Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All Victory Screens

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This took FOREVER to make, some of y'all were complaining that it wasn't all of them so I decided to go the extra mile, BTW literally all am missing is ONE Samus screen, I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn't find it. Outro Music -

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/ Drew'sClues /
Rip. Ike ain't sayin his lines no more. FFFFFFF
Alan Favoretto
Sad that they didn't update Mario and Link's victory themes.\nThe Melee versions were far superior with the orchestra
Alex A
I absolutely love Richter's victory pose
Andres E. Gomez M.
I have some nitpicks:\nBoth of the Ice Climbers should appear in their clapping screen when they lose\nPokemon Trainer's Pokémon should appear and clap too\nIke should say his old quotes. How could they get rid of \
BeanyPads Im Purrfect
10:06 \
Guys, the '(character) wins' line may not be in the final release. After all, the win screens that are shown in non-demos only had the characters name be said.
The character models and animations are so amazing!
These are so epic! The blossoms really sell it too.
Blue Bomber
I don't like how they say * insert character here * win
Man these look amazing and there are still quite some characters where we dont know the victory pose from!!
Cutts the Cat
That new Samus screen though\n\nEdit: Also, I feel like the only one who doesn't mind \
The Kirby one is.. just adorable.
It kind of bothers me how they changed the announcer to say “[character] wins!”
Dat Boi Espio
Sonic looks cuter in Ultimate for some reason
Dj Kirby
I wish ness had the Fuzzy Pickles pose.
Fighting Thunder
Is it just me, or is it physically impossible for Ike to NOT look angry about something in Smash? Even in his victory animations, he still looks pissed off.\n...Maybe he’s just constantly having a very bad day...
Ford GT
12:33 when you beat your meat but your parents walk in
Fossilized Nerd
Of all things, it's the Ice Climbers victory theme that gets me excited.\nIT'S BACK\nTHEY'RE BACK\nAHHHHH
2:01-2:22 Best character and my All-Time favorite character = FOX!
Fred Meyer
Honestly surprised they never changed Sonic's victory theme from the Sonic 06 zone clear to the one from Generations considering how much of a negative stigma 06 has around it
It's so odd hearing the announcer saying \
Gary Garrison
They capture Kirby alot better this time.
Ghost Rider
Did you guys See Dark Samus’s Victory????? OMG!!
Since they're giving a lot of the villains unique victory songs, they should really give Ganondorf one as well. The normal Zelda victory theme doesn't suit him at all.
1:46 yo I’m the winner in that one. What a small world lol
Can we talk about how Link's arm bends at 1:20 ?
Smash Bros: The winner is...\nMelee: The winner is...\nBrawl: The winner is...\nSm4sh:The winner is...\nUltimate:Wins
Am I the only one who feels the shading on the splash screens is WAY too dark
Jacky Sakura
Bayonetta victories are really on point this time\nlike yall 11:48 seeing that Sakurai put more sass on that BOI Bad Bitch Aesthetic!!!
Jalen Harvell
11:49 god damn bayo
8:48 so cool
Jesse Nguyen
Mario looks a little less pissed when clapping! Check it out! :) 1:11
Just Another Animator
Kamus Coca
Here's the 3rd Samus victory screen y'all looking for. Skip to 3:29 to see it
Kappiokka ꕤ
No longer hearing \
Can I just say that Link has been truly upgraded in terms of the face not because of it being botw Link but because in Sm4sh wiiu Link's face looked pretty weird like I can't explain it
Kazi Ahmed
80% comments about how they changed the winner announcement (tbh should've kept the old one)\n20% comments about kirbys new dances
9:56 Anyone else found it really annoying when Little Mac would just instantly close his mouth? Theres 0 transition and it really bugs me
Kongo Bongo Hero
Love how the Kirby animation references to the older dream land games
Kristian Berget
It's when you see these kinds of things you realize how much work they've put into the game
Kyle Woodowens
Every character has 3-4 different victory screens. It's these little details that Sakurai really shows off how great of a creator he is.
LittleMac Main
I noticed that there are 3 different ways the screen opens, to reveal the fighter.\n\n- Hexagon's\n- Slice\n- Dark Fade/Splatter
Can we all just appreciate the fact that they finally have 3 Kirby's dancing for his victory screens? 💕
Luisda :v
1:02 I will miss Link screaming when he wins
Zelda got some hot victory animations
Marcus Torres
*casually hears a Pikachu dying in the background*
Pre-order cancelled. The announcer says something different. Me no like different. Change bad.
It looks like Ike doesn’t say “I fight for my friends” or “You’ll get no sympathy from me” in his victory animations. Hope he says those quotes in the final version.
Marlon Menjivar
Zelda is too damn cute... (≧▽≦)
Memelord Pam
Female Pokemon trainer has the cutest victory win aninations I mean like JUST LOOK AT EM
Meonikoo Loves Doggos
Imo I think zelda's poses were the best
Michał Szumert
2:58 My homie Ness
9:57 \n*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* _next frame_\n\n\u003e:\\
Mike Clalverl
Im torturing myself with these videos up to this point.... \n\nI'm like that little kid in the candy shop who can't get that one specific item, no matter what I do.
I love that pokemon trainer has 3 victory screens for each pokemon you ended the battle with
Mister Mystery
9:03 New Challenger Approaching: Bewohner
Mocha Express
Kirby's new victory poses are awesome lol
Moises Alvarado the gamer
I think I actually remember two different sayings one was \
Mr. Hammerhead
I don't like the new \
Mr. Schienenzeppelin's 2nd YouTube Account
3:14 Seeing Ness do his pose from his clay model correctly made me so happy.
Mr. Sir
I like how Little Mac looks beat up when he loses\nEDIT: at 3:15
Naeshaun Edwards
5:47 anyone else noticed Conquest Ablaze theme in the background?
7:43 Best victory screen ever
So winner is...? :(
god that UI is C R I S P
Omar López
Kirby now has Return to Dream Land dances..... at last, this are good news!!!!
Patrick Norton
I'm annoyed that the final fantasy one still keeps on going longer than all the others. Also, I really don't like the version of the Splatoon victory music they used.
Pega Doodle
*Fighter Timestamps*\nMario: 0:00\nDK: 0:36\nLink: 1:00\nSamus 1:25 (missing one)\nKirby 1:40\nFox 2:01\nPikachu 2:23\nNess 2:58\n\nBowser 3:20\nIce Climbers 3:42\nSheik 4:02\nZelda 4:38\nMarth 4:53\nGanondorf 5:22\nMewtwo 5:45\n\nPit 6:10\nSnake 6:34\nIke 6:58\nPokemon Trainer 7:20 \nSonic 8:30\nVillager 8:55\nMega man 9:20\nLittle Mac 9:40\nPac-Man 10:00\nRyu 10:21\nCloud: 10:44\nCorrin 11:09\nBayonetta 11:49\n\nInkling 12:11\nRidley 12:30\nDaisy 12:54\nDark Samus 12:59\nRichter 13:01\nChrom and Lucina 13:07\nKing K Rool 13:15
Kirby's Victory Dances.\n\n\n\u003c3
Revali Champion of the Rito
The way inklings clap is so cute
Ridiculous Raymar
I don't belive anyone besides you has done every single one together like this! I appreciate it! thanks a ton! but man is my boi lookin fresh! 8:30 what do you all think of his new animations? I think the upgrade in them makes it all the more Sonic like. I love it. great work Sakurai and co. :D
Robert Holmes
*WhErE tHe HeLl Is FoX's \
My boi Sonic!
Sampieri Antonio
Oof! Those Zelda posses are the best in this her!
I like how a lot of characters have new, slick animations, while Pikachu still just like _yaaaawn_
5:20 They should of brought back Ganon's old Melee pose where he whips his sword around since he actually uses it now.
Silmar Becker
R.I.P The Winner Is 1999-2014
I love how they made it \
SpoonX 1
The inkling girls clap animation at the beginning XD (not making fun of it it's so cute)
The screens look awesome, but there's something about the announcer saying \
I hope they change it back to “the winner is..” in the final game.
The Skull & Spooky Channel
The victory screens in this game really looks amazing
snake may have gotten his ass nerfed but his thighs were buffed\nalso why does ridley clapping look so hilariously awkward lmao
1:40 Oh my god I'm the Kirby winner in that clip!!
Vigor The Sloth
Waheed Abdullah
It's kinda not the same when the announcer doesn't say, \
**Sees Kirby's animations* \nThis is why Kirby is my favorite
Yusuf Gazi
Looks very good\n\n\nBut rip the winner is.
I love the more dynamic camera angles of the victory poses
Lol that one announcer who only says \
rem islife
Why is link so badass i love it
Too bad most of the themes are reused from Brawl. You would've think that they would've changed some to something entirely new or at least bring back some old victory themes.
taj lyons
Snake’s ass is still nice.
yeetus gleetus
Rip This games winner is\n\n\nEdit:Thanks for the liek so epik XD!!!!!1111111111