Best Female Vocal Drum and Bass Mix 2017

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I love this playlist! Specially the first song.....OMG the lyric just talks to me. I wanna be immortal, like a god in the sky! Beautiful! \u003c3
Abandon Ship
Man…these mixes. So much to explore. Keep it up!
Alex ByDubai
45:58 - someone start pissing
Andi Haryadi
Angela Ziegler
Oh fuk that's me
Arturo Jara
I love drum and bass
Axx United
This inspired me to write The Demoxes series
Big Iron
i gave it a like, but just for the first song. rest of the mix is trash in my opinion, everything sounds same as the others except the first song.. damn i hate those remixes where only 1 song is probably 1 of the best songs out of this genre out of 15 tracks..
Bloody Kalash
I wanna be immortal\nLike a god in the sky\nI wanna be a silk flower\nLike I’m never gonna die\nI wanna live forever\nForever in your heart\nAnd we’ll always be together\nFrom the end to the start\n\nThat’s what we do it for\nTo reserve a place\nIt’s just another part of the human race\nThat’s what we do it for\nTo reserve a space\nIn history it’s just\nPart of the human race\nRace, race, race, race\n\nI’m forever chasing after time\nBut everybody dies, dies\nIf I could buy forever at a price\nI would buy it twice, twice\nBut if the earth ends in fire\nAnd the seas are frozen in time\nThere’ll be just one survivor\nThe memory that I was yours and you were mine\nEverybody dies\nChasing after time\n\nWhen you love somebody\nThey’ll always leave too soon\nBut a memory, a memory\nCan make a flower bloom\nWe wanna be remembered\nDon’t wanna live in vain\nBut nothing lasts forever\nThis world is in a losing game\n\nI wanna mean something to somebody else\nFeel a significance in the real world\nIt’s not enough to live out a lucky life\n\nI’m forever chasing after time\nBut everybody dies, dies\nIf I could buy forever at a price\nI would buy it twice, twice\nBut if the earth ends in fire\nAnd the seas are frozen in time\nThere’ll be just one survivor\nThe memory that I was yours and you were mine\nEverybody dies\nChasing after time\n\nNo, I don't wanna be afraid, afraid to die\nI just wanna be able to say that I have lived my life\nOh, all these things that humans do\nTo leave behind a little proof\nBut the only thing that doesn’t die is love\n\nI’m forever chasing after time\nBut everybody dies, dies\nIf I could buy forever at a price\nI would buy it twice, twice\nBut if the earth ends in fire\nAnd the seas are frozen in time\nThere’ll be just one survivor\nThe memories of our life time**2\nEverybody dies\nChasing after time\n\nSo keep me alive\nSo keep me alive\nSo keep me alive
Syberian Beast meets Mr.Moore - Wien и первый трек. Они у меня в топе.\nМикс получился!
Nothing calms me down more than music whenever I'm going through something. This is amazing.
Cath Rainbow
first song is Marina Diamond - I wanna be immortal :3
Love that first song!
Chris Smith
Very uplifting
Christopher Johnstone
Give the girls a like and subscribe, it puts you in a good mood.
отличный микс, плюсую!!! отдельная благодарность @roman moore aka MewOne за первый трек этого сета!!!
sick mix!!!
Crazy Pilot
It's really nice. :3
Just Love \u003c3
Daniel Ram
GURU G FOUNDATION - Golden (Mr Frenkie rmx) is a solid track!
David d'Arc
Female vocal is the best \u003c3
Dezzert Eagle
i wanna be immortal...
Супер, спасибо за подборку. Поставил лайк, подписался на канал, добавил в \
Evlogs 2 Music
Beautiful voice
How dare you to put 3 adv. blocks inside it???????? Gold Digger!
14:57 \
Tracklist:\n1.[00:00] Marina and the Diamonds - Immortal (MewOne!, Syberian Beast Remix)\n2.[03:40] Rameses B - We Are One (Ft. Veela)\n3.[06:55] Neutralize ft. Emily Underhill - Shining Through The Light\n4.[11:42] GURU G FOUNDATION - Golden (Mr Frenkie rmx)\n5.[16:36] Electro-Light & Jordan Kelvin James - Wait For You (feat Anna Yvette)\n6.[20:25] Ian Carey Project - Shot Caller (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)\n7.[25:18] Jayceeoh - Elevate (Mashd N Kutcher Remix)\n8.[28:24] NCT - Golden Hour (feat. Deuce Charger)\n9.[32:11] Ayah Marar - Keep Me Up (prod. by Metrik)\n10.[35:08] Chew Lips - Karen (Netsky Remix)\n11.[40:35] Jakwob - Right Beside You (Etherwood Remix)\n12.[45:27] Ozma & Mellon feat. Avenax - iLove\n13.[50:05] Broken Elegance - Infinity\n14.[55:37] Boombox Cartel & QUIX - Supernatural (TOP $HELF REMIX)\n15.[58:54] S2Noise - Calcite
Galahat Photo
Insta gib
Jesus Marduk
nice stuff, pump the frequencies along the galaxy ^^
Joshua Prescott
Can we get a black or brown skin cover???? Not so one dimensional
Juwelz Parisi-Monroe
If you don't like Drum ND Base, just put this on! I bet, you'll like this Drum and Base , light , no hardcore , just what a heart wants sometimes , just what my soul and my body is asking for 🦄😘☝️🤗
Kags _
I see the picture and I've heard the first 5 seconds. You have my upvote sir.
That moment when you are super into the song, dancing across the room, loud music ripping the air and then sudenly female hygiene product ad. LOL
aw daayeemn! awesome intro song.
Latisha Roberts
Loveislord Aahdooblah
LoveisLord 😇🙏😈🚀🇺🇸
Manavai Tixier
Best Song ~ Immortal ~
Marco Ulbricht
my neighbours now hearing this track for the 3rd time in a row xD\nlove it!
Martin Wiese
I wanna be Immortal\n\nLike a God in the skyy.. \u003c3
Maxi G.
Im so inlove with the first music\u003c3 damm so epic!:D
Michal Opluštil
That start is awesome
Milan Milan
I usually listen to music while working and it gives me nice background to concentrate on what I do without paying much attanetion to what I hear. Sometimes I notice one song in the background because it is exceptional. Usually it is one, max two songs in 1-2 hours remix. This remix is exceptional in that I have found almost every song exceptional. Thanks. The downside of this - I cannot use it as background music :-)
Mr. Frankenstein
iLove Drum and Bass :)
Beautiful art. \u003c3
Самый любимый альбом,раз наверное 20 слушал и слушаю в каждый удобный момент.Спасибо за лучшее! :)
Nemo Lucas
The pic looks like Elementalist Lux from the game League of Legends. \u003c3
Nexus Designs
very amazing music!
This shiet...\n It some good shiet
Noah Cremers
Right at the start, everytime, I get goosebumps
nice mixes! Sub'd :) Keep up the good work!
Paul M Davies
No Fred v and Grafix??? travesty
[06:50] Neutralize ft. Emily Underhill - Shining Through The Light -------- What a DRUG!
im subbing for the main fact that you put the song names in the description. thank you!
Robert Lahovsky
My neighbors love this mix so much that they threw a brick into my window so they could hear it better..:)
Roman Moore
О, первый трек написал я :)
Romano Collatz
Nice one, God bless You\nSuper Bravo
Ross Sullivan
God I was hoping there would be none of that nightcore vocal shit in this mix....whats wrong with just natural female vocals?? seriously!
49:35 my favourite one!
Sanya Denil
Chew Lips - Karen (Netsky Remix) зашло. на репите
Sascha Tews
Thx for the great hour .The best mix to Gaming . Love it
Sergei Ignatov
Первая половина Супер!!!!
Thousend thanks that u published this AWESOME mix! Listening to it like the 100th time! Lovely songs in there!
Stake and Chips Gambling Channel
Listening to this daily !! Banging set of tunage !!! 🙂
The Mic of Mike
Totally Ahri.
Undead Phoenix
After a night without sleep i just look at this face and... God... It moves...
Vigen Kosakyan
Я каждый раз слушаю и оху-аю как хорошо - ---- - и жить хочется....))))))))!!!!!!!!
Vilmantas Gavenas
Nice vocal I love it
Vitaliy Malikov
Само сильно зашел 4 трек прям отдуши. Поеду под эту подборку, в межгород по степям только 1 дорога и никого вокруг. \nI just wanna be with you, be with you, be with you\nDay and night\nBe with you, only you, all for you\nAll my life, my music, my poems\nIt's all for you\nBe with you I'm for real only you
WALOT 1982
Beautiful music greetings from Polish :D
everyone loves Mercy/Lux
Zbigniew Styn
Ta muza oświetla mi duszę naprawde imponujące
сука первая шедевр побольше бы таких ура бля на........................
andrew kirov
Одна из лучших... да чего уж там - лучшая, на мой вкус, сборка в данном направлении музыки!!!)))) Респектище креатору!!!)))
me like female
chris richards
first tune is nice ....
crash & kill
те кто дизлайк поставил ничего в качественной красивой музыке не понимают
dOX shin
that img take me here thx for your upload nc songs :D
best female vocal for guys who never heard wooman's voice
illuminat /\\
крутяк как сказал бы бедняков
max unstoppable
S2Noise - Calcite лучший трек!
william b
I swear... if I here one more commercial about moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
Артем Савенков
MewOne! :3\n\nMew
Грязный Гарри
Ozma Mellon feat. Avenax - iLove просто шикарный трэк, это самый настоящий шедевр!
Евгений Фил
Хрен знает, сколько еще раз нужно это прослушать, чтобы перестать.
Мирослав Шевчук
Павел Мурашко
прикольное музлишко ) побольше бы )
Пиздец раз 300 переслушал) ПУШКА нарезка ! в кс под неё ! плачут враги! 4 человека подтянул на канал твой! всем нравится!
Сергей Булатов
первый трек можно?
Ярослав А
Не могу остановиться слушать!\niLove drum'n'bass!\nЛучшая подборка famale vocal, imho! Thx!