Riddick Bowe KOs Evander Holyfield This Day November 4, 1995

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Riddick Bowe KOs Evander Holyfield This Day November 4, 1995Riddick Bowe 240 lbsEvander Holyfield 213 lbsTKO at

Boxeo Boxer Evander Holyfield Riddick Bowe boxing heavyweight

*Mawashi * Geri*
That's my boy, Big Daddy !!!
A Voice for the logical American
80s Mike Tyson would have killed these guys. Prime Tyson will always be my favorite boxer.
Adam Forman
People need to understand the energy Holyfield had to expend to beat Riddick who out weighed him by 30 lbs. Holyfield was clearly the better athlete and better fighter. He was able to pull off the decision win in their second fight. But , 3 years later and older, the stamina to overcome the physical size of Riddick Bowe was just too much. Holyfield gave it everything he had, he just had no gas left in the tank. Too big a mountain to climb 3rd time around and he still managed to knock Bowe to the canvas for the first time in his boxing career. What a warrior. Got to take your hat off to Holyfield, no shame or embarrassment to ultimately lose this fight. Just ran out of gas at an older age. These Bowe- Holyfield fights were all 3 Epic battles. Best fights of the 90's for the Heavyweight division.
Al George
3Vimages well the next time you meet lewis just ask him which he would rather have , an few hundred million dollars or the chance to have 3 belts around his waist instead of 1 , bet i know the answer to that , he cud make a lot more money then , by the way , im english too but i not gona bum up guy just because he british , or shud i say canadian
Anibal Perez
Joe cortez the referee talk to much ,he should say something when they holding only he don't let them fight
Anita Bonghit
now that's entertainment
Ardra Diva
like Ali once said about himself, it took a GOOD man to beat Evander Holyfield for the first time. There was a stretch of about 18 months when Bowe was as good as anyone we've seen. But he didn't have the discipline to keep himself in prime condition, and once he got the title, he couldn't keep up the intensity and fizzled out. A real shame we never saw him against Lennox Lewis in this time period.
This is heavyweight boxing
Billy McSwain
Holyfield said in a 1998 interview that he had the flu. He didn't want to postpone the fight. Doctor told him his energy levels would go 👆 and 👇. Recovering from the flu you aren't 100 percent as evidenced in this fight. Holyfield probably wins if he isn't sick.
Carl Ryan
Evander's head butt (his best weapon) proved ineffective in this fight.
Cenciarini Antonio
Tyson era troppo forte uno bei pesi m più forti in assoluto ,!!!!
Christian Charles
4 Time Champ Holyfield
Clint Beastwood
Andrew Golota mopped the floor with that scum...
Danilo Rodrigues
Mike Tyson o melhor
Delfonte Knight
The title is wrong.It should be Knock Down,cuz Evander wasn't KD except in the third fights wen he had STD,had no energy 2 finish RB after he KD.People check ur writting pls.
Dennis P. Ginther
Wow! What a fight! God I miss them guys...
Duke Lewis
Holyfield after this fight went to Vitamin store and load up on Vitamin s , vitamin t..... and vitamin d.
Bowe , and Holyfield  ,  wow!  what endless blows ,and action!  People really paid to see a real war!
I like how Holyfield listed his deadliest weapon right on his shorts.
Entertainment funda
no doubt holyfield was a great fighter but he was a dirty fighter. no doubt. he deserved this kinda beating. whenever he got hit by chance after the bell he tried to make it a brawl. he was arrogant. but always pretends to be a humble man
Facing each other so they don't have to face the GOAT - Lennox Lewis
Grandpa Pete
The mind is willing but the body can't
Green Frog
So lucky.
Holyfield had hepatitis ...the roids kept him in it
Heru Bey
I loved to see holyfield knocked out!! I never liked him
James Johnson
Bowe is a mean dude
James Simmons
Boss up !
Jarbas Pires
Ele estava melhor, mas, tomou um golpe inesperado que mudou o curso.da luta
John Johnson
Bowe would have been a good fight for Lewis I think Bowe would have beaten Lewis and also won again if there had been a rematch
Joseph Rodriguez
Two heavyweights that could roll like middleweights. The pace that was set in all 3 fights was something. Two of the best in the game. In the end bowe was too big holyfield . evander did good to get one win against Riddick. But man those were great heavyweight fights. Rivals Ali Frazier.for nonstop action. Blessed to have seen this . thanks to both men. Peace n smoke
Keith Miller
Pound for pound Holyfield must be superior , R B was just to big and powerful , excellent boxer but not in fact as good.as E H . Holyfield deserves the utmost respect for a brilliant and entertaining career.
Kwasi Akhan
This is when that \
Evander Holyfield is sooooooo f-ing fine!!!!!! I love watching boxing lol😻
Leonel Gutierrez
Because of holyfields head tyson was lost,,his enemies head now holyfield was lost!!!lol!!i like mike tyson!!!!
I think Evander ran out of potassium during this one, and left a lot back at the gym. He could have won, but ran out of fuel.
Lou Lucena
The Forgotten Champion - Riddick Bowe, One of the lonely boxers who never got recognized and only in the shadow of Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali :(
Mamet Muyes
Harga.lemari es
Margaret Moore
Holyfield just about punched the head off Bo .. But I kept flipping back to the bit where Bo lands the short right hand and puts Evander down.. Am I the only one who can't see a powerful enough punch to floor Holyfield ?
Matias Carpio
Those were great heavyweights we dont have anything like that these days
Menga Dombaxe Pedro
Combat sans style !!!
Mr King
But I'd swear that's Gerald McClellan @32:50 with the stocking cap
Noel Chaney
Holyfield almost had him..he just got caught when he was almost at the end of his tank. Bowe was close to being the guy on the canvas.
Paolo Ciarpaglini
Holifyeld was tired yet by the four round. I never saw he in this bad conditions before, but always capable to dance on his feets by the begin till the end. But it's a my poor opinion. As boxing anyway, tecnique i intend he has been the 90's king in boxing, a deadly warrior. Unfortunately he had loose in the 6th round the gold opportunity for finisched Bowe after the knock down. In that moment he had search for too much seconds a way for the right strike while stike Bowe with an punchs storm. Very unusually for him ..
Papa Santa
Me gusta el boxeo soy fanático de el mejor peliador miny paquiao
Polem Polem
Olivia kepala kontol hhhhhh
Professor X
I never thought holyfield fought smart fights against Bowe i.e. the bigger man predominately inside. He should of been bouncing, jabbing and at time doubling up. He did have the flu.
O Holyfield ficou cansado mais rápido, por risso não venceu a luta
Raiden The Mortal
Damn Mike Tyson couldn even hurt him I'm impressed
Richard DeLauder
Riddick Bowe !!!!!!!
Richy Leo
It was a paid off fight, if I ever seen one. It goes on in the sport a lot more then you know. I had a friend who went pro every fight he got an offer to take a fall. He refused one. Because the winner got a shot at Duran. My friend easily won the fight and they still gave the fight to other guy. The crowd boo ed the judgement non stop for over a half hour. The dude got his ass whooping from Duran. My friend said he still would have been truly honored to have his ass whooped by Duran. Lol
Robert Blakeman
evander was sick with a virus, thats why he couldn't finish bowe of when he had him down. The virus cleared and Evander battered Iron Mike and thats why he's the best fighter here statistically!!!
Robert Martin
All Holyfield lacked was size and a bit of power. Put another 15 lbs on the guy and he's unstoppable. Chin of granite it was surprising to see him actually get knocked out, but I believe at this time he was completely exhausted too. Too bad he was just a scaled-up light-heavy/cruiserweight.
Rocky fish
Also bowe is Very underated imagine if he trained properly and stayed away from cakes
Rod Nelson
Evander should have continued to box and not gotten overconfident.
Ron tron
This Version of Riddick Bowe would give lennox lewis problems 50 50 fight I think, as for Mike Tyson every Boxing scholar would rate Tyson below Lewis cus every time Tyson came up against a great heavy weight he lost.
Samore Toure
Bowe was a hell of a fighter and champion showed heart against nut puncher golota .
Sergei Jefimov
Holyfield 100%
Sibusiso Mdlalose
Why wont people accept when their beloved fighter loses. Tyson lost to Douglas, Holyfield lost to Bowe. Ali lost to fights, no excuse necessary you lost and that it. You are given months to prepare. You can't have excuses...
Simon derge
Riddick. Next to mike tyson my favorit boxer ever.
Stephen O Connell
Terrible commentary
Sub Zero
Holyfield was done by round 4
Terrance Burton
Tupac in the crowd lol thats my dog i remember watchin this fight when i was ten years old i was to happy to see pac in the crowd of this fight
Thomas Scott
Never saw that lightning right from Bowe and neither did E.H. Big heart and skill from both fighters.
Traore Souleymane
Traveling Tal
Holyfield literally fought without a Heart that night. Any lesser man would have gone into Cardiac arrest.
yeah, It does appear that Holyfield was sick it was like he couldn't catch his wind.
William Tsunku
Goldberg attacks Brock Lesnar\nGoldberg gets brutally honest about Brock Lesnar: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016\nTOP 5 RIDDICK BOWE KNOCKOUTS\nRiddick Bowe KOs Evander Holyfield This Day November 4, 1995
Wiseoldman 12
holyfield a true warrior 👑
Wolf Man
This is not hep A or flu. This is the side effect of PEDs.
Bei der Stimme bekomme ich Gänsehaut 💪👍Das wahren noch echte Kämpfe! 👍💪💪💪💪
bülent iyigün
hassiktir resmen satmış maçı..
elli bull
Bowe is a true worrier. He was punished really bad by Golota.Never gave up.
hm Silva
Happy cuz that short right hand wasn't in my head; )
jo humainification
miss you BIG DADDY!
john jahred
Roided Evander Holyfield
john richards
I wish Bowe had fought Lewis and knocked his ass out without avoiding the challenge by throwing the belt in the trash can
jonny Bee
loss to a great fighter.then i hear he loss all is money to gambling.some people were born to be a looser.very sad.the question is.why would you want to gamble to win money you are already rich.not making sense?
When I met Evander Holyfield in the early to mid 80s he was fighting as a light heavyweight. I couldn't believe how much bigger he got after he moved up to heavyweight.
julius ceasar
bowe had a foreign substance in his forehead crease
Holyfield - his traps are ridiculous. Clearly a steroid junkie
m wolf
Watch first minute or so,u will see how holyfield should have fought ever fight.none of the dig fights that made him famous, if he moved and used jab and handspeed,especially in Ruiz fights or James Toney fights,those guys couldn't have touched him
Evander needed more defense, then, he would of had Riddick!
michael truthson
Michael Buffer intros just brings out the fighter in me and I can't fight worth a damn.
Bowe had such talent , but didn’t have the drive of others. Here he almost looks flabby compared to muscular Holyfield. He was a big guy which gave Holyfield trouble. Holyfield should have moved around more
Why do people rant about tyson who did he really beat as soon as he fought holyfield and lewis he was outclassed
randy brooks
Holyfield blew that fight he had Riddick hurt and he didn't finish him off he let him recover from the knock down and in return he knocked out Holyfield, this is why when you have your opponent hurt you suppose to jump all over him and finish him off, lesson learned.
ray ray miles
ref was on his game, I wish all refs could be like this....Perfect
holyfield got better and better as the 90s went on!
Holyfied is the best fighter at heavy weight ever. You have to realized this. Holy is only a 187# fighter undefeated he move to heavy weight 204# at 6.1 and fought super heavy,weight. Bowe here was 280 at 6.9” few month before. So he rehydrated back to that on fight night. That a 86 # weight handecap That the same as a bantam 118 # fighter fighting a 210 lb fighter in slug fast. \nForman was also a 268 # fighter at weight in. Who know what he rehydrated too.\nLook at GGG who will not move up to 167#. 7#\nHe beat up tyson bad. Then he knock out James buster in 1 round. He train with tua for tyson and beat him up, he fought all the heavy mean hard hitter. And the small man knock them out. He illregular heart beat was the reason why he lost his last 2 fight to bowe and Lewis. He the best and deserve it. Don’t wait till he dead to say it. As they all way do.
Holyfield gave his all. Riddick Bowe knew he had a great mountain ⛰ to climb beating Holyfield. I believe this fight could have gone either way. A younger Holyfield maybe could have taken Riddick out \nAnyway WOW 😮 what a bruiser of a fight. Just like old school stuff flying fists 👊🏻 and canvas drops to the floor on both sides
Joe Cortez is the best ref!
Бек Узбек
ريدك يستاهل الفوز .
Talking about primes, Roy jones #1, no one can hurt him that's how quick he was