I Learned How To Dance In 30 Days

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*stan loona*
*literally this is why kpop idols are so talented-they train nonstop, lots for over ten years. imagine how hard it must've been for kpop stars to be at least a decent dancer. The harder the dancer works- the better dancer the are.*
4:20 the song reminds me of 2NE1(?)
Aesthetic Whale
Makes me wanna take dance classes now
Alessandra Tallo
I always want to take dance class but I don't know where
Alyssa Senske
yasss queen!
Amelia Hogan
Ashly you did so good and you look like a hot badass Yeeesss Queen
Antonio de Toro
Arielle Nicole Perez
Girls’ Generation’s choreographer 💕
Ashen Gamage
Oh my god this is so so inspiring and loved the video
Atroobah Fatimah
Whenever I listen to House Of Cards 14:42
Aylin Rivera
Man idek how many times I’ve watched this video but I really like it and it really motivates me to dance and practice and to be confident so I appreciate that a lot :))
Is no one gonna mention anything about her hair transformation? Dayyyum gurl, managing that style transformation and this dancin' stuff at the same time, wow. You know your stuff Ashley!!!
BeaAndChelli Plays
Me: Omg that’s so easy\nMe: **practices for 30 days**\n30 days later\nMe: I CANT ANYMOOOOOOOOOOOORE ITS TOO HARD!\nInner me: didn’t you say it was easy?
Had Freddie and Jazz style me, learned to dance... what do y'all wanna see next? -Ash
After nearly HALF A CENTURY of dancing, I absolutely cried seeing her respond to the audience and find her rhythm. What a beautiful thing \u003c3
Chanel Cephas
Cherry uwu
Eugene: *Cooch*
Cindy The cutie pie
Eugene's statement in the end killed me XD
Ho mon dieux 10:34 😂😂😂 I crying
Clo Ro
At first... it was so awkward to watch... and then.. I started crying... OMG the most inspirational video evar!!!!
Craziness With Kayla
Ashly, I'm a dancer, and let me tell you, no dancer ever feels 100% confident. Everyone has nerves. I don't like my body. A lot of dancers feel this way. And that's okay. All that matters is you enjoy it.
Destiny Hart
Loved watching you grow I wanna learn how to dance and be sexy to and you made me cry and inspire me to go for it !!! You worked so hard girl hope you still dancing !!
Destiny Harvey
Double Matrix
I love how realistic this is- others are like: learn how to dance in 1 day! I'm like unmmm honey
Elena Taber
I was literally smiling like an idiot through the whole damn performance because that right there is an empowered women oozing with confidence and I'M LIVING FOR ITTTT
Emi Emi
Ashly looks soo good and she is so pretty and the performance was awesome❤️❤️
Emi T
Eugene at the end lololol
Erika Goat Mendes
On the thumbnail it looks like your Sofia Carson!🐐😂
Fatma Zaidi
16:56 Eugene looks cute in glasses
Kinda cried when she nailed it
Gacha Animation
In 15:58 she looks kind of like Demi lovato
Grace Bow
She is amazing 😍
Ashly::I can’t be Beyoncé \n\nMe:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I am Jungshook
kyle seems so sweetttt
Iliana Kada
Ishan Ali
Ashley’s transformation is inspiring
ItsmeAshley 514
My favorite part was when she slammed the floor with her crootch... \n Eugene
J-Hope the muffin
My dream is to a hiphop dancer and I'm so inspired!
Jessica Lee
I wish my grades improved as fast as she does at dancing\nEdit: Finals happened\nEdit 2: Goodbye UC acceptance letters
Jungkook Oppa
*wig has left the chat*
It’s so weird watching myself on camera. Lol. But Ashly, I’m so proud of you! You definitely found your inner sexy. 💃🏽
Bruh I'm so happy for her. I was smiling the whole time.
Kaly th.
It's been such a long time I saw a video of yours! I love your work!!
I want there to be a tutorial for this routine
Katricia Bodden
My dream is to dance on play on day😀
Keira Postlethwaite
*mY* *FavOurIte* *pARt* *wAs* *whEn* *SHe* *slAmmEd* *thE* *FlOor* *wiTH* *hEr* *coOCh* 😂😂😂
Kelly Mamrak
I want to take dance classes so bad, but I feel like people will judge me :(
Kelsey Lee
The progression of her confidence makes me SO HAPPY
Kim Chaeyong
Ashley’s transformation what incredible,she really did leave a stage presence at the end🏆😍
Suddenly I want to learn how to dance in 30 days
LA Fresh Life
damn I'd like to be able to do that in 30 days
Lana Adams
The best part of this video is that she looks like she's having so much fun doing it
Liv _uwu
Kyle is like a sweet grandma.
One of my dreams is entering this class or curses istg
Louise Turtle
I'm a pro dancer, and I like watching people succeed, especially when it comes to dancing. :D
Mackenzie Parkening
Yep. I was on a dance/drill team, we still had to take a ballet class every year before during camp. I miss it so much ❤❤
Maria Grichting
15:58 everytime I watch this video this exact part gets me, because tou can tell how much she was feeling herself and that is the sexiest thing I've ever seen, someone being confident.
Meg Igarashi
I love how Ashly constantly pushes herself into new boundaries. I really do hope you keep dancing. BTW some other dancers/choreographers I like and watch are Jake Kodish, Wildabeast, and Sean Lew. You should go to their classes or workshops sometime. Keep being awesome Ashly. :D
Mike Fish
15:57 is it me or does she look like Camila from her album with short hair?
Miss ミス・ワナ・ ダイ Death
I always rewatch this video, because it motivated me back to dancing. I wanted to be a dancer, and it was my passion. But i stopped when i was 9 years old because thats when my depression had started, i started gaining weight and that made me insecure and have negative thoughts about myself, but when i watched this, i became motivated again and I started teaching myself to dance. I had dance class just for one time, but after that I started teaching myself instead. I love teaching myself, rather than someone teaching me, i taught myself to draw, to do poems, to speak english, to write stories and I’m currently teaching myself to play the violin, which is also my passion. I remembered when i snapped and lock the doors in my room and put music on, i danced away and it lead me to happiness. Its also like a stress reliever. After years, i finally learnt to dance gracefully, I’m fit now too. Thanks to you, i wouldn’t be like this if As/is never uploaded this.
Monica Anne
Nena. A
I need friends to gas me up like that 😂
Nicolas Riley
Has this been in any body's recommended for months and they're only now watching
Nicole Wulf
So um, Kyle’s hot...
Once Upon A Blink
She should keep dancing if she really does keep going she could be great she’s already really good but I see a lot of potential in her
Petra Garanca
She was so good at it❤️❤️❤️
Pángol Ángol
Queen Bee
Shister snapped😝
Rachel George
I don't have a huge mirror to see myself while dancing..It's since I was child my dream to dance but I can't cos can't even afford to pay for the class my parents didn't even support my passion cos for them it's not an important thing and didn't even bring any benefits for our family😣😥
Regine Grace Garcia
Renu Shrestha
I'm all watching with a big smile of proud on my face while she's dancing so damn sexy... You nailed it... 😍😍😍😍 I felt like I was dancing
Roby Llapitan
I feel like there should be like a day 60
Saideh Ashuri
Im so proud of you how you growed from yourself
Hey guys! I live in Temecula, if anyone is interested in taking dance classes together or is a good dancer who specializes in contemporary dance/salsa/vogue-ing, any of those 3, let me know, because I’ll love to take some classes and learn. Thumbs up so this gets to the top and hopefully someone sees this who lives nearby, and reaches out. Thank you 🙏🏻.
Sara Simackova
Wow, that's just amazing
This is so good!❤️
Things that dancer conquer: \nPain \nMuscle soreness\nRepeating *every* move at least 10000 times\nWhen you're dancing and pain just goes through your whole body\nThe butterflies in your stomach before the performance\nBruises\nMore Pain\nWhen the whole group must do the choreo again because you messed up a move\nWhen someone says \
I’ve been doing competitive dance for 10 years and lemme say, you did a great job Ashly!
Swilto _
The Try Guys try dancing a sexy chair dance with heels on
Tisha Rhythm
You showed us that if are determined you can do what u want to..hats off
What a transformation, in dance and in self-confidence!
Twilight Bright
A \
Vanilla Dick
Wa Gb
She killed it! I love it 😍😭
Xaris Corpeno
Wow wow You did really good!!
You Don't Know Me
Something I really noticed after the 30 days is how confident and proud of her she became
ailssa da toast;D
I heard someone saying yasss XDDDD 15:00
goofyp Ilm
boom $3×y
hailey rae
This has to be one of my favorite videos
hayley christine
“My favorite part was when she slammed the floor with her...her _cooch_ ”\n-Eugene, 2017
make that money
Wow what an amazing job
okay nice
ima need to do this cause my confidence levels hella low
Waaaaaw you looked like a totally different person 😳😳😳
private private
funny how we are our own worst critics. I look at her and think she is STUNNING. I wish I had her face. My confidence would be boosted by 1000 if I looked like her. To me she is grounded and sophisticated and EXUDES confidence in her videos. Her power to me what I admire is how comfortable she seems being HERSELF. She's not pretentious and she's gorgeous and I admire that so much.
sippin tea
I WASN'T READY FOR THIS OMG HOLY CRACKERS. It's crazy because you can SEE ashley gaining confidence, the way she looks and everything. Insane she doesn't realize how pretty she is but not really because we never do. This just reminds me that life is about challenging yourself. BRAVA
*just imagine if she trained for a year*