State Of Mind @ The World Of DrumBass, Moscow 2015

Record: 19.09.2015TC Group represents new production of the legendary World Of Drum&Bass festival called Another Reality. Uncompromising rave atmosphere combined with the most outrageous music in the world provided by the best world stars and insane light show by Hardline 77 will open the gates to another reality that we will create together! World Of Drum&Bass is one of the greatest festivals in the wold of dance music. It has twelve-year history of performances in more than 25 countries! World wide known rave stars, unique performances, gigantic scenery, dozens of laser beam machines, hundreds of light devices, thousands of raised hands – all of this is the most popular and successful Drum&Bass rave in the world!Join us social networks:

Drum And Bass (Musical Genre) LIVE Moscow (Russian Federal City) Radio Revolution Radio Russia State Of Mind (Musical Artist)

если бы ещё этот даун не орал
Arkadiy Maksimov
Bence Samu
Song at 35:20?
Carlos Pinho
SOM - Long term efect vs SOM - City of fire SICK!!!
Tune ID that comes in at 7:30, please?!?
Diego Lopez
TRACKLIST: Please add the other tracks if you know them\n\n1.- [2:23] State Of Mind – Should Be (DUB)\n2.- [3:50] InsideInfo , Mefjus & The Upbeats - Footpath\n3.- [5:36] Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Bad\n4.- [6:20] Chris SU. - Antiserum\n5.- [7:24] Prolix & Current Value - Fake\n6.- [9:00] State Of Mind – City Of Fire\n7.- [9:32] State Of Mind – Long Term Effect\n8.- [11:41] InsideInfo & Mefjus - Footpath\n9.- [12:45] Hypoxia & Doctrine - Carcosa\n10.- [13:59] Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Thug\n11.- [15:15] ¿¿?? - ¿¿??\n12.- [17:01] Optiv & BTK – Malfunction (State Of Mind Remix)\n13.- [18:28] Misanthrop - Collapse\n14.- [20:34] Konflict – Messiah (Noisia Remix)\n15.- [20:37] State Of Mind & Chris SU. – Above Earth\n16.- [21:20] ¿¿?? - ¿¿??\n17.- [23:50] ¿¿?? - ¿¿??\n18.- [24:11] State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire - Unconcious\n19.- [25:15] Emperor - Haste\n20.- [27:02] Segment & Concept Vision - Executed\n21.- [28:05] L 33 – Scream VIP\n22.- [30:14] Telekinesis – Fight Club (Pythius Remix)\n23.- [30:58] Audio - Foodchain\n24.- [32:02] Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – The Cleaner\n25.- [34:11] ¿¿?? - ¿¿?? (Shit I want That Track)\n26.- [35:15] ¿¿?? - ¿¿??\n27.- [36:19] Audio - Shatterdome\n28.- [37:45] Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Ego\n29.- [38:50] ¿¿?? - ¿¿??\n30.- [39:54] Teddy Killerz & Counterstrike – Horror Story\n31.- [40:15] State Of Mind – Long Time Dead \n32.- [41:41] L 33 – Chain Reaction\n33.- [42:45] ¿¿?? - ¿¿??\n34.- [44:32] Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Moonbox\n35.- [45:15] Mefjus - Continous\n36.- [46:30] State Of Mind – ID (Baaaaannnggeeerrrr)\n37.- [48:39] Agressor Bunx – Tommy Gun\n38.- [50:04] State Of Mind – Response Signal VIP
Filip Skýpala
does anybody knows name of first song plssss ????
Grigoriy Salnikov
35:43 State Of Mind – Bypass
до сих пор мурашки по телу, вы и бсе лучшие!
я ща кончу)) гагага) старики ебашат!!!\nдоб: шуба заворачивается))) так держать!!!
The MindBody Project
What's the first tune?
The Upbeats
6:20 id?
Viktor Sergeev
дизлайк за орущего дол....
black bird
emcee is ruining it...
force 2341
First Tune?
Love how you see how much he loves his own tunes. You see he's pinging so hard, fucking amazing. Great energy he's pumping into his set. \n\nMust feel so powerful, knowing that your tunes reach deep into the soul of every single person standing there. Making them reach an euphoria that can only be reached standing there, spaced out of your mind, moving your feet till it's all you know.\n\nThis is neuro at it's absolute best. As filthy as it can get.
Legendary guys!
5:30 ID ??
super man
но зря ррет
Алексей Киселев
Лучший однозначно !!!
Андрей Сахаров
Красава Пацанович
ебать жара
Сергей Голубинский