Top 10 Hilarious Jimmy Fallon Show Moments

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He's not funny if you really think about it.
Jimmy Fallon is funny?
Aimee Petersen
Lip Sync with Emma Stone was entertaining, but t!he one with Paul Rudd is HILARIOUS!
Anmol Haans
BEST bromances:I know \nJimmy fallon and justin timberlake \nJames corden and justin bieber
Anthony James
Ben Trethowan
I'm Suprised nip sync battle with terry crews want on here
Billie Whyers
Jimmy Fallon is one of the most talented and entertaining people of our time, and he's adorable 😊!
Bitter Candy
i love jimmy! he's so nice to people and his fans :))
Blue Jeans
Happy 3rd anniversary The Tonight Show
Where is the Jimmy Fallon lip sync with Kevin Hart and Will Ferral? And the skit with Justin at summer camp?? Pfft Watch Mojo failed again
Brittney Johnson
The Camp Winnie skits should be on this list. They're so damn funny! lol Jimmy and JT are comedic gold :)
Bryce Legend
if you don't find him funny doesn't mean others dont either.... so stop with all the hate...... great job WMJ
Cavern stones
I still love the Alan RIckman-off with Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch
lol, good one Watchmojo....wait, you guys were serious?
Chris Li Loia
the lip sync battle with Emma Stone should be #1 bc her rendition of \
Christina Stork
*Jimmy & Nicole Kidman* That was funny, awkward and adorable to watch.\n*Lip Snyc Battle feat. Emma Stone* Even then I thought she was a great lip syncer and it all came full circle when she rocked out to 'I Ran' in 'La La Land.'
Concept Creator
I really didn't like the Emma Stone lyp sinc battle at all.. Looked akward xD
Cortland Mass
How is the Kevin Hart roller coaster not on here? That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen
Daniel Radcliffe's rap should've been on here
Jimmy Fallon isn't \
hahhh i love tv
Darlene Koehler
Why doesn't the commentator just shut up so you can watch and hear the whole scene without her jumping in and commenting!
people complaining about Fallon when Kimmel is worse
Eric Belton
Conan is better
Esteban Miranda
That khaleesi bit was so hilarious I’m glad WM thought so too LOL
Evan Nakagawa
People are so salty in the comments lol. If you don't like Jimmy Fallon, you don't have to watch
Felix Volpe
Daniel Radcliff's alphabet rap!
Gabriel Ayo
If you don't like can always skip💀🙄
Galey Neever
Number one should’ve been when jimmy messed up Donald trumps hair😂
Hristo Micev
6:47 \
I am the Senate
Guest: Hi\nJimmy Fallon: *laughs hysterically*
jimmy fallon gets carried by his guest pretty much all the time
Let's not confuse jimmy fallon being funny with jimmy fallon's guest who are funny. Because the latter is actually the truth.
Emma Stone's lip Sync Battle is nothing compare Melissa McCarthy's
I don't like seeing how much hate he gets. He's a funny guy and I enjoy watching him- way more than Kimmel and Conan.
Jill Seufert
These weren't the funniest, I can think of quite a few that were way better bits
Jon Ross
my favourite Fallon moment was when he had his first show, and all these celebrity guest came out and paid up on the bet they had made prior. I thought it was awesome
Joshua Lyden
I love Jimmy
Josie B
Why would people click on this only to comment that he isn't funny or they don't like him or complain about him? You know what the list is about so why bother?
Julian Kandou
You guys might hate him but let's be honest. He's still cooler and funnier than Jimmy Kimmel
Justin Finney
if only i could watch this without the commentary
Justin Lepage
you ruined everything by talking through it all. get gud
Katie Tucker
What about Musical beers with the cast of Captain America Civil War? Sebastian Stan accidentally drank one of the beers when the music didn't stop, spit it back into the cup, only to then have the music stop as Jimmy had to drink the from that cup.
Khaled Alkahtany
intro: hey I'm Fallon \nFallon: starts laughing
10 moments? that's 10 too many, watchmojo.
Jimmy Fallon sucks, he's not funny naturally, He sounds like he does coc, He'd be better off as a gameshow host. Conan a million times better !
Leo Bergmiller
Leo Paulek
Top 10 best fake laughs .
what about the time jimmy made blake shelton try sushi?
That face in the thumbnail is the face I make when people say Fallon is funny
Mark Zedd
This title doesn't make any sense
Marla Miller
The \
Marvel Johny
make a top 10,000 plus letterman or Conan or Ferguson moments
Mary Kosin
if finn wolfhard dissing jimmy isn’t on here imma throw some hands that was hands down the best moment
i woud pick different Ew than that,but anyways
Mysterious Person
You guys should have done Jimmy Kimmel funniest moments than Jimmy Fallon funniest moments. Jimmy Fallon is not funny.
wheres word sneak with ricky gervais?
Jimmy is a very talented, very nice, and (sometimes) very funny guy. Yes, he can be over the top and annoying, but he does not in any way deserve this kind of hate.
Top 10 Hilarious Conan O'Brien Show Moments
Pranav Mapari
you missed daniel radcliff's alphabet aerobics song
R D'Gamers
i love his interview with Blake Shelton
Robert Smith
No mention of the \
Ryno R
how about you shut up so we can hear the bit...
Sadhana Kumaravel
Melissa Mccarthy Lip Sync deserves a mention
Saimen Meza
Top 10 unfunny jokes Jimmy Fallon has laughed at
Sarah Smith
TOM CRUISE's Lip Sync is the best ever
I was surfing the tv guide one night and I put it on, Jimmy Fallon. Not knowing what kind of show this would be I continued to watch, I have never laughed so much in all my life, he is hilarious. I have since gone to youtube and watched all the videos love this guy!!
Sean Urciuoli
I feel like Jimmy would be nice to you if he was having a bad day.
Selvin34 Reyes
u gotta shut up and let the videos play
Shawn McLaughlin
The skit with Hader and an eternally giggling Fallon is actually really stupid.
Siddhant Misra
What about the Daniel Radcliffe rap?
Siddharth Moorthy
Where's mad lib theatre?
Sin Archer
You missed the Melissa McCarthy Colors of the Wind Lip sync and the evolution of Mom dancing with Michelle Obama.
Steven Crocker
lip sync battle with Paul Rudd was so much better than the one with Emma stone
*How is Fallon and Kidman **_not_** NUMBER ONE*??!
Swagalicious Unicorn
I really like Jimmy Fallon actually, so many haters.
Tanyahachi 07
i watch over and over again at Jimmy and Nicole Kidman, and with Bradley Cooper, and his impression Jim Morrison \
That Legless Soccer Mom Who Loves Seltzer
Jimmy Fallon is about as funny as watching a person jump off the twin towers and hit the ground...
So not when Vince Vaughn found out Colin Farrell was a murder suspect?
Tuko Alberto
the Nicole Kidman in my opinion is the most epic episode so far ever!!!
Umeer Cheema
1- Colbert\n2- Conan\n3- Noah\n4- Kimmel\n5- Meyers\n6- Corden\n\n\n\n\n\n998- Fallon. Even that might be too high.
Vitoria S.
More honorable mentions:\n- Stranger Strings with the kids of Stranger Things\n- Daniel Radcliffe raps \
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William A. Ramos
Im disapointed that none of the Rhett and Link appearances on the made this list, the \
Zachary Schultz
I freaking love Point Pleasant Police Department!!!! XD But the one with Kevin James is the funniest
You should have done this with Conan instead, a host who's actually funny.
_ Hans _
#1. There are no Jimmy Fallon hilarious moments
God I love Jimmy Fallon
These picks were actually quite good. Well done, Watchmojo. My favorite Fallon things include \
What about Paul Rudds Don't stop me now???
Blaaah why not just play the whole clip? I hate when they talk over. 😑😑
croissant p
jimmy fallon is a wanker
funky homosapiens
i like fallon tbh, i like when he's doing impression
jack e
Arent Hannibal Amir Buress and jimmy fallon the same person cause they sure as hell act& appear the same. Both extremely boring as well. Watching ants transfer their food from one end to the other would be more fun then watching the clone brothers (yea, clone, not clown) do a comedy act together.
every moment is a funny moment for Jimmy Fallon
pythonkatie K
The Kevin Spacey wheel of impressions should have at least been mentioned.
Should've included Fallon and Timberlake's camp skits.
stamatis ververakis
I have seen a lot of hate comments for Jimmy Fallon.....Like I am watching this guy a lot and I already love him...I guess I have my opinion and they other people hae their opinion..The only message that I have for everyone out there : If Fallon made his dream come true and he is happy now with his life then everybody can fufil their dreams and ve happy with their lives ✌💜
I guess people have different sense of humor because I don't find Jimmy Fallon funny at all.His audience seems to be laughing at everything he says.Conan O'brien is the funniest for me.