Cosmic Gate - Somewhere over the rainbow (full version)

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i do not owe the rights of this song, this is only with entertaining purposes.Original version of this excellent song, made almost 10 years ago, included in the album No more Sleep.

Dj Bossi Nic chagall Version (album) cosmic gate full version no more sleep over the rainbow rainbow somewhere trance

Alan Gersain Hernandez
¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ DDR Rulez! =D
Aleksi Vieno
This is an awesome remix! =D
Andrew McLaren
Bence Szadoczki
i don't know why Cosmic Cate had to leave this style.. Nowadays, yep, they're not too commercial, but it's only cheesy progressive tunes what they're doing these days...
BoRaXiN72 Travel In Turkey 4K
Chuck Magpie
Heavy Beat Heavy Bass So Energetic
Florian Weiss
Eine der besten Versionen von dem Lied, obwohl von Marusha das Original in einer Techno Version ist, dass auch gut ist.\n\nVor 5 Jahren ab es ein grauenhafte Version von dem Israel Kamakawiwoole, eine Beleidigung für jeden überzeugten Raver!!!
József Kocsis
Still Amazing!!!!
Kwata Hassa
real ExTaSy !
Matt Harding
such an influential duo in the hay day of trance/hard dance awsome times had
Planet Dance
Rachel Ottinger
Absolutely amazing! I can't believe I cried just listening to this. Only because it brings back so many memories. Awesome memories. Shit man... I fucking love it! I'm almost 32 now and was listening to this in my early 20's. Thank you for this wonderful song and bringing back memories from the best time in my life.
Thanks for upping. Awesome track.
Reminds me of soundfactory nyc..yellow and white lights reflecting off that huge ball of sunshine..ohh the great times!!
Brings back memories :)