Why did TellTale games SHUT DOWN? Will They Finish Walking Dead?

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I shop for my glasses online at GlassesUSA.com. Check them out for 55% off + free shipping:(Free basic lenses, premium and marked down frames excluded)In this video we take a look at the closing of telltale games, and try to figure out why they had to shut down. was it poor sales? a crappy ceo? bad licensed games? bad games in general? why did telltale games shut their doors?

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Iron from ice \u003c/3
Not finishing sequeal games ok\n\nNot finishing the last season of the walking dead and leaving it half way makes me so mad!!!!
Alan Aladro
*Your fans will remember this.*
Arctic Bird
To be fair, instead of buying all those licenses, they should've improved their gameplay. Telltale didn't make decision based games (that was Detroit and until dawn), they made interactive storylines which was made very apparent after the first season of the walking dead game where players realized there was no choice to be made at all. \n\nI would've much rather them actually make an actual decision making game where like until dawn, there's an actual affect (for example if you kill animals, an animal in the game will kill one of the characters).\n\nIt's been the same formula for years and I think people got bored - myself included.
i bought the season pass. what happens now?
I loved the first season of TWD, The Wolf Among Us, and the Batman games. The rest, I just didn't really care about.
i love ever game they mead i wish everybody see the amazing storys they telling
Benjamin Tekin
Check their twitter, we're probably going to get the rest of the walking dead! (still no severance pay for employees though)
Brian Ogilby
Story based, quicktime event heavy and choose your own adventure type games are allready a very niche genre. RPGs are more popular but in the case of Telltale choices over the episodes were often inconsequential with meaningless and dissapointing outcomes.
Why telltale😿😿😿😿🙀
Centre Left
Am I the only one who preferred the Batman games?
Cody Lowry
Ty for letting the people know about this! They think it's okay to do this? *The real fans will remember that*
Craig Glopinboopin
Dude ur getting skinny good for u
Darth Derp
This is it sjw won all the good game industry going down or greedy damn I really love games since my childhood but tale from the borderlands and the walking dead is the two best game that I really enjoy the only game industry that should be brought down is EA
Dave Cabrera
Telltale really screwed us. I'm beyond furious! Who's gonna take over the choice based games now?
Derek C
I love and gonna miss Telltale games very much! 😔
Dylan J. Doerksen
I’ve played just about every telltale game there is. And while I’m very bummed out about no Wolf Among Us 2. I can live with it. What really bothers me is if they don’t finish the Walking Dead. That’s how myself and so many others got into Telltale games. I gave up on the Walking Dead comics and the shows years ago. But the Telltale games were still special and told very unique stories in a world I was bored with. This wasn’t just the next chapter in telltales TWD, it was the LAST chapter. It was the end of the story they started years ago. And now not only do they not get to tell it, but they only get to tell half of it. I’d much rather of has no final season rather than half. I couldn’t care less about spending money on the season and not getting that money back. What I want is a complete story. If they don’t get to release the last 2 episodes(which I feel like at this point are most likely almost finished already anyway) this is going to be the biggest gaming disappointment I’ve ever experienced. Yes, bigger than Duke Nukem forever, yes bigger than Half Life 3. This is a story I started 6 years ago. And it isn’t like I just don’t get the finale. No, I get half of a finale with the other half just dangling there, never to drop. This is bullshit on every account.
Edward Sanchez Productions
Boogie I hate to see people lose their jobs
FR7 Galaxy
Flying Ace
Maybe another company can buy the rights to telltale, similar to how Amazon bought Twitch or Microsoft bought Minecraft?
Game Crusader
*Everyone will remember that.*
rip wd3 :(
Hating me is conforming
Is TellTale telling tall tales?
I Løve Jøsh Dun.
The wolf among us was one of my favorite games, it breaks my heart to know it won’t ever be finished.
Jamie Winter
I want another game of thrones game!
Jason Jay V
Well so much for Batman Season 3 😔
Jason Philippe
Silence is a valid option
Jeff N
From what I hear, it came down to licensing. Telltale was totally dependant on licensing third party IP. Too many deals were signed that weren't protitable and recent key deals weren't closed. This company maybe could have been successful as a division of Disney, making Disney branded storylines from Disney IP. Hypothetical ly, that would resolve their intractable licensing problems.\n\nPersonally I didn't like their games. I need more interactivity, decision making, and maybe social. Playing a Telltale game reminded me of a Chose your own Adventure. Long periods of watching animations, punctuated by a small number of branching decisions.
Joey F
There goes batman season 3
Jordan Leadon
Ive played almost all of the telltale games and this sucks so much
Joshua Miller
RIP we will remember you. Minecraft StoryMode, Walking Dead and more We will always love you
Jupiter XX
loved the gameplay and the stroylines. im sad that they've ended this game series. but the company treated their employees like shit. poor management. it would've been better if they made they're games released altogether rather than by episode. RIP TellTale Games.... i will remember the games
TellTale is shutting down.\n**Your fans will remember this.**
Kat Toons
(?) Everyone will remember Telltale
Laura L
You should do more research Boogie. It wasn't just because of poor sales. Five more minutes of research and you would've found numerous stories of toxic management coming via now fired Telltale employees. Following TWD S1 success, Telltale tried expanding and doing so hired hundreds of people and quickly management worked their best devs to death. Which eventually they all left.\n\nAs Telltale employees have said, it went from quality content to delivering as many episodes as possible. Employees have also said they worked 14-18 hour days regularly and didn't get paid overtime. Telltale's incompetent management is why they shutdown. As the quality dipped, technical issues persisted, and Telltale not really changing gameplay for years...well people stopped caring.\n\nAlso when you treat your best and most important devs like crap, they leave which is what happened. The Verge had a huge report back in March which outlined all of this.\n\nEdit: The reason why I'm saying the toxic management angle should be mentioned is because some people are blaming Lets Plays and Youtubers/Twitch Streamers for the terrible sales. When that obviously isn't the case, something actually debunked on twitter by an ex-Telltale dev
Little Man
Telltale: I'll miss you...\nFans: Me too.
Lora Buff
Why can't EA shut down?
Max Moore
They more than likely finished the walking dead as the news said 25 employees are left to fulfill the companies plans. Those 25 are probably sells and corporate people that are in charge of distributing the game to retailers, and closing the books. Hopefully the game is in a playable state and not rushed/unfinished
Damn... I loved S1 and S2 of TWD and it's really sad we won't be getting an end to Clemie.
Michael Coffey
Robber Baron CEO's and mis management of funds same as too many businesses these days. CEO's do just fine get their bonuses and never go without. The people doing the work in this example the developers loose their jobs, and get 1 week til their health insurance leaves themselves and their families. This is classic mismanagement as tho Niche the walking Dead, Batman, Wolf Among us, and Tales from the Borderlands all sold well and were good to great games. Sad to see a studio which did so many good to great games now has to close.
Michael Miller
Minecraft: The Elementia Movie
Wait. What are the remaining 25 employees for?
Mizhidor almost 69 subs
Like Lee said to Clementine: *I'll miss you*
Mr Beast
Imma miss walking dead and minecraft storymode
I Like The Walking Dead Game Season 1
Neon Gaming
Nick S
Dude you're looking ALOT thinner.\nGood on you!
Omega Contagion
I played Wolf Among Us and TWD season 1. Cool game ideas for sure. I didn't continue with TWD because I didn't like Clementine as a main character. I played the first episode of season 2 and didn't really dig it. Wolf Among Us though...freaking awesome! I think the company wen't the wrong way buying up all those licenses and doing similar games. They should've stuck with TWD and Wolf Among Us, maybe some other original ideas for that style of game. I hope someone buys up the IP's or the company as a whole, like previously commented here I think Microsoft would be the best choice.
Parkzy 2
I think TWD a new frontier was the nail in the coffin. The lack of thought and testing that went into that game really showed.
Boogie Minecraft Story Mode sold extremely well. Get your facts right.
I think it's a combination of using an outdated game engine for their games and the games didnt do well on newer consoles.
René Rene
Because telltale games aren't really games.\n\nThey are crap.
Richard Smack
Microsoft needs to buy them and rehire the staff. Honestly i need a wolf among us season 2 and microsoft needs games.
Ron Moes
I have all telltale games, after 2011 or so with the exeption of Back to the future series. I was happier with my Telltale games than most other games I have in my Libarary... The re-playability is so cool. I reckon I has to do with Steam for the most part, because you'll pay full price on the console versions. BUT then It makes me wonder if Telltale games are so respected and desirable why would sales disapoint even on discount if they sell alot of games the costs would cover everything. I mean come on what does it cost to make a game coming from TellTale using their own engine and alot of people who know how to make those games very quick. even if it would cost one mil, they would definately make profit!!!! I was looking forward to the end of the Walking dead and the sequel to the Wolf man this hurts...
Really sad to hear this. The first season of the walking dead remains, for me, one of the best story driven games ever created. The emotion it pulls is unlike any game i've ever played. There are certain scenes I can go back and watch, even now years later, that i still can't get all the way through without crying my eyes out. I hope that, with the second episode of the last season, we get some kind of closure on the story and it doesn't end with some crazy cliffhanger like most middle episodes do.
I hope they finish the walking dead series I should start playing the games
Sacksonville 10
They could have at least make a ending for walking dead season 4 even if it on episode 2 or 3.
Secret Passion
They developed games too slow and their episode bullshit made people buy the games later when the episodes were done for a cheaper price. Episodic games is dying which is a good thing!
I don't care that i lost $14 on TWD The Final Season. I'm just disapointed that I won't get to experience the end of TWD, a story I and many others have followed since 2012...
I played the whole 3 seasons 2 times, and i wanted to wait until all episodes of season 4 fully released. It's sad if they don't finish it and it was the last season too, i was exited for it to come out :/
T2s ballsack in Rockstars Ass
Telltale ran out of ideas just like EA, companies should learn from this, stop the cash grab trend.
Telltale shutting down is the emotional *plot* *twist* no one saw coming
I'm sad about the batman telltale series\n\n\n\nAnyone Else?
Tantalic Venus
I realy hope they finish the walking dead
I like the youtuber betterr
The Hybrid Hero
God damn it telltale!!! Finish what you started at least! us gamers will remember this.
Trevor Storm
I really did enjoy the games that telltale put out, i'm really disappointed that TWAU 2 will never happen as the first one had to be my favorite game from them....
Been a terrible year celebrity have died and now this wow I literally grew up playing these games, Very disappointing.
Will Gaming
Yeah I bought every single walking dead season from them and it was the best game series I have ever played in my life handsdown!!!!! 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wriller Nebulous
Zachary Cox
May i just say. I know you've heard this millions of times, but i just want to say how proud so many of us are of you and your progression. You look so great! I've been watching you since i was maybe like 7. Im 15 about to turn 16 now. And my god have you come so far! Keep up the great work boogie! We love you!
I loved The Walking Dead season 1, absolutely hated and detested season 2. That's mostly why I didn't even bother buying it or season 3. \nThe Wolf Among Us is really underrated, though. A hidden gem, if you ask me.
abood ali
The walking dead season 1 is my favorite game ever and the wolf among us is one of the best its really sad to see them go especially considring how much i was inpacted by the story we all know season 3 was not that good but i really want to know the end of clementine's story well maybe we will never know rest in peace telltale games
R.I.P. telltale games. Let's hope they become an awesome zombie and rise from the grave.
branden8045 theultramangofighter
..... *grabs Xbox* ....i...i dont blame you....i...i dont blame you :(
Francis, I love you man but you gotta groom that facial hair.
cycling with ben
I honestly wanted game of thrones season 2 but ig now I won’t know what becomes of ironwrath
dark seth11
Please someone buy ttg , there was so much potential and now its all gone , the walking dead was on its final season but now we will never know how it ends and if clem will ever live in a world without the Walkers :/
I’ve been looking forward to the second season of “The Wolf among Us” for years 😩
dev's gaming zone
Did they also delete all games they created and never come back cause I didn't played Walking Dead Season 1 2 and 3 I really really miss telltale games if u can do something please do something I'm crying
ernesto alfonso
lee died for nothing im so mad!
Lee died for nothing...
No Wolf Amongst Us 2? Damn, that's a shame.
Telltale: Bankruptcy is a permanent option
joseph vincek
I bough the OG jurassic park from telltale and also seasons 1 and 2 of the walking dead, and I enjoyed all of those games. It’s really sad to see telltale go but I guess that’s just a glimpse into the unpredictability of todays gaming market. Telltale simply didnt evolve fast enough, and combined with trying to put out too much content too quickly, they couldn’t keep up. Really sad to see them close.
king redlight77
Dontnod Entertainment your next
*Silence Is A Valid Option*
life of aidan aj752
I thought you were in a cabin with mcjuggernuggets
miguel folks
More like FellTale...\n\n\n\nSorry :/
No it’s battle royale that’s why
soyon manlai
Telltale should sell their rights and plots/scripts of the Game of thrones, Wolf among us, and walking dead games to Square Enix?
usc trojans1987
RIP Clementine and her unfinished story. 2012-2018