Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car - Latest Wildlife Sightings

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Tourists hanging out of their car at a lion sighting. This lion felt threatened and barked at the tourists. If he had decided to attack, there wouldn't have been enough time to get in the car and close the window. SANPark's Rules: No part of the body may protrude from the car, either through the window or a sunroof, unless in designated areas.Taken on the S1 near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected] get to see sightings like this on your own, BOOK A SAFARI:

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DATE 12/11/2018\nWhat a bunch of Pea Brains!
Oh my goodness, why would you have your windows down with a lion right there??
Why do humans have to interfere w each nd every living thing????
Alp Arslan
Hanım abla : Yaa sikerler..
Aristos Christodoulou
if the lion would attacked they wouldn't have even the time  to close their windows..
Arnav Rajakumar
Astrid Lynden
Fifty percent of the human population has an I.Q. of one hundred or less.
B uppy
Stupid parents letting kids hang out the windows. There is no way they could have gotten safely inside and windows closed if they had decided to attack.
The second the tip of his tail started moving, those kids shoulda’ hunkered down. I think it was the boy straightening up, with his head above the top of the window, to get a better view over his sister, that set the cat off.
Bim Nguyễn
Wow, I'm quite scare whẹn i see it
Binu Sharma
OMG There windows are open in front of a predator
BitSubmit Network
Natural selection. keep those windows down
CJ Zanders
Lioness said, “Come on bae. These stupid humans ain’t worth the meat. Nala and Simba said Beef is a steal at The Hyena Clan tonight. We can get that ish for half off.
Chinedu Opara
Why would you even get this close to a lion???
Chukwuadinula Joseph Ofili
Amazing display what a program
Morons and their so called smart devices.
Dana Ashlie
Not as exciting as the view number indicates .
Danica DeCosto
He thought they were the paparazzi. He just wants his privacy, dang it!
Darren Dyson
The female lion squashed it like come on boo let's get out of here no need to get shot for killing the human kids
David Moreton
If that lion had have charged, he would have taking the whole family out.!
Dr Shaym
He got pissed off when he saw the driver taking pictures with a tablet like some kind of idiot.
*As looking at views i expected the lion to chew off their heads*
Equestria girls 262
They got scared to death
Frances Hicks
Y show in slow motion???? To show how fast that 🦁 moved, the window might have jammed he might have caught the kids or adults, by slowing it down u can see BIG cats reaction when ur in his face & nearly on his dinner table
G. Chatterjee
The lion didn't even do anything. Lol Served the idiots right. I can see the appeal though. But you still gotta resist your temptation when you are in proximity with a wild beast. Sheer stupidity .
Admit it, we all came here hoping the Lion would jump into one of those cars.
GamingWithAmmar Boi
My parents wouldent let ne rool the window down even if the lion ia dead! 🦁💀\nAnd look at these parents much irresponsible...
Germaine M
He's protecting his pregnant female lioness
Tah won't see me going out the house agian!
This is what happens when certain first-world people get a taste of reality.
H Gamer
People are mad they are quite mad in this generation they think uploading pics of them with dangerous animals will make them famous how stupid humans are
*I was expecting a clickbait tho* Goddamnit
Ishfaq Majeed
King Of Jungle...🦁
It is Javi
The lioness was like \
Jeronimo McArthur
Simba and Nala sure don't like human perverts snap shooting them
Juan Gonzalez
Most people have no idea how fast a lion can be. From that position, that lion could have leaped/launched itself towards the people in the white car. My brother and I saw a caged lion when we where kids. My brother and I where casually talking while standing in front of the cage . And suddenly, with the corner of our eyes, we saw the lion leap about 10 feet across the cage. we where shocked to see that a lazy looking lion was able to move that fast and barley made a sound.
K Dawg
King of the JUNGLE THATS WHY!!!!!
That could have ended bad
Khokolay Production
Haha haha Don't take pictures of any wife hahahahah
Kimbo Phillips
The lion should have ate one of those little bastards😅😄😃🤣🤣😂😁😆
King Sunny
all drivers know that this is dangerous but pictures are most important then their lives
Krishna R
Crazy pics habitats by USA people anything they will make video including all gun culture and video
Kyler Myler
If you look closely even the parents were taking pictures! TALK ABOUT IDIOT PARENTS
LetitGo lazziter
Humans...always making themselves likely victims.
Levi Hackerman
From lion's perspective, it's probably like delicious fried chickens trying to take pictures of you and laughing while you are taking a nap.
Manglit Mangyan
Hope they all be eaten by the lion. Two less stupid people
Mark Reviews
Somebody must have been filming with a vertical orientation. Even the lion knew they were wrong.
Masooma Hasan
Mayank Upadhyay
Bhenkelund isme to kuch bi exciting nhi tha!
Melanie Smith
Mike Anderson
Nah!! The lions are a paid actors
Such beautiful BEAST'S...INDEED the KING of the jungle.
Nobita nobi
Thank god i am in car while watching this video...
His roar was like thunder!
Poonam Singh
I don't like it
Raj Agarwal
Bahut time tha unke pass lion ne attack bhi nahi kiya he just roared and warn them. He just show them that he don't like their attitude and their actions.
Richard Greswell
And window closed.. A lion can stick his claw inside the car and drag you out like a bag of chips
S Meyer
These idiots forget that these are WILD ANIMALS !\nIf that male lion was pissed off enough he could have had that tablet and an arm as well.\nMaybe a head to boot!\nHell of a price to pay !!!!!
Sabrina Dugan
OH Honey, there's two large lions in the road...let's get real close, open our windows and maybe, if we're lucky, we can be a hot lunch for them today.
Sheetal sakla
Congratulations 🎊 🏅 for 100 million views
Shirley Murphy
He is King for a reason.
Simba Cat
ok so can everyone stop saying that all white people are stupid not all white people are were is ur respect people \nim white i love animals im eco and that stuff so just stop
Sonya Mariner
Mg. Be careful. God bless.
Steven Torrey
The lion could have lept up, reached through the window, and scratched the bejeebers out of the passenger--in a second.
Sylvia Conlon
Lions and tigers are beautiful animals they are wild and dangerous and they should not be locked up in zoo's totally against it not rite and also why would u be that stupid to get out of ur car or any vehicle for what to be attacked and killed by them or people just want to be sum kind of heroes that its great,,, treat them wit respect they are georgous animals
The Glorious Penguin
Humans shouldn't be there in the first place.
The Mayor
and they still didn’t roll up their windows 😓
This is England
Why can't humans just leave these animals in peace and even animals in their natural environment are getting angry because of tourism encroaching on where they live, and the more tourism the more these animals are going to be affected by this. Humans can't leave anything alone and will just end up ruining these animals natural environment.
Tony Hong Fishing
What's faster, a lion 10 ft away or power windows?
Una Roberts
You don't have to worry about me invading your space king of beasts. No way. That's why we humans need to respect them!
Ain’t no way my window would be open 😂😂😂
Video DSLR Tutorial
Why would you risk your life for an IPad pictures???\nThe lion could have easily killed the kids. No idea what the parents were thinking.
Vincent Bain
Ok there anyone with a brain that doesn’t already know this? Must be democrats in the cars. They have no clue about real life because their own has been in a test tube.
Fake roar.
Yallow Shadow_
The parents of the kids had enough of them.
Zandria Opperman
Zeynab Uthman
You couldn't pay me enough for me to open my window within a mile of a lion, much less with one in plain sight. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.
Such a shame. All they wanted was the picture of lion's claws in their flesh. That would be gold on facetube or instabook.
beware the old man
Wonder if stupid people taste better ...?... certainly not a bad thing to rid plant Earth of vast stupidity. Would have made for a more exciting video.
bobo jepeny
dead boy
He was protecting the pregnant lioness
dream boy
Good job
These videos are proof that most people are too stupid to consume the same air.
He should have eaten the finger👍
iiGeograph Blade
What was the point of putting it in slow motion?
ken wong
What idiot are the tourism.
kesu vijay
This shows that animals never kill for fun or amusement, it is a human tendency, animals kill for feeding only.
Those kids were probably making noise and not giving a damn. You don't do that when the king of the jungle is right next to you. You need to be quiet, submissive and show some damned respect. A lot worse could've happened if the lion wanted a meal.
Whoo! That thunderous roar alone is enough to send u running for the hills.
rat goon
The lion🐻 said, \
the lion actually knew he was being watched.
If that animal would have jumped into the vehícle, then those camera shots would have been interesting indeed. The epitome of stupidity & ignorance.
soriano katherin
How the story went:\n\nMale Lion: Why Tf are these people taking pictures?\n\nFemale Lion: Idk, but it's kinda annoying.\n\nMale Lion: Give me a sec... * ROAR *\n\nPeople: Nope, nope and nope... Forget the pictures... He's mad...
xee doll
yaz frank
Por molestarlo.... es una chulada este animal.
حمدان الذيب
احذر اﻻسود