Stugotz calls out Bill Simmons for Boston sports tweets | Dan Le Batard Show

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Stugotz has had enough of Bill Simmons complaining about the Boston Red Sox because Boston's sports teams have had so much success lately. Simmons calls into The Dan Le Batard Show to defend himself.✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:

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I love the “never complain” argument directed towards anything successful lol....language of losers.
I'm with Stugotz on this one. For Bill Simmons to say what he did would be like eating a hamburger in Ethiopia and complaining that they forgot the extra cheese.
AJ Rollins
Lmaooo Boston fans always think they are the underdogs.
Ahmed Abukarnuur
Give me like please 👍👍👍👍👍
Anoop K
Aquarian Warrior
I’m just here for Mina
This show sucks, Dan LeBastard should quit and retire from his job. 😂
Big Al
Bill Simmons lost this debate. Not even close.
Blassie P
Boston sports \u003e New York... any day.
Lmao🤣 a New Yorker is finally realizing that in this century there sports have been inferior to Boston’s
Brian Rebele
I completely agree with Stugotz. Boston fans need to stop acting like the underdogs. When Cleveland exists common.
Stu is usually a extra asf with us rants but he’s right on this one gtfoh bill
Caden Blake
How dramatic could you be about a tweet?
Cameron Yu
Yo plot twist when Bill Simmons was on the line
Celeste Larwood
I wish Larry David/ and or Jerry seinfeld would call in and tell bill Simmons he sucks really bad
Chris Burnett
Stugotz is the worstttttttt!!!
Stugotz triggered
Dank Mikey P
i guarantee 4/4 of our major league sport franchises wins a championship in the next 5 years..... hate us cuz you aint us
David Hernandez
he's 100% right
Don Corleone
I swear the mishandling of deflategate was the best thing that could have ever happened to Boston sports fans because it feeds into their victim complex that they feed off.\n\n\nBoston fans are so insufferable and they truly don't know why. Its hilarious.
Emile Plante
Islanders won 4 cups in a row in the 1980’s
Eric Pirillo
You had the Mets in 86 lol.
Evan Brown
It's specific to the Red Sox not all of Boston. A lot of us still have memories of when they would seemingly have it all taken care of then they somehow blow it. Bucky F'n Dent, Bill Buckner, Aaron F'n Boone, just to name a few. The curse may be broken, but you can't shake those things when history is starting to repeat itself again.
GSU 23
Quick solution Stu... Unfollow Bill
Gerson Monroy
The mets did win in 86 right? Is stugotz trying to make himself seem young lol
Greg Heg
Bill being on the line was perfect
Jack Warren
I mean Simmons was specifically talking about the Red Sox who have won less than a third amount of titles as the Yankees. This guy keeps bringing up the Patriots but they are irrelevant to the fact that the Yankees have historically dominated the Red Sox and baseball in general for the past hundred years
Jamel Watson
Nah Stugotz, keep that same energy throughout the call! However, he is right. Boston has had a great run of winning for almost a full 2 decades, yet they still will complain and gripe about their teams. Try being a Lions fans, then come talk to me about demons, curses, and all of that other garbage!
Janette Dejesus
Jimmy Lopez
Boston Above Yall...great time...
Joe Marinaro
I'm a 25 year old miami dolphins and Minnesota twins fan and I haven't seen shit except for a game 163
John James
Agree. Nothing to complain about.
John Schwerdt
The real offense is how Stu goes way too heavy on the Russo.
Jonas Rajagopal
i am 15 and a boston fan
Don’t let this distract you from the FACT that all Native American named teams lost on Columbus Day this past Monday. Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins. The final score of the redskins saints was 43-19. Change those numbers around and you get the year 1493 when Columbus returned to America and slaughtered native americans. Rigged sports
Stugotz 😄
King Tut
Here’s the rule on demons 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stugotz is the 🐐
Marcus Middleton
Lawless victory stugotz
Maskill Maldonado
I love Boston fans 🔥
Matthew Ernest
All he said was he felt the same as he did when he was a kid and young adult, back when he was constantly let down. You can remember the feelings of bad times even if you’ve had good times since. This coming from an SD sports fan who has had no good times lol
Michael Murphy
I came to this video all set to defend my city and rip Stugotz but he is right.
Someone finally told Bill Simmons how annoying he is. Great job Stugotz
Mr. Arya Stark
Bill Simmons is the GOAT!!!
Paul BsoGaming
umm is deflating footballs and stealing plays while being handed every referee call, really winning ??asking for a friend..
Rammel Ceri
I completely agree. As a RedSox and Patriots fan, I have lost that loser mentality 2 World series and 4 SB ago. Now I expect us to win every game.
Richard Mailhot
Bill Simmons is overrated and immature.
Rick Czach
Exactly stfu Boston we all hate you.
Ryan Gillespie
SNES drunk
The rare occurrence where Dan sides with Stugotz. \
Selina Joseph
He's so red right now. 😂I'm dead
We are underdogs. Its not about the sports. People hate New England.
Spencer Schladant
Mina blinkin a lot
The Dorchaidhe
Did this idiot say the Boston Celtics haven't won a Championship since 2004? Really? The Celtics won in 2009. Do your research moron.
This is why aliens don’t talk to us
Stugotz trying to be howard stern? Foh you hack
Thomas Gore
Great classic video and true
Thomas Quinn
Stugotz’s point is that Boston fans no longer get to be the victim, which is hard for them
It’s true. You Mass-holes will complain about everything.
As a Boston fan we need to win every year
Willie Carter
The Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, and Boston Celtics are all tremendous franchise's. Way to go.....
XO Abel
As a lions fan, I don’t ever want to hear Boston fans complain
Zachary Smith
Mets won in 86. Islanders had a 4 peat in the early 80's. Are you telling me Gray Stubble over here is anything less than 35 years old? Give me a break. \
Zhongyang Shi
How are people arguing about Boston sports \u003e NY Sports under this video??? UNDER THIS SHOW I MEAN MY GAWD, RAWHRRR RAWAHHH
billl o'connel
I loved that he was there to retort.
Stu is crazy but he isnt wrong
sorry, but pretty sure red sox fans don't need to feel sorry for mets fans for one very obvious reason
erik lunky
as a boston fan your rage fuels me
cant stand stu but he is spot on here. And lol at Bill getting salty for hearing the truth.
jeff tuun
Dude bill is like 45 he was still a kid when they were horrible
joe j
Preach on Stugotz!!!
kill em with KINDNESS
I hate you bill Simmons, and all Boston's sports teams. Except I respect the Patriots.
The Ringer \u003e Entire Espn
Neither of them have any business complaining
miguel mascorro
I hate the annoying \
ryan piper
Boston fans holding their teams to a higher standard is the reason why Boston fans are the greatest fans in sports
I needed a stugotz rant
tadgje ledgister
He’s triggered 😂
tommy H
The simple response is that Bill could feel however he feels, but when you are tweeting your feelings out, they may come with criticism. And yes, most sports fans find it annoying that Boston fans still perceive themselves as a \
troy landon
Atlanta sports fan here. It's been pretty rough.