Aly & AJ's Red Carpet Moments w/ Selena Gomez, Zac Efron & Aaron Carter | Guess the +1 | TRL

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During their visit to Times Square, the ‘Ten Years’ singers, Aly and AJ, took a trip down memory lane.

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Chris J Productionz
I forgot about these two sisters Lmfaoo
Dayvion Carter
Aly is my favorite 😍
Ivayla Plamenova
Majo Cortes
AJ memory is everything
AJ was getting it and Aly remembered some afterwards \nThat was a really cool game
Perez Dave
Trip down to Mermory lane
althea williams
When they zoomed in on ajs eyes I died they're so gorgeous
itzel perez
zk harmolizerz
I ship them😍