Handpairing Attacus. Caesar

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before you do this, make sure the female is calling, and it's also good when the male is warmed up.(let him fly for 10 minutes ore so) and at least 2-3days old. the male in the video is one day old witch makes it more difficult. the key point is to motivate the male to open his claws and reach out for the female.you can do that by rubbing his antenna against the female oviptor, ore put the abdominal against each other. that should stimulate the moths.then gently navigate him to the female copulation organs. he should grab her fro the top at a slight angle. this is my first try to film it. it can be done better of course. stay tuned for more hand pairings.hope this helps...note - in case they get lose, don't worry. just repeat the process. once the copula is right, they automatically calm down and you can hang them somewhere :)

May i ask what you feed your Attacus ? 
Paul Rose
It's kind creepy but ok, I'm interested as well. What is \
Tanish Singh
Vladimir Stefanek
tõnis Tasane
What time females are calling ? Midnight ?