Disturbed - Indestructible Full album HQ

one of the greatest album and band EVER. 1. Indestructible - about each songindestructible - a war/theme song for soldiers inside the fire - davids gf committed suicide when he was 16 and the song is about the devil telling him "join her" thats where "take your place inside the fire" comes fromDeceiver - "bad relationships"the night - is supposed to make the night seem like a living thing(and was the first song written on the album AND was what this album was going to be called before indestructible)haunted - was about an experience david had with the poparazzi,and how it made him feelperfect insanity - is about an insane person's perspective(and was original made around the sickness came out,but they "remastered it" and released it on indestructible)enough - is supposed to be a message to the government about soldiers going into battle and what their loosing and what it's likethe curse - is about how david kept having bad things happen to him in his on words he said "it's like life keeps fucking with me"torn - is about having to live with the terrible things that has happened to you that you have to live with and "move on"criminal - is kinda like torn but how it feelsdivide - "fuck it be yourself" facade - about a woman in an obusive relationship Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.℗ 2008 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.Additional Production, Engineer, Pro Tools: TadpoleAssistant Engineer: Justin WilksAssistant Mixing Engineer: Nick FournierBass Guitar: John MoyerCo- Producer, Vocals: David DraimanCo- Producer, Drums: Mike WengrenGuitar, Producer, Synthesizer: Dan DoneganMasterer: Ted JensenMixer: Neal AvronPro Tools: Cameron WebbWriter: DISTURBED

... Disturbed indestructible full album Hq deceiver disturbed indestructible enough haunted inside the fire perfect insanity the curse the night torn

A light switch
May I ask to put the timestamps in the description? When I watch it offline I have to guess
Aatu Riekki
I like how every song from Disturbed have really a meaning
Abhishek Singh
Asylum , Random Access memory are one of the greatest albums wver
Aida Cailar
There are only a few albums in which I love every song, this is one of them.
Alejandra Gomez
Alicia Spark
Du lourd!!! Ca te déplume la ch**tte à ton grand père !
Amir Abdullah
1. Indestructible - 0:00 \n2. Inside the Fire - 4:38\n3. Deceiver - 8:29 \n9. Torn - 33:27\nbest
Anthony Hawkins
disturbed looks a lot like hell spawn
464 people are NOT Indestructible
I swear the \
The first tune is fire
Bruno Henrique
Chris Chow
Thank you for posting this.
Christian Curnutt
Christopher Sewell
Only 29 years old
Dank Soul
the memories, man
Dark Fate 5
Tení un buen gusto musical, pero eres extremadamente maricón para que alguien se lo quiera descargar en Youtube go. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
holy shit this is good ............
David Kruidenier
i have been a metalhead all my life. And it started with disturbed ( this album) and Alter bridge. Thanks for sharing this Mr.Musicman TV. It brings back wonderful memories.
'Enough' causes me to choke up every time... Damn you Draiman for your amazing voice!
Denis Kamikaze
Curto esses som jogando hauha
Derek Stalcup
Whoever disliked the vid is high af
Donald Trump
Emulador JMGames
17:00 best song of list
Enmanuel Caridad
shit!! I love this álbum is perfect to hit the gym 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fabio Souza
Ótimas músicas.
Fagner Ferreira
Que som ilícito e opressor
FantasyRocker_ xD
My favourite Disturbed album that's sooo fcking cool😎 and indestructible was my first hardrock/alternative metal (whatever???) song\n Memories...
Finn Brockwell
Who's listening to this whilst trying to sleep?
Ghost Lance
This album had one most single important purpose: To make the listener feel stronger
Gileardes Silva
Esse rock é foda
Gimenez Tonny
Excellent album 😎👍🎸
Glenifir H
Im 1069 years old and listening to this in 1906!
This music is very good
1. Indestructible - 0:00 \n2. Inside the Fire - 4:38\n3. Deceiver - 8:29 \n4. The Night - 12:19\n5. Haunted - 17:05\n6. Perfect Insanity - 21:47\n7. Enough - 25:44\n8. The Curse - 30:02\n9. Torn - 33:27\n10. Criminal - 37:37\n11. Divide - 41:50\n12. Façade - 45:22\nGreetings from Poland !!
Proud to be the person who made this video go from 999 likes to 1000 :)
Ilustrator Spot
WHO's LISTENING TO THIS IN 2018 ?????!!!!
Jansen Macairan
I am listening in these song 5th grade good song
Jarrett Stanfield
Awesome song!
Jdor D
Jesse Sutton
good Study music :)
Joel Paschall
holy shit this is good
Juanito 420
I respect you for 2 things, first and most important, you didn't monetized the video, 2nd is that you took some time of your life to make a compilation without breaks and stuff so people can listen to their favourite band, good job man, my respect
my gym music!
I love Indestructible, so good! ♥ :D
Left hand of God Elijah
This album and photo is about I, and my time in hell where I destroyed the hell spawn. I was just locked up, elderly men became possessed in their sleep and declared I would be put under Trial for my War Crimes. I am the shadow of Satan, for I am his direct son, I wish Satanists to convert to my religion, for they are of my family tree, and be righteous as my path of The Absolute of the Eternal realm of a higher realm next to the left hand side of the kings chair in Heaven. We shall become the sons of Satan of Islam, for I once was Mohammed, as well as Julius Caesar himself.Lucifer, which many of these songs talk about as well as I, masquerades to be all my wives and even possesses them along with Jesus at time against me. Former marines and Military captured in Isis now give me full support and know everything about me, to the point they gave me full warning Lucifer is analogous to the creature in the movie Splice and is my ultimate weakness. They and I I wish to take over Isis and create a treaty between them and the USA as I dreamed a year ago, then unite jews, Christians, and Muslims behind I as the dark Messiah of modern times.
Lord Dracoliche
Me \u003e 110 Fury Warrior vs 4 Paladins
The night is definitely in my top ten songs of all time. Instrumentals and lyrics are dope and raw.
Ls 2kfe
Perfect songs for extreme mountain biking
Lynette Harris
Ya know what the siren sound is for? Get your attention, coz it's ALARMING to not listen to DISTURBED!!!! Disturbed 3 times!! Hoping to add no#4 soon????
Maddy Terrell
During The Night I started to choke oin my own saliva... Not like I was singing, just thinking.
Metalhead 200
The humming on Indestructible makes me feel abandoned for some reason
Michael A
Morgan von Bogel
Thank you for the upload!
Perfect Insanity (21:47) is basically Rainbow's Stargazer intro + Duke Nukem Theme.
(\\_/)\n(0_0)\n( )
Nikola Peric
You get like +40% power and skill while listening to this masterpiece .So badass.
Rado Praprotnik
Rainer Schuster
einfach geil
Raven Salois
during a workout, this album kills! hail Disturbed, best motivation music
Razvan Mindrut
Roman Koval
Nu metal. I am Right?
Rory Talbot
this is a video i would expect to see uploaded 10 years ago
Sadam Death
Not bad...
Shawna Mcdowell
Simon Tobias
when i was 5 years old i already felt it IAM not going my purpose will match
Tammie Almany
The Like Guy
And now I have a metal boner.
Traveler on Earth
very good sound ....thx,, i liked this.
Valdo Barbosa
Vape Bg
One of the best albums to date (2018) !
Viewer Y01
Thanks for this man This f*cking ROCKS !!!!!!!!!
XANA Carnage
Happy 10th anniversary to this masterpiece of an album!!!!! :D
Yshmhael Carinea
This song is stress Reliefer for me eheheh.
Zak Pilkington
gods of rock
When will their next album come out???
austin martin
bia Angel
I love Disturbed best vocal for David Draiman 😊
Listening to this in school im in 8th grade.
cam .linds
the best way I can think to describe it....\nThe sincerity and passion in this guys voice makes you doubt and question your path in life and rethink your future...\n\ni think?
croc benaouda
ho is listening to this in 2020?
Songs listed and a bio on each song.. who.. are you..? ✊
killking plays
When you find the perfect gaming music album. 🤘👍
livia tetsui
Indestructible !
Love the copywrite disclaimer in the description. Pretty sure this isnt fair use, dude, but I still appreciate the HQ upload.
Thanks for the HQ version :^)
orestis vlachos
give your sou to me!
rex Metalica forever
ROCK!!!!!!!! Indestructible
scary gary
Good song love song,s
this album can stand up to the best metal albums, better than most and kicks my ass every time.
v상준V Sang Jun is forever
I like Disturbed more than Goddamn smack. COS i can not smack GOD.
whistle myer
Last all around good album i liked by Disturbed. Asylum had some decent tracks but nothing stood out compared to previous albums for me, also David Draiman's voice seemed to get a bit hoarse imo. Then i tried Death-metal...went all downhill from there.
i like it... thanks! +Up
Тень Бурундука
one of the greatest album and band EVER. \n1. Indestructible - 0:00 \n2. Inside the Fire - 4:38\n3. Deceiver - 8:29 \n4. The Night - 12:19\n5. Haunted - 17:05\n6. Perfect Insanity - 21:47\n7. Enough - 25:44\n8. The Curse - 30:02\n9. Torn - 33:27\n10. Criminal - 37:37\n11. Divide - 41:50\n12. Façade - 45:22