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Aatreyee Bhattacharya
Almost all the comments are like, I woke with ________\n😂😂
AlexGames HQ
Also u didn't have to scream in 15 seconds
Amanda VS
This is so easy I can do it in my sleep
Woke up with a white flag and croissants on my hands
Anna Præstholm
Wow, I woke up riding my bike in le Tour de France
Anneli Sears
If I'm supposed to learn while I sleep then why are there visuals?
Any Anny
Can anyone just be serious and tell whether this video works or not????
April Spiteri
I woke up with a baguette in my ear. Is that a side effect?
Didnt learn french but woke up wanting to wear a beret
clock: *ring ring ring*\nme: OMELETTE DU FROMAGE!\nclock: *stops ringing in disappointment*\nme: omelette... du fromage??\n**le gasp**\nme: OMELETTE DU FROMAAAAGE!\nbrother: omg why are you screaming? it's 7 o clock, ppl are sleeping.\nme: *shaking brother* OMELETTE DU FROMAGE!!\n*xP... dies*
It worked!! Here we go....\n\nOui oui Baguette Eiffel Tower
Aurora Sparks
I got a Japanese ad before this video
Brandi Moon
I'm playing this while my partner is sleeping in the hope they'll take me out to the French restaurant in town to eat. Update to follow...
Will this give me French wet dreams 🤔
omg i just woke up being flunent in french !......... said no one ever.
I woke up and forgot English.
this comments section reminded me of everything that's good about youtube
Cyrus Vanj Dela Cruz
Can you do a \
Dakoda Burow
Love when he askes *Are you ready?* im like umm im sleeping lol idk
Dan M
all I can say now is omelet du fromage
El Barto
_video ment to be played while you sleep_ \n*-Okay, now, this letter right here...* \n_points the screen_\nDUUUUUUHHHH
Emmett Dogbite
I listened to it the other night and now I'm gay. Well thanks a lot man.
Fake Account
idk if itll help me speak French but the reason it helps me sleep is because i tend to sleep during my French teachers lectures :/
Father 420
Goodnight, I better wake up speaking French.
Fuaad Mahdi
I am from Somalia, my father speaks french very well. but it's very hard to me.\nFrench is weird, if you agree Hit like.
Félix Pinchon
Incroyable, je suis devenu bilingue! Oh wait... I'm French
Grace Platt
Erm instructions unclear I ended up fking my hamster
Hannah Duncan
honestly i swear this works i used it once and now im getting a 95 in french although it is applied french😊 eventhough i do know basic french ppl should try this
I fell asleep. What did he say?
Hedda St.
woke up and i was guillotined by the jacobins
*wakes up*\n\nMom: school time \n\nMe: la presqu'en le ma te te\n\nMom: wth
I Am Wizz
How did I get here and why am I contemplating learning French
Isabelle Worcester
why did he say repeat...I'm supposed to be asleep
Jake Kellem
Fell asleep to this... woke up with a dead phone.
Jake Taboada
I listened to this during the day just to make sure that there is no Subliminal mind control thing I'm so paranoid lol
Jayd Lor
I wish I could dream the visuals in my sleep
Jeffrey D
I listened to this all night and woke up with rotten teeth, thanks
John Regan
How are students supposed to view the slideshow while they are sleeping?
Kay Tor
Omelette du fromage, omelette! Du! Fromage! OMELETTE DU FROMAGE!.... .... Omelette...
One of my earphones fell out and I woke up speaking creole
Kobi Morton
My internet is slow and the video was constantly buffering during the night. My French is now slurred please help.
If you want to learn 1000 French phrases per night. 5 nights to discover 5000 French phrases while you sleep. Then this link might interest you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_xkeif6ct0
Woke up making croissants
Lamia Khandker
This comment section is hilarious
Laura MSP
Instructions unclear, woke up knowing fluent Korean.
I woke up as a baguette is that a side effect
Luka Megurine
I woke up speaking Japanese....... 私は真剣です
Madison Abbey
how the hell am I suppose to pay attention to the slides you're showing if I'm sleeping???
Mariachiara yayy
Did he really spoke for 5 hours?
watching this at 1am so it's more like learning french when you should sleep
Nick Silveira
I woke up and was surrounded by slices of fromage. Did it work?
Nuevo Got That Juice
woke up w a pen in my hand writing the treaty of Versailles
Oliver Price
i woke up screaming NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN!!! (weird)
Orlando Miranda
woke up and then I woke up and then I woke up and then I woke up and then I woke up and then I woke up
woke up and immediatly felt a sudden urge to surrender.
Peter Rodriguez
the hypnotism involved got my whole family, they all go around kill small animals.....with French
Piotr Lachendro
Je n'avais pas parlé français avant j'ai la regardé! Merci beaucoup grand baguette hon hon
instructions weren't clear! somebody to help me!! I woken up this morning not being able to know any language but french!! I'm applying google translator to speak english language!! How do I reverse effect??
Rashmi Prakash
how many of you clicked this expecting the omelette-du-fromage line on repeat
OMG IT WORKS I listened when I was sleeping and when I woke up to say good morning to my parents I said it in French my parents said what the heck r u saying!?!?
I listened to this while sleeping and woke up with my hair double the length it was before and I'm missing a finger...
Sam M
woke up to discover that I got 41,000 men killed at waterloo. damn the seventh coalition!
SOME OF THE COMMENTS MAN I CANT I'M DYING lmfao can't sleep anymore
Shelby Gossett
I swear if I wake up only knowing how to say omelette du fromage.
Shico TV
why am I watching this, I'm already french..
SketchPadsAndPuppieS !
i just wanna learn french because of Lafayette and also im obsessed with france •v•
Swole Jesus
I woke up and surrendered
Tamekia xo
Woke up speaking spanish is that a side effect
*wakes up rapping guns and ships*
around 1:18:29 I thought he kept saying deez nuts lol
I am very skeptical that this will work, but I'm losing nothing so I'm going to sleep now. I hope I don't die, like the rest of the others who seemed to have.\nWish me luck.
The Lylat System
I expect YouTube to freeze, replay \
Thibaut Lefaix
im frensh and i use it for learn english while i sleep.\ncash me out side how bout da?
Tony M
Why was this on my recommended
Virginia J
Why are people trying to understand French while sleeping in one night when they can't master English after years of hearing it when awake?
Vogue Flower
it is 2.44am I am listening to man speak for 5 hours, but instead of learning I'm being distracted by everyone roasting the guy in the comments LOL
Wanjiku Ng'ang'a
Thank you! its all so elaborative, didnt sleep however it works better for me if i follow visually and your voice is just soo calm and thats good
well im not here for the video but the comments have me dying though lol
Yaw Okyere
woke up as the French prime minister
Yousra Palani
If I am sleeping how can I try and use these words in my sleep? You keep saying say this an that
Zach Blackburn
Everybody seems to be waking up speaking different languages.. if thats correct, how are they all commenting in English?
I thought there was going to be a voice whispering \
I was about 10 mins in and drifting off when a Tyler Oakley ad came on and scared the shit out of me
woke up and I was helping Hamilton with the revolution
Merde, j'ai oublié comment parler anglais!
draco malfoy
oui oui mon ami ja m'apelle lafayette\n\naye anyone get my reference?
fernando laurens
this didnt work \u003e:( i started sleep walking and i ended up taking a flight to france and now i am stuck, in france, and i dont even speak french.
gabrielle kalian
I woke up bi but not bilingual
hacked technothief
man i slept like a crossaint
Listened to this in my sleep and learned some french, only 1 sentance though \
Well as the Chinese say, \n\nMan who go to bed with itchy bottom wake up with smelly finger
I think I might've been sleep listening wrong, I woke up knowing fluent English
You sleep, and it sounds a scream at 15:50 No man come on
shane o'mahony
I swear to god of it don't wake up speaking fluent French
Interesting, I woke up speaking perfect english.. I guess it kind of works
z ⸒
wtf when I woke up I was speaking Sumerian, Latin, the computer language (with binary numbers) and some ancient alien languages but I couldn't speak French. pls help \n0101001010111100110101111010101001010101011101010101010011111001011001101010101001011100101011111010100101001
I woke up and i learned to say cyka blyat, what i did wrong
•Talia •
Um instructions unclear I woke up speaking Turkish.