EVE Online Newbros Gameplay - Station Keeping - Part 2

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- Rykursar -
This is a very old version of EVE online. The interface and icons even in the character menu has changed a lot.
Abdul Moiz
@bovsgwi yeah you go that right BTW! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted --\u003e bit.ly/144Qv60?=ykouy
Adrian Harasim
the person wanted for billions speaks polish
Alex Fossard
So I was on the website and it said 14 day free trial....can I still play afterwards?
Alexia Knightwalker
Dang! The things that they have on sale are bloody expensive. 😂
The Eagle more closely represents the holy roman empire or prussia than America
Andreas Van Der Merwe
So how did u get outa u4 ship plzz
Angel Morales
Angry Bird
After you said that i realized that Amarr is probably descendants of islam. The democracy Vs the religion fanatics (considering somehow americans dont recognize themselves as religious fanatics).
You are making a good job of this.
Auzzi Soda
Who would be crazy enough to not want to walk around a space station
B-Rad So Rad
two episodes in and you still havent played
Ben Linser
I think that's the point of his comment.... It was meant more as a joke...\n
Björn viðar Aðalsteinsson
isk means icelandic kronur. eve is a game made by an icelandic company :) they wanted to incorporate something in the game to show that and thus they put real currency into the game :)
Brady Foster
This let's play got me to download and try the game. I am just about to go into the massive universe... what have I gotten myself into now. ;) My name in game is Alistair Kalkoken.
My experience with Global Trading Networks in MMO's is... mixed at best. At best I've been able to unlock stuff that have been locked, at worst I've cursed the air the greedy folk breathe.
I love small content creators
Because the game had MANY problems that needed to be fixed, and the players wanted them to focus on those rather than focus on \
Colin Mcleod
I was looking at a EVE gameplay, but was thrown into a large political debate.
David Mather
lol bountys are like wild west pissed a guy off so much he put all his money into a bounty to kill me killed him agin put even more in till I let my brother play :(
The idea is old .. several years .. the idea was to make us able to walk around together in station renting bars where you could drink beer and have Small games you could play with eachother Sorta like risk and bett isk and ships .. you could have Exotic dansers ect . but they only ever added the captains quarters before leaving that idea again .. so basicly its useless
Dustin Nunyo
That sucks your not going to be able to walk around the station :( I was kind of waiting for them to finish that feature...lol
Flava Flave
He says never ever get in the bounty office yet he currently has a moderate sized bounty on him lol.
i was rotfl when he said god forbid your capsule gets destroyed
Wow, I haven't seen that interface in years!
theres just no gameplay
Giovanni Saltini
+J2JonJeremy Do you still play EVE?
Greg Coffin
.dr who much
Grey Badger
So the devs were going to let you walk around stations and the players came out against the idea? did I understand that right?  Forgive me speaking from a completely uneducated standpoint, but what could be wrong with being able to walk around the stations. Sounds great.
Hazza Gaming
Because EVE players want a more professional game play.
Ivan Feng
Funny, since your statement is shit. I was just pointing it out to StarcraftOakley that Jordan don't want to be the Amarr, SHERLOCK! By the way, if you haven't noticed, I am replying to you at 12:00 AM.
JP gameZ
Boring cus U talk to much
James Wichterman
Wow if that were the real world life would be beautiful for yoububers... xD
When he starts the Tutorial. Probably the next episode.
No offense, and I know I'm late, but if you still make videos, I have some feedback for you.\n\nYou talk too much. We don't need 10 minutes of history when you can just explain it faster. Me and my dad were trying to look at EVE Online gameplay, but the 1st episode was just slow and sluggish. Again, no offense.
Khaled Termanini
i cant even get the game to run for more than a few mins. keep getting the \
Kleanthis Melachroinos
This is the most complicated andthe most awsome game I have ever seen.AAAAALLLL those buttons!
Krzysztof Wende
Lucky The Dragon
Kinda sucks that you get easy money and normal people don't
this is about as interesting as reading a EULA agreement before playing your game :)
woooow long winded -.-\nbut still enjoyable ;D
Misha Leith
Caldari are buisness nerds
Nicholas Caruso
I have a question, if I'm in non security space and there's a guy in my faction. Will he kill me?\n \n Thank you
Nick Harka
Yay alliance warfare in eve online
Going back to the NEX I noticed that Aurum is Latin for Gold. Kinda funny...
Oliver Tilford
Do the clone type go up by scroll or do you haft to fined the exact one you whant cues i have a problem with that.
Oral Ball
+James Douglas 1 trillion isk is at least worth 700K dollars.
They took an entire devolopment cycle for that and it really adds nothing to the game, most players turn it off...
i doubt that, it seems more likely that the Amarr would be descendants of Americans, seeing that they are highly religious.
why, in the world, would players, be against walking from your ship to station ???.. thats epic.. look at your ship from human size perspective.. walk around and see shops and deal with ppl in a pub or something, socialize.. its just fucking bonus... dont have to use it.. all theese dots are for added drama :3 lol.. no but realy ..
Samuel Rocha García
Jesus! Almost an hour and no gameplay yet?
Anyone wanna donate some ISK to me?!?! :D
Scott Stephens
u deserve more subs for what u do.....
Sean O'Connell
I hope the next game comes out on ps4
Sgt Invictus
900,000 skill points... Ah for the days that actually covered it. Couple of level 5 skills, 900,000 ain't so much anymore.
I was sitting in the newest rookie help chat and decided to see what enter Captains Quarters did, saw the room and had to ask... I was told it was added because people want to walk around... And now I'm hearing that the same people who wanted to walk around also didn't want to?
aww i was waiting for that! when they added the hole walking in stations when you can play mini games and talk with others sit at the bar and all that! locks like i'm not resubing for some time ):
i may put a bounty on you now\n
Actually, I just was reading some of the lore. Gallente are descendents of French colonists from the Tau Ceti system.
typing in the bounty right now jk
The BruteKiller
In the starter area the prices are inflated to hell, but if you want to guarantee that you can get your stuff sold, sell it lower than the region prices in that area.
The Corsair
Dear J2 pls come back to the universe of EVE & redo your walkthrough pls as some things have changed since publication of the videos
The Xextreem
are you still playing or you stop playing?
A small loan of 35 million isk
Erg, I quit Star Trek because of all the walking around on foot. I was hoping EVE would be a game where I managed a ship and flew around in simulator fashion. If anyone wants to walk around on foot go play a FPS like Dust 514.
A police state huh, Why Because we do not Promote the Idea of Killing ur own people with chemical weapons, If we could we would handle issues in the middle east by talking but our planet is full of people who don't look at their history, The Sands of the Middle east are stained with thousands of years of warfare, We, America are just trying to stop that bloodshed because we feel as a nation that the shedding of blood, of ur own people is beyond Demonic. Stand up for terrorists go ahead.
6:17 \
Resources. While your characters dick is being rendered in 5 million different shades and his favorite sex toy is looking realistic on his bedside table the ships, content, playability etc suffers.\n\nThe first instalment of walking in stations had us undocking with modules randomly turned off, sensor glitches etc for 3 weeks. Ship were not balanced and frankly the game was SHIT. People play eve to fly spaceships and blow shit up as a priority.
Maybe Eve pkayers are kinder than most?.......lol
Tyrone White
Would have enjoyed a \
Yasar Zulfiqar
@nerlidb yeah i agree def a top 10 AND! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted --\u003e bit.ly/17uYYxK?=tfkvj
Who ever donated to this guy, 10/10 for donations!
Seems legit.
Wait, if this was made in 2003, how does it have such good graphics! Did they update it or something?
i'm probobly too late, but here's what i'd do,and,this is me and my preferences, i'd go caldari for the faction and the....cavir or whatever they're called the oens in the middle the ones that start with a c, basicly the soldier. and i'd have a male one. so, if your looking to make your guy based on others builds than there's mine, well...sort of....
The players didn't really resist. CCP has a habit of putting something in the game that's half finished and mostly useless and then they never return to improve upon the feature. Players wanted it done right. \n\nCCP also realized it was going to take a lot more time and work to finish stations to the point where it would be what people wanted. Walking in stations will be in game at some point, it will probably be years.
There is _still_ a bounty on boom boom longtime. What a wonderful game this is.
when do you actually do something in this game?
the problem is, the part with all the shops and pubs and what not don't exist. the only part you can walk around in is that small space you saw in that video, its called 'captain's quarters' and the reason most people don't use it is because the novelty wears off and you still only socialize through the chat channel's. There is a door that is meant to have all the socializing and meeting other capsuleers (and mercs from dust 514!) but it won't open, been there ages and it's kind of annoying....
jefferson keathley
Everything in space seems so.. dark... Like add some neon green and yellow
too bad we must pay to play the game :(
landon mauney
wow J2JonJeremy you do a hell of a walk through for this game. i was looking to try out eve today. wanted to see what i could learn prior to playing eve. all i can say is i subscribe :P
Hi, I am contemplating starting to play Eve and I've begun by watching your series. Good job by the way :) My two questions, would you reccomend saving up skill points untill I am able to get social? (Since I do not have more than 5000isk it will take some time). Second, how do you find a good corp to join?
Way too much talking
I like these EVE lets plays that people do but the artificial acceleration of the early game by cash injection from viewers skews the perception somewhat. It makes sense for pvp focussed channels where the donated ISK enables them to make more content as they don't have to spend long earning to buy a new ship. I don't want to sound like a whiner by any means it is just a little out of focus when within a day of starting you have more ISK than most newbies will have in the first few weeks or even month of playing because they don't yet know the get-rich-quick methods yet. Anyhow I'll keep watching the series, just thought I'd give my opinion. Keep it up you're a great commentator.
tom bald
Is the game still active?\n
wild Dropz
isk=íslensk króna