Telltale Games Shuts Down, Developers Laid Off Without Severance, Walking Dead Cancelled

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*Kara* Cross
A 360
The fact that people were hired a week ago is insane especially with them moving across the country. That type of management is wrong it's appalling how they handled this whole thing.
Adam Devine
Someone's gotta start a gofundme or something for a fan-made the walking dead final season.
Aidan sucks at games
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I was looking forwards to game of thrones season 2, I WILL NEVER HAVE CLOSER, NEVER
Airborne Artillery
Well *Fans will remember that*
An Average Guys That Watches
After seeing telltale shutting down...\n\nMy life has no meaning anymore T_T
Awesomeman 3226
and of course they’re still working on Minecraft story mode...
Barf Guy
Lol XD
Ben Chenery
Wait? So their big finale of the Walking Dead isn't going to be completed, the Wolf among us 2 isn't happening, and no more Batman?! I wanted to continue those stories and see where they went!
Chickens for the Chicken god
*fans will remember that*
Chris M
doesn't surprise me. their quality of games was getting worse. season 3 of the walking dead was sooo buggy and glitchy compared to the first season which had hardly any problems. 3rd season was also really short compared to the first 2. their games were also too expensive for interactive stories that basically ended the same no matter what choices you made. I always waited until they were at least half off on the season pass.
Cinnamon Panda
Im sorry but...when your game is ONLY story driven...well they wont sell as much because there is youtube
Cory Fice
I guess all those licensed games have finally caught up with them.
Critical Nobody
While this sucks for those affected and I wish all the employees well, I can’t say I’m surprised by this news given that TTG quickly became the game developer equivalent of Guitar Hero.
Crystal Clarity 1011
THIS IS BULLCRAP TO MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n😭😭 I need meh clementine...batman..... And mine craft story mode 😭😭
*it should’ve been EA*
DNA Zoom
Walking dead final season wasn’t canceled
They were never games, c'mon.
Depression . com
I honestly doubt anyone would buy telltale at this point. TWD season 4 only has 2 episodes left, so they’d make little to no money off of it unless they decided to continue off after season 4. They could pick up The Wolf Among Us season 2 and Batman season 3, but it’s unlikely since they already have a story set to follow and can’t change that.
Seems like everyday, there just seems to be more and more stories of employees going in to work, only to be told 30 mins later that the company or workplace is going under. Higher ups get plenty of time to prepare and get things in order, but leave the employees high and dry. I don't know if there's legislation out there that's supposed to prevent this, but it either needs to be created, or enforced more.
Praying they finish twd final season instead of Minecraft
Dr Mobius
They should've moved out of San Francisco first of all. They couldve made a deal with a decent housing complex in a cheaper state. California is not the friendliest place for businesses in general and why thousands of people move out of the state annually. It's far cheaper to live outside of the state and drive to work than to live in the same building. Especially San Francisco where shitty apartments cost more than a million in rent alone.
Dylan Ryan
*Everyone Will Remember That*
Edward Ubeda
I hate how Telltale decided to finish Minecraft story instead of The Walking Dead
Elizabeth Jasmine Nino
Batman telltale was my favorite, and I'm truly sad that this and every other telltale game was cancelled and shut down :( *We will remember that.*
FATEd Pondera
For all the people who are all \
Forever Smith
No they said they was gonna finish the season before they quit
Frøsty Wøøds
Clementine is angry
Gamessios M
What about the people that paid season pass?
Harami Salami
Just a quick info for y'all: telltale games announced on twitter that they will still finish the final season of the walking dead under another company. All of the scripts and recordings are alredy done, so only the programming has to be finished.
Hard Boiled
So... will we be perpetually trapped in cliffhanger?
I'm Onya Food
I wish they would have finished walking dead first 😑😑😑😑
This is such a sad letdown.
Jesus Da Lawd
You chose to keep minecraft \n\n\n\n\n\n\nClementine will remember that
JesusHentaiChrist Ye
They can look for work at Macdonald's
Joey Faircloth
Nooo! I was really looking forward to the next Game of Thrones game!
John Anon
The managers should be held criminally liable when it doesn't even give severance, when it hires people then lays off everyone a week later. Unfortunately the reality is the poor managers will probably have to go home jobless with a mere few million severance and live off a megre multi-million dollar salary for the remaining year as per their contract. JUST A GUESS BASED ON AUTOMOTIVE JERKS IN 2008 AND THE DOT COM BUBBLE BURST SEVERAL YEARS EARLIER.
Jorgos Gustavus
im mad i just wasted 21€
My profile pic is me right now.
Kyle Yuen
Yong: Narrative driven story games are better than microtransaction games and will do better\n*NARRATIVE DRIVEN GAME DEVELOPER TELLTALE GAMES SHUTS DOWN FROM NOT GETTING ENOUGH MONEY*\nBeing serious it is sad how such a promising studio with such interesting and good properties had such a terrible thing happen to it, being in the start of TWD Final season, such a shame we'll never get to see them and of The wolf among us
honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if SJW's is part of what the inner office politics was about.
_That's capitalism!_
Lunar Kiti
*You left the community feeling vengeful*
Macros R Us
“Lee will remember that”
Majin Silver
The saddest part about this is that season 4 of walking dead is not gonna end and they cant refund the money
Matt Burland
Meowastrophe :3
So... no refunds for the people who purchased the game?
*They will remember that*
Mitchell Berndt
Naughty dog should buy telltale games. You can imagine the story’s they could up with
This sucks. I was laid off and had a heads up notice, and it was a still difficult transition for me to a new job. I wish the best to all these people who were let go. I can't imagine what they are going through.
Needleworker's Realm
The thing with the refunds for season passes is, that it probably depends on how season passes classify legally or rather, what the buying contract looks like.\nAs an example:\n- If you put it in simple terms, you could say that buying a season pass gives you access to all the games in that lineup that come out in that season. If say, 3 are planned but only 1 comes out...well then the season only has one game and that's all that the pass can cover. -\nI am not at all claiming this to be the truth/case here, but as one can see from this example, it's really not self explainatory that people will get a refund for a season pass. Really depends on the nitty-gritty legal stuff in the contract.\nI guess the situation would look different if it were pre-orders instead of season passes, but even then, if they file for bankruptcy, there's no money to be had either way.\n\nAlthough I must admit I don't quite understand how a company can file bankruptcy and at the same time keep on working on a project. Or not have filed bankruptcy just yet, but gets away with not paying their employees their severance.\nWould be thankful if someone could explain that one to me. (I never learned about the USA's laws when it comes to companies and workforce.)
Nick Hamblin
Very sad that Telltale, or rather their management, lost their way. Season 1 of The Walking Dead was one of my all time favourite gaming experiences, & even before that Tales of Monkey Island was a solid entry. Not all the franchises they did were my cup of tea, & I think it's fair to say that the formula did need freshening up, but it was clear that there were some talented people involved with a focus on story perhaps better crafted than anyone else out there. I guess all we can hope for now is that some of the developers can find new homes & are able to tell new stories, even if only at a smaller studio with a start up spirit. Gaming has become so popular that it's now saturated with games so situations like this seem even more likely than before, but it's still a golden age & there is room for small teams to put out unique games if they have something to offer.
Positively Negative
I’ve always hated TellTale but this is something else.. I don’t want to see people treated like this, ever. The LEAST they could’ve done is given their employees a heads up before throwing them out the door. I’m not glad that 250 people now have no jobs but I hope this serves a lesson to the incompetent management that caused this mess.
Potato Crisp
Oh boy. This is about to become a shit show with a lot of people that are going to have an axe to grind. Not to mention that is one seriously incompetent group of higher ups.
Prime Master
Did people actually like the telltale games? I've played many and never finished any of them because of how boring they are. Honestly I'm kinda glad it shut down, no more QTE simulator games.
Prinegon Bevaris
When hearing this I wonder about the legal situation at the companies location, especially if management could be charged with delayed filing of insolvency. I mean, if you hire new people a week before bankrupcy, this is a fair question, isn't it?
Wolf Among Us 2 RIP
Quiet Rage
*See's video on Walking Dead final season*\nThis actullay looks really good!\n*Telltale shuts down and game cancelled*\nALRIGHTY THEN
Raprot Gaming2
About those pre-orders... This just goes to show you should *never* pre-order games, even if it may support the company.
No Telltale's tales from the borderlands 2!!!!! NO!
The walking dead's not actually dead! check their twitter if you haven't. thank the lord :D
About time, I hated TTG, boring games that everyone seemed to drool over. Everytime a new game by them released, all id see around every corner of YouTube or game stores were WAU, TWD, or more. I never understood the appeal of buying a game and just pressing one of 3 options to see a cutscene. \nGood riddance in my opinion but I guess all of you who actually enjoyed the games are probably torn, hopefully youll find better outlets for fun
Sean Zielinski
Telltale games were trash anyway, but that isn’t right what they did to their employees at all. I hope the employees can take the company to court
They just had to waste season 3 on making Javier and bratty Gabe's shit story. SIGHHHH.
No! I still wanted Tales From The Borderlands Season 2! I guess it will forever be a cliff hanger...
Never liked or played this series so I dont care lol
Stop Motion Epicness
Dangit! I really wanted Batman season 3
Tas Farkas
*Telltale Games will remember that*
Tea Time ASMR
*Your relationship with Minecraft has changed*
The Freak Show
Dont worry guys telltale is working with some of there partners to finish walking dead season 4 before it shuts down forever
The Jingo
Damn I want my walking dead final season
The Rice Fields
*the internet will remember that*
The Specialist
No sales = Layoffs sigh times are bad even Telltales are not spared...
The Wavy Wun
Although their season pass sales model was never going to be sustainable l knew this would thoughts go out to the devs, losing a job this suddenly is never easy
The World's Biggest Fan
*Clementine Will Remember That*
Timmy loves cupcakes
Tom Brearley-Smith
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
I don't know about the other IPs, but the art direction that was taken for The Walking Dead was terrible.\nIt just doesn't look good, and made it difficult to play or watch.\n\nBecause of that I didn't even look at the other IPs from this studio.\n\nAfter watching this video and learning the way management treated their devs, I'm not surprised that it has gone bust.\n\nI feel for the devs though - this is a bad example of employment practice. The people that lost their jobs in this way should have been given a severance, it's shocking that the company can get away with such criminality. Employment law needs reviewing
See what y’all game pirates did? Pay, damnit!
Kenny will remember that
EDIT: Well, this tragically came out of the blue, though I guess the writing was on the wall looking back. Really hope all those afflicted manage to land on their feet.\n\nEDIT 2: Woops, meant to say Gamasutra at the beginning, not Gematsu.\n\nShow your support on or! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on for the latest updates.\n\nTOP PATRONS\n[CIPHER]\n - Munchman\n - Thelionsam\n - Shawn Duane Cottrell\n[BIG BOSS]\n - SolidJake\n - Alex Moretti\n - Vin Giorgio\n - Casual Ninja\n[BOSS]\n - Matthew Szalkiewicz\n - Peter \n - Zander Rose\n - Joel Wesley Salyer\n - John A Perez\n - justconst\n - comfyHat\n - Jonathan Ball\n - Michael Redmond\n[LEGENDARY]\n - Ryan Daniel Brown\n - SweGabe\n - David Doty\n - Michael P. Reid\n - oh2on2\n - Mark Taylor\n - Christopher Davis Kildahl\n - Jade Rose\n - Prismat Dragoon\n - Darien Cunningham\n - Teemu Hattukangas\n - Princess Stabbity\n - Jake Betts\n - Pawel Dziemian
Yuck Fou
Well...\nI guess I won’t know how my sweet pea and goofball will survive
[3 Cygnus]
The Walking Dead will be the best game in TellTale Game history... Thanks to TellTale Game because made The Walking Dead game... We will remember The Walking Dead history... We will miss Clem and everyone...💜
blue blur 64
WTF people who got the pass should get a refund !!!!!!!
cRinGeY JeSUs
*your relationship with telltale fans have changed*
fx Gamer
I hope all their games become free then since they are Closing.
hamada98765 yup
Well thats mean there is no episode 3 and 4 of the Walking Dead
Episodic gameplay is frustrating - I'll bet that affected sales or every company would be doing it.\n\n\n\nThe average age of gamers is getting higher. We have full time jobs, if we sit down to play a game over a weekend or two we want to be able to finish it, not wait another month for the next chapter. So the best idea for busy gamers is to wait for the whole game to be released. Unfortunately for TTG that's when the hype is down (so you forget all about it in favour of the next new game) and when it's cheaper (losing the company money). The entire model was flawed.
i fucking pre-ordered the walking dead 2 months ago and now this happends :/ :(
at least we can say clem and AJ's story ended with both of them being alive and around people their age 😢👌
Can the developers report Telltale for unfair dismissal?
the ghost gamer 2017
We can start a gofundme for telltale and give them the money
tom boy
That's really sad to hear. I've always enjoyed telltale games.
*Fans will remember that*