Black Sun Empire @ The World Of DrumBass, Moscow 2015

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Record: 19.09.2015TC Group represents new production of the legendary World Of Drum&Bass festival called Another Reality. Uncompromising rave atmosphere combined with the most outrageous music in the world provided by the best world stars and insane light show by Hardline 77 will open the gates to another reality that we will create together! World Of Drum&Bass is one of the greatest festivals in the wold of dance music. It has twelve-year history of performances in more than 25 countries! World wide known rave stars, unique performances, gigantic scenery, dozens of laser beam machines, hundreds of light devices, thousands of raised hands – all of this is the most popular and successful Drum&Bass rave in the world!Join us social networks:

Black Sun Empire (Record Producer) Drum And Bass (Musical Genre) LIVE Moscow Radio Revolution Radio Russia

!?! + letter
unfair need passport to go to the gig, if not so will be there in 8 hours
если бы еще эта макака не орала вообще супер было
André Ribeiro
13:30 name please 😄
Antonio Gonzalez-Anaya
9:05 ?\n10:55 ?\n35:57 ?
Arson Fujiwara
Why is there a mc talking???????????????
36:05 pls people!! :)
Chris R.
Note to myself, gotta visit Moscow one day.
Daniel Szabo
David Dallos
rather no MC next time pls
Demian Cortinovis Gil
tracklist ?
Denis X
Этот по пираткам ездит, а те двое в студии сидят и видеоуроки пилят) Вот тебе и трио.
Diego Lopez
36:00?, 46:00?
Dieter Van Steenwinkel
id? 44:00
стивен сигал ебашит нейро? :O
Eugene Park
so good
Flat Earth is Retarded
That has to be the most obnoxious MC i have ever heard.
Gergő Szabó
track list?? :D
2:30 кто знает ? неактуально сам нашёл Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Pull The Trigger
If I were an epileptic, I'd be dead. You should put a warinig in the description box.
Infected PT
DAAAAAMN that Extrasolar VIP is double drop or some sick remix???
Jim Pilch
that MC ruins it
Julian Goedhals
I don't really mind MC's but when they start to improvise and say random shit 20 times over during a set it really can get on my nerves. On the same note if i'm at the party it doesn't really bother me i try to ignore it, at home listening to live sets is when it starts to make me cringe!
whats the name of the first track ?
Kinnkinn bse
joojjojojo como la lía mi coleta amazing
Kris Rudecki
mc :/ just stfu ... please
Le Veilleur
2:30 what this title please ?
Leila Moreno
Уберите этого орущего уебка
track's name at 39:30?
M Siemons
Muziek draaien van andere, en muziek maken kan hij wel, zoals iedereen, tegenwoordig zo simpel
Marian Pomykacz
Martin Albrecht
song @ 22:34? :)
37:52 sounds great, which track is it?
Nemanja Bulatovic
That column is killing me.
Nikita Kholodov
Groove Hits! The one who knows, understands change.
Niko Bellick
Кто, этого, орущего петуха на сцену выпустил?
Peter Fors
Kick that MC; ruined the show...
Peter Palkovic
10:49 guys pls
Is the MC drunk or something??? He needs to STFU.
Richard Wilson
Name of that wait and bleed tune?
How many times did that DJ sing \
Rynie W
Underrated DJ. Dude is great at DJing as well as making all those amazing neurofunk tunes.
Sarunas Audra
track name at 35.00?
13:15 someone pls
The MindBody Project
Need a tracklisting for this set! It's sick!
need that set! So tense!
kevin Keustermans
c'est la guerrreeeee putain \u003c3
louis james
53.17 id??? dirtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Подскажите, что за трек на 21:48?
puzzle vortex
nice tracks
Does someone know the name of the song at 29:20 ??
steezie wonders
arrrggggh cut tha mic
Track id @ 28:00 pls !!! thanks :)
sorry 15:44 waht's the name?
Łukasz H
MC :|
Αγνωστη Πηγη
Great set!Track at 22:00?
Алексей Болгов
Guys what is on 12:30? Some kind of remix on Slipknot? Track id pls....
Андрей Р
Я жду вашего дальнейшего продвижения в музыке....радостного и такого мощного
Максим Алексеевич
7:06 pls
Миша Каширин
Ss красавчик это вы бл* не врубаетесь не во что ! Mc ss лучшие что есть в этом миксе! Если бы не он вы вообьще ничего не услышали!жду каждый WODB SPB и если бы не SS нечего бы вообьще не было !
Сергей Ермаков
MC дно ска, убейте его