LOTD: Blackest Night

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Longbox of the Damned 30.Originally uploaded October 30th, 2012.

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I bought Blackest Knight, as well as vol. 1 and 2 of the Black Lantern Corps series! So, what are the rest of the tie-ins about?
Daniel Adkins
Just in time for the Absolute Edition.
Godzillasaur Buttersworth
I am a pervert for existing
Israel Romero
Jfdrac Far
A DC Event that was not hated....who da thunk it....With all the deaths I would have thought this would be a extermey hated book by Linkara
Joseph Vickrey
Just being Alive is only part of why I'm a pervert.
I'm thinking of finding that at my local Chapters. :)
I love perving on life!
Pushon Bhattacharya
I love that toothy grin he does at the end of all these videos!
Samuel Johnson
I just bought and read Blackest Night in preparation for Linkara's upcoming review of it, and all I can say... Read it everyone. READ THIS COMIC AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!... Sorry... I... I'll let myself out.
Shark fan of the sea
D.C.'s version of marvel zombies?
Am I the only one who notices that there's a noose hanging from the Longbox? O_O'
danny liebeno
I work at a movie theater and the music he plays in the background is the muzak we have at work, really weirded me out cause I've never heard it anywhere else before
Next Halloween Lewis should talk about Underworld Unleashed, a vastly underrated DC crossover events where horror played a big role.
john benko jr
3:35 that's one hell of a recommendation.