkov
of all the clips 7:15 was the most intense.
wushu games at 8:00? dude that was some staged af dance
Shadow Heart
Boo for horrible video filter on the bonus clips.
Speedy Gee
Thumbnail at 7:15 Yellow Suit actually got a nice apple bottom
the visual effect over the clips at the end was really unnecessary
Steven Z
great list but the edit at the end with the black and white ruined it.
The Lazy Gamer
Helping pop you opponents dislocated shoulder back into place in that middle of a fight. That sportsmanship right there!! We need more people like this!
Tiper Loc
If those are their concrete blocks then a light breeze might wipe out their whole country. Also if this is THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT IN COMBAT SPORTS EVER then I should record myself gently lifting my leg up and send it to you. It might be so extreme for you, you'd get your ass blown off. I watched 1st minute and quit.
Why did you include that cheap chinese circus from 7:07 to 8:16? It is staged, nothing to do with the subject.
Tommy Webster
The women in yellow. Omg. No words. I know it was a demonstration and not real but omg.
Travis b
The first one is terrible and not combat sports. What is all your enemies gonna lay down in front of you in a line so you can headbut somersault them one by one?
number 1 was a worthy winner ..... to win with that is just epic
Unoriginal Name
Video starts at 0:42
W Allen
I saw the Pantangco fight.. he was a well trained martial artist and kinew the kid was just matched with him for a show.. he would have killed him so he bowed out. That's a honorable man.
Westerosi Tyrell
Those gimmick bricks will break if you sneeze on them.
William Lee
What about when Muhammad Ali dodged all those punches in the corner\n\n\n\nAli vs frazier
Zian Lacerona
7:07that what you came for.\n\nCan i get a like
Zopin YT
1st Serbia\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI Think...
Zu Fa Che Mad
Impressive Baxter Humby. One hand and win the title is just amazing.
bala salve
चुतीया को बनते हो।।एत्ना distant क़ूऊ रखते हो।।between slides
bubba bojanglez
9:56 he said \
Can they beat the unbeaten karate master though?
crypto knight
Finish Him !.......Fatality. . .
fatmax cat
Well everything was great until the number one and bonus clips. Any particular reason everything got hazy?
First one is obviously not real bricks lol
The unsung hero is the guy fighting the 62 year old. He was deffo holding back before he got knocked down, he even refused to go on when l’m sure he could have, to give him the win.
'Concrete' blocks ........ yea, pigs can fly
Lmao why do Karate guys get in the same lil stance after they score or knock someone down?
nela gordon
#19 was amazing, much respect to #18 and #6
19:00\nThat Gordon Remsy in the background??
shawn figueroa
I respect that dude for tossing that fight. I wouldn't wanna send someone to the hospital if we got no money.
two finger cunt punch Howard
that guy with the brick breaking head flip is the stupidest thing i saw in a long time
The actual content begins at 00:40
Alot of UFC