Adriana Lecouvreur: Poveri fiori...Finale - Caniglia, Pola, Meletti, cond. Fabritiis (Live, 1950)

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Cilèa: Adriana LecouvreurAdriana: Maria CanigliaMaurizio: Arrigo PolaMichonnet: Saturno MelettiConductor: Oliviero de FabritiisOrchestra del Teatro Comunale di BolognaLive Recording, 1950

Adriana Lecouvreur Caniglia Adriana Lecouvreur Maria Caniglia Francesco Cilea Francesco Cilèa Maria Caniglia Oliviero de Fabritiis Orchestra del Teatro...

Alfredo Loyola
her adriana was more dra\nmatic tha most sopranos\nat that time.adriana was\nthe frustration of rosa pon\nselle,she wanted to sing\nadriana on the stage,but\nthe met manage refused\nher request,and then she\nsaid;basta!!and she retired\nat the age of 40!!