I Learned How To Dance In 30 Days

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Aesthetic Whale
Makes me wanna take dance classes now
Alessandra Tallo
I always want to take dance class but I don't know where
Alexis _
So, my grandma for 2 yrs was trying to convince me to go learn how to dance, but I declined every time. Even my mom tried to teach me while listening to the radio. I always ran away because I was so awkward with my movements. A couple days ago I watched this video and I decided to go take some dance classes. Tomorrow will be my first legit time when I will dance thanks to you. Wish me luck ^^
Alina Juravleva
6:23 \
Amy Lanoue
I wish that I could be like you. I am the least sexiest person alive. You did so good. I am so proud!
As a transfeminine person, all i want to do is be sexy :( ugh it’s so hard being not only awkward, but awkward in a way that guys are :((((
Ashen Gamage
Oh my god this is so so inspiring and loved the video
Aylin Rivera
Man idek how many times I’ve watched this video but I really like it and it really motivates me to dance and practice and to be confident so I appreciate that a lot :))
Black Prince
I actually love to dance so much but nobody know not even my parents or closest friends I'm scared that they won't accept me for it but I want to be a dancer so bad it's just has a place in my heart, I actually dance around 12 am for like 3 hours just so my family won't see me
Carol Vargas
OK, forget Beyonce, you're my female idol right now YOU DID SO SO GREAT!!
Chamar Moore
This was like an episode of MADE I loved it
Christine Mitchell
You did good!
Clo Ro
At first... it was so awkward to watch... and then.. I started crying... OMG the most inspirational video evar!!!!
Craziness With Kayla
Ashly, I'm a dancer, and let me tell you, no dancer ever feels 100% confident. Everyone has nerves. I don't like my body. A lot of dancers feel this way. And that's okay. All that matters is you enjoy it.
Daivika sweety
Double Matrix
I love how realistic this is- others are like: learn how to dance in 1 day! I'm like unmmm honey
Elena Taber
I was literally smiling like an idiot through the whole damn performance because that right there is an empowered women oozing with confidence and I'M LIVING FOR ITTTT
Elizabeth Llama
The blog where she said she was trying heels she looked beautiful!
Eric R
Daaaaaaaamn, I don’t know her, but she nailed it!! Congratulations and don’t stop dancing!!!!! 😍
Erika Goat Mendes
On the thumbnail it looks like your Sofia Carson!🐐😂
Kinda cried when she nailed it
Germaine Tan
Wow this is just inspiring. I myself was just playing with the thought of learning to dance for the first time in 30 years and finally did it last week. \nEnded up feeling like a fish flapping around out of water, feeling like the bottom scum of the barrel even though I was in a \
I am Jungshook
kyle seems so sweetttt
Ishan Ali
Ashley’s transformation is inspiring
J-Hope the muffin
My dream is to a hiphop dancer and I'm so inspired!
Jasmyn weirdo
I got the chills when she started the performance 😂
Jazzy 20
Ok using this as a guide. There hope for me....
Jemima Gourgel
Jessa Yiskah
I joined an intermediate belly dancing class 5 weeks in from when they started without realising that this now means I have to perform a dance they've been learning one month from now at a dance festival. I've literally never danced in my life before but after watching you I'm going go right ahead and put on a shimmy belt, some loud music and find my sexy. Pure inspiration!
Jessica Lee
I wish my grades improved as fast as she does at dancing\nEdit: Finals happened\nEdit 2: Goodbye UC acceptance letters
confidence is sexy, you nailed it!
im gay now
Just Saying
Adams Apple
JustAnotherRandom Person
When ur dancing u just have to do the way ur comfotarble bcause if u don't eveybody will see it
It’s so weird watching myself on camera. Lol. But Ashly, I’m so proud of you! You definitely found your inner sexy. 💃🏽
Kaila Baham
Omg when she described her childhood that’s my childhood right now
Kaly th.
It's been such a long time I saw a video of yours! I love your work!!
I want there to be a tutorial for this routine
Kaysie CY Chong
Now that’s a real transformation! I still can’t believe she did it only in a month. She is such an inspiration! I love her overflowing confidence during the performance. She looks so happy!
Kelly Mamrak
I want to take dance classes so bad, but I feel like people will judge me :(
Kelsey Lee
The progression of her confidence makes me SO HAPPY
Kim Chaeyong
Ashley’s transformation what incredible,she really did leave a stage presence at the end🏆😍
Kim Uni
So sexy omg 😮
Suddenly I want to learn how to dance in 30 days
I literally cried when I saw how happy and confident and satisfied with yourself you where performing... that was judt great. No words.
Korto Lyons
YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Now I need to find someone to teach me how to dance.
LA Fresh Life
damn I'd like to be able to do that in 30 days
Lana Adams
The best part of this video is that she looks like she's having so much fun doing it
Lara Mariah
She was so good at it❤️❤️❤️
Lauren Berry
Lauren Burke
this made me cry with happiness !! :'))
“Don’t be afraid to touch yourself it’s your body.”\n**Laughs** “I don’t like my body ok” \n\n😂😂😂
Lo Gang
Am i the only one who’s rewatching this a million times
Louise Turtle
I'm a pro dancer, and I like watching people succeed, especially when it comes to dancing. :D
Mackenzie Parkening
Yep. I was on a dance/drill team, we still had to take a ballet class every year before during camp. I miss it so much ❤❤
Maria Grichting
I'm gonna need some follow ups and progress with Ashley's dancing
Melody Pack
Same I started puberty earlier than a lot of people and I have bin the tallest ever since I started school.
Millie the turtle
OMG ur such an inspiration and I think I might also start dancing. I've been wanting to but was to scared of my body, but I think I might now. Thx lysm
Miss Nikki
SOMETIMES i think she looks like DEMI lovato
Monica Anne
Myrhan Stephen
I used to do a lot of dancing but I gained a lot of weight and became really self-conscious. I also sprained my ankle which put me off going back. On Wednesday, my University's dance club has a Give it a Go and this video has given me some motivation and confidence to go along. Loved watching your progress!
Nafisa von Kantzow
wish someone would take me and do this dread... happy for you!
Nandana Krishna Menon
Can someone please tell me the first song?? In which Ashly had to just do walk?!!
Nicolas Riley
Has this been in any body's recommended for months and they're only now watching
Panda Gardner
Damm she looks so hot! Like I always thought she was beautiful before but Omg!!!!!!! Confidence Honey
Pastel Anime
Wow I would never ever have the confidence to do that because I have really bad anxiety with thinking that people are going to judge me on every little thing I do wrong and I'm also super shy but you did soooooo good!!
Pángol Ángol
Queen Bee
Shister snapped😝
Renu Shrestha
I'm all watching with a big smile of proud on my face while she's dancing so damn sexy... You nailed it... 😍😍😍😍 I felt like I was dancing
Roby Llapitan
I feel like there should be like a day 60
Rumina Poddar
Can you teach me please. I literally have no confidence inside me and i just totally hate my body and feel uncomfortable about it. Although i love dance, i don't know how to dance on my own moves tho. When we just have performances at school that's the only time i dance, i try to give my best but i think i still lack a lot. And tbh i want to feel sexy, cute and everything about me too. So if you could help then I'd be so grateful. Thank you. And seriously you rocked your dance, honestly it was really really great! I loved it!
Samia J
This is what I needed to watch! I've always been afraid to learn how to dance and I'm super uncomfortable with my body. Thank you for the video!!
Sarah Fayad
Sarah XO
I’m so her at the beginning 😂😂 I can’t dance and I WANT HELP HAHAHAHAHA
Shams :3
Whenever I feel like I can't do something I come back to this video and watch it all over again, Kyle and Ashley's words always lift me up and seeing her succeed at the end in something she was worried about gives me the strength I need ❤️
Things that dancer conquer: \nPain \nMuscle soreness\nRepeating *every* move at least 10000 times\nWhen you're dancing and pain just goes through your whole body\nThe butterflies in your stomach before the performance\nBruises\nMore Pain\nWhen the whole group must do the choreo again because you messed up a move\nWhen someone says \
Stacey Lopez
That's how I am I did the same thing 😊
The Heartbreaker
How to get this awesome?
The Multi-tasking Mangaka 〈3
Awesome performance! Amazing transformation o(\u003eω\u003c)o\nThe end tho... *I can't...*\n\
This Is Zari
Wow! Such an inspiring video!
Tisha Rhythm
You showed us that if are determined you can do what u want to..hats off
What a transformation, in dance and in self-confidence!
Twilight Bright
A \
Xaris Corpeno
Wow wow You did really good!!
You Don't Know Me
Something I really noticed after the 30 days is how confident and proud of her she became
Your Name
The key is definitely to put your all into it. No matter if you've done it before or not, simply pretend you are an expert, and pretend you are literally the best, and then you look so much sexier. That goes for facial expressions too.
As a teenager I used to purposefully walk off beat of music when it was playing nearby cause I thought it seemed ostentatious and full of yourself to walk to the beat. Yeah I needed therapy lmao
hailey rae
This has to be one of my favorite videos
Omg that was so sexy!!! Way to go Ashly!!!!
karsyn !
16:57 *Eugene.exe has stopped working*
“ my favorite part is when..is when she slammed the floor with her..with her..cooch.....sOrRy i CoUldN’t FiNd a NiCeR wAy To sAy iT” -\n\n-Eugene
Waaaaaw you looked like a totally different person 😳😳😳
I WASN'T READY FOR THIS OMG HOLY CRACKERS. It's crazy because you can SEE ashley gaining confidence, the way she looks and everything. Insane she doesn't realize how pretty she is but not really because we never do. This just reminds me that life is about challenging yourself. BRAVA
x mikhaela
🧚🏼\u200d♀️ 2017 is Ashly's year of non-stop transformation 🧚🏼\u200d♀️
xWhite Wolfie
Late, but I am always late . She is dancing like a pro in just 30 days , i am dancing for 5 months and I still don't feel comfortable dancing .
The end made me cry