"The World Of Jazz" ~ Jazzy Liquid Drum Bass Mix

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Welcome to the world of Jazz! Everything about this mix is Jazz; from the improvisations on the piano, to the double bass plucks and saxophone melodies. "Jazz is the type of music that can absorb so many things & still be Jazz." - Sonny Rollins↪ Tracklist:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Alex MH
I didn't even realise this was a Horton mix, that explains why it's absolute fire!
Anita Micskei
Imádom a kettőt együtt
Big Pack
Fantastic mix !!!
Anyone a little reminded of Sim City 4?
I would definitely say no to a instrumental \
Bobeto Slim
I love jazz, and i love dnb, like what a perfect combo!!
Bram mattens
dum and bass :'(
Brickstun Ram
Superb mix for studying/programming 44:50 just takes you somewhere else
Bryan M
This man redefines drum & bass in superb ways!!!
Byron Cooke
I don't normally post on any videos but your mixes are Amazing! Hope you get more subs and recognition because you certainly deserve it! The artwork is so good too.. minimal and looks amazing on my TV!
Again mate smashed it! And to top it off ur from the UK we birth so much music!
Daniel J Rodriguez
\u003e\u003eDOPE\u003c\u003c Me & my wife shall enjoy listening to this, Thank you Sir Horton!! Blessings to you & your partner & families!!!! :-)
Elena Koustova
Love this! \u003c3
Big thanks bro, you do my morning!!
Felix von Montfort
Again, a great mix.
Figura Diaz
super buenooo \n👏👏👏👏🎩🎩🎩🎩🎼🎵🎶
Finlay Luff
You've helped my head a lot
This is relaxing! Good job!
Franco Molinier
this is just amazing, the prrfect balance of sound and class...i would like to use it for some of my videos but i dont know if you are right with that?
Haman Nicu
10:23 ~ Macca & Loz Contreras - Wanna Be Your Lover thats you only need for a good morning !
Great selection man, handpicked gems combined in a brilliant mix. :)
Infinity Chamber
@3:20 or so... Yes!
Ivan Karlyshev
Where is the Big Fukin LIKE button? Awesome mix!!!!
Jakub Celý
Jan Fliß
Cannot stop listening tho this. I think its my 30th time and still can't stop. That last song is incredible with the sax
Jimi Hendrixx
Joban Dhear
love thisss
John Allinson
lovly mix bro .keep it up
K.C. Hunter
There's that Michael Jackson \
57 Jsem po x letech se dokázal rozbrečet.... děkuji za krásnej požitek... T6ěším se na další
Karasaph Exonar
one of the bestr drum and bass mixes out there! well done!
Katrien Dewit
wowowow 9:00 insaaane
Kevin Smith
Ima need these tracks on SoundCloud
Lord Midas
Oh +Horton. How do you do this?! Such a superb mix. It's not only chilled, but head noddingly banging, without being intense. \nNow, where's my thumbsup and kisses emojis
Marcus Bastiaanse
What is the name of the song starting at 38:00?
I cant stop coming back to this mix - Perfect for studying and getting me in the zone! Thanks Horton!!
Michael Neme
This mix is magical! Thanks Horton.
Midori Akari
So...So relaxing !!! Too much peace down here \u003c3 Thank you Horton for such a beautiful mix!
Moon Tone
Smooth and soothing dnb
Mr Cline Bricks
Why is so fucking hard to find Liquid Jazz and Bass on youtube? I mean seriously. There was this one channel that uploaded good stuff pretty regularly, but they got copy righted and blasted off the face of the internet. Watch out for that Horton. Not relating to that last sentence, I actually recognize some of the songs from those tracks here, and it just makes me really happy. This is honest probably the best I've heard in a long time, so keep up the good work!
good stuff :-)
Nathan Richmond Hoag
Did you have to call it \
Good job mate! ;)
Oskar Koch
Jazz & DnB is just perfection. Thank you very much Horton, enjoyed it a lot :)
Pijus Sauseris
Comon first song SUCKS
Nice selection man
Ri on the Rock
Mista Horton....You truly are a most beautiful find.....As always I trawl for la creme de la creme, found you totally randomly and will never be forgotten. I am sharing you amongst the true heads as I type this....Your liquid / liquid jazz / deeper mixes are simply sublime! When are you joining your family at Sun and Bass? You belong there with us dudewarrrrrrrr! Xx
Roberto Angulo
Pretty awesome mix...great job Horton!!
Roland Márk Nagy
That's why I love dnb. Able to match with any music genre.\nVery good mix anyway. I really liked your rock mix also, please don't stop making them.
Rse Gst
Another big mix Horton!!! I hope u continue uploading mixes man :) thank u so much!!
Not me by Edwud is literally the best song on this list my man
Seniorita Loca Desperados
love it
I honestly had no idea that I subscribed to your channel nor do I know when or because of which video of yours I did but if this is the content you most likely upload I can at least imagine why I'm here :D Luv this mix more pls!
Probably my favourite mix of all time. Thank you man, since I casually found your channel, I've been non-stop listening to your mixes.
God, I love mixes like these. Good work.
Steven Topping
This is the best kind of drum & bass! so chilled out.
Damn such a smooth mix, good flow on the transitions and the tracks are pure gold - Jazz & DnB is the perfect combination for the soul!
The Valinator2
This is the best music I've listened to in my life.\nBig thanks Horton your'e the best!!
hello this mix is top top top ;)\nand the the two underworld featuring are a very good choice :D
Top Notch once again Horton.. in my opinion the best DNB mixes that you can find on youtube! always my goto when i wanna chill! :D
Tim Alexander
Such an awesome mix to game to :)
Tom Coxhead
These mixes give me life.
Tomáš Jedno
oh S**T ... This mix is a world leader. great job !! Petr in Czech Republic.
Uli Loe
well, I guess this is it. it's the perfect mix. I love it!
Unbroken Flower
L.I.E.B.E. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Veronica. Young
absolutely beautiful really lovely sexy nice love it baddness yuh dun kno! 💋
Widey xyz
Nice work brother.... As a fellow musician I appreciate the work that goes into these mixes.... Keep on keeping on.....
good mix, thumbs up
i very very much appreciate your taste in DrumNBass Horton. ive recently got back on nonstop listening to it, and i stumbled across your \
Yoga Tron
love the mix! dope! #Boston#US
+Horton Hey, i follow you since a few days, and i really love your drum and bass mixes. I wanted to know, if you could upload on your channel one of my mix because i'm not \
I'm really digging this mix! Exactly what was I was looking for, after trying a few other mixes. Bang on mate :)
dean erl
I'm wet
jan parma
finger up. Good tracks an sound .
I like how the citation in the description can also apply to DnB. Incredible mix anyway!
monstercolorfun co
wonder how i can find mixes of low bpm chillout dnb like it existed in 95 96 ambient jazzy dnb... lost in space drum and bass, kooba, etcetc
Wow, glad I randomly found this genre. I dig!
nate emp
ty ty ty this collection is amazing \u003c3
nutnut Dawn
U r an amazing Dj X another Quality mix from u X
well... he did it for the jazz, man. did it for the jazz.
such an amazing mix
skeletone T
its ok  I prefer more up beat jazzy dnb loads btter
Артём Гужа
Utah Jazz = Respect!
Константин Лопин
супер вещь..спасибо!
the first one is straight out of 3rd strike LMAO