Drumsound Bass - Moscow 2015 dnbdrive.ru

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - World Of Drum & Bass - Moscow 2015 6,000 Ravers having it in Moscow.....Sick Night!!!

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Alone Rider
Mix ID please. will be very usefull!
Amplify: Drum 'n Bass
Worst MC ever.
Antonio Gonzalez-Anaya
33:20 ?
Carlo Sansalone
32:22 id with hit the floor???
Deefex dB
I've been to a WODNB in NYC I think twice. Sick sick party
I'm sorry for you, my dear artists, but I'll never going to a party if there is a MC..... OMG, it's goddamn annoying!!!
5:41 song name plz
Infected PT
track that drops at 7:10 anyone pls??
Jason Harris
anyone know what tracks are used 22:15 - 23:15??
I hope the mc never take the microphone in the hand,again
Oaktastic Gary
Anyone know the name of the track that drops 15:41?
Oliver Drabiker
MC ruined every set from this party
Science of Sound
4:40 timeless.
The Rogue
What is up with the fact that D&B is only in Russia now?
Not the best MC - can't even think how many times he must've said 'we love you Moscow' or 'Moscow crew'...
a holdz
Any knows the Track on 28:50 Please
would be better without the hype man spoutin' shit through the whole thing
13:45 start, song name?
здесь только иностранцы в комментах