Priyanka Chopra Enjoyed Demeaning The Rock and Zac Efron for Baywatch

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Quantico star Priyanka Chopra talks about the return of the ABC drama, taking pleasure in playing the villain in her Baywatch movie and gives Jimmy some life advice.Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

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It´s funny how fake news are also there. SRK was the first who said this \
she's is beautiful & talented ✌ Keep hating , it won't change the truth . She has a better accent than all you stupid folks & she's not fake she's speaking in same accent in many interviews . You are stupid commenting the same thing all the time like she gonna see your comment and start talking the way you talk come on grow up . Americans should be jealous that she's doing so good in American serial but it is so weird they support her & u most of stupid Indians still commenting about her accent just to get likes on your comment . If you think she's fake why keep watching her interviews & commenting the same stupid thing all the time ... She's famous & richer than you .... Deal with it 👊😘
Adam Smith
Aditi Datar
She looks a little bit like Mila Kunis and Sofia Vergara
Allesandro cerci
she sounds like gal gadot
Aly H
Priyanka bragging about her wins is my fav thing haha
Amit Parmar
waiting for Indians comment- proud to be indian. common keyboard warriors your nation needs you.
Andreas Poulsen
She didnt even get wet last time :(
Aniruddha Sawant
So smashing Priyanka this is awesome
Everytime i see Priyanka or even read her name all i can think of in my mind is BABE!!
Ashish Bagade
1:36 to 1:40...Jimmy didn't like it from his heart...felt like he was going to smack Priyanka :)
Atif Khan
highly educted IIT guys gets kicked out of USA and she gets to stay...\nwell played Trump
Bishakha Das
wow priyanka you look so cool. you rock with rock :P
Bridgit Mendler is BAE
And it's also her tradition of beating anyone & winning in everything she does!!!😊 So so proud of you PC❤
Caroline Kero
What is with her hair
Chanelle mattis
Everything about Priyanka is perfection
Charmandergaming FTW
Omg an indian
Courtney Renee
the first 40 seconds was very sexual
PC's reaction to 'You didn't go wet or anything' 😂😂 0:23
Darcy Bhaiwala
FIRST INDIAN COMMENT\n\nu guys happy? did i make India proud yet
Debapriya All hearts26
Our very own Piggy Chops!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘💕💕
Destiny Johnson
I love her so much
Divyansh Pundhir
phirse aa gayi. itni baar mai college nahin jaata jitni baar yeah aa jaati hai😂😂😂
Drg Sh
Brace yourselves \n\n\n\n\nIndians are coming.
Eileen BVanMerk
She's literally pulling fashion/beauty trends that would make anyone else look like a potato
Ellie Fanai
love you Priyanka 💞💞
GET TO THE CHOPRA!!!\nSorry, couldn't resist.
Love the equation between Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra
Gauri Madaan
She really Slayss Everytime!!!! Indian Squad anyone???
Gayanga Herath
you didn't get wet! hahaha LOL
Wear your failures like an underwear. Dont show it to anybody.
She's so gorgeous and inspirational😍😊
Heartbeat & Dippy
Is this the third time she's on the show?
Ibra ovo
you didnt get wet ??!!!!!
Iktaj Bhinder
Intimidating a \
Jeff R
Kawya Mrj
PC is the best :*
King Qazi Usama
I am the big fan of TheRock
Kriti Singh
Tomorrow, wait for tomorrow. If you know what I meannnn. xD
Kshitij Verma
so proud of pc!!just love her acting .😊
Kv Slvr
She is cool but seriously she needs to get off that sh*t show quantico and baywatch from the trailer doesn't look like it's gonna do that well, so cheesy and not really funny one lingers and the cgi good, does that movie have any budget at all apart from paying the starts
Thumbnail ♥️\n\nAlso legs ♥️
Luffy SkyWalker
The whole 1st 50 seconds were hella subliminal
Nikhalesh Jain
she is soooooooo beautiful
Parm Mohan
She has a unique beauty that every time you see her, it grows more and more.
Pikachoo S
Why is she flawless?😍😍
Pradyum Singh
She's so down to Earth.. And I 'm up in the Stars..Show me the Sea And I will take you to Mars ...❣️❣️❣️ Luv u Piggy Chops ...😘😘
Pratik Praharaj
😂😂she said srk's(shahrukh khan)lyn...srk says...i wear my stardom lyk t-shirt..not toxido...exact lyns....o i can see why...she follows srk a lot...but...she should not say these are her lyn..
Priya Shah
Hahaha I love when Priyanka demeans Jimmy best! ;) always love seeing her on this show! She's so fun!
Raj Tiwari
indians are proud of you
Here to see Priyanka pull Jimmy's leg... very happy so it happen 😂
Rimi Hansda
Rit Menon
she copied Shah rukh khans quote from his interview with koel purie
Her personality and laugh remind me a little of Sofia Vergara
I can't keep my eyes off Priyanka she's so perfect and mesmerizing
S. Akeira
did she just say \
Saba Siddiqui
I wanna see EMINEM in the show
Sakshi Acharya
its so sad how everyone that is showing hate is indian.
Salonee Ghosh
To all those people hating on Indians - please get a life. We're all pretty damn proud of Priyanka or any Indian actor who is successful overseas as well as at a national level. Her method of talking while in America is different compared to how she speaks back home in terms of both accent and comments but that's only to be expected. She's in a foreign country, surrounded by a vastly different culture that she's managed to adapt to incredibly well. So, haters, nobody is forcing you to watch this video. Kindly back off.
Sanjog Wayne
She got her arrogance from SRK
Ughhh that skin tone is just perfect
Shraddha Hudale
i love her so.. much
Sonia B
Priyanka's so awesome! I love her!
The Mean Arena
This woman truly mesmerizes me!
Upasana Deka
yayayayy I love her 😂😍 \nShe's cheeky and sassy at the same time😉😍\n(in a good way)😂
Varun S
Baywatch is straight up porn
Vibhu Malik
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite Talk show
Vijay Gupta
luv pc
Vishakha Shivkumar
Wear your success like a tee shirt, not a tuxedo. Wow, Priyanka. That's... Weirdly profound.
Vlogger Megha
flawless she is :)
Wardrobe & Fitness
she looks great ! love her ! keep rocking!😀
Honestly I got to know many American Talk Shows like Fallon Tonight because of Priyanka Chopra. I stan the most beautiful & talented girl in the World 😘❤
Zlatan Ibrahimović
she can get it cuh
akshay kr
i love her but quantico sucks major balls
her husky skin tone😍😍😍😍
basically me
yaass priyanka staying true to her indian roots with that pujari/swamiji hairdo
bella edward
Her confidence is just wow
Jimmy is intimidated. This girl has the power!
My girls, boys, she is Indian. So ofcourse Indians are going to comment.\nDo Americans not comment on Hollywood trailers?\nLike bruh, what the hell ? xD
geetha madhuri
priyanka is soo gorgeous!!!
Anyone know what lipstick she wearing lol
lenor abargill
gotta love Priyanka! \u003c3
mylife mywish
Priyanka always rocks !!!!
perpetrate Suresh
Its going to be in the hot section of India
prabhat hati
priyanka make's every thing so beautiful
rahul chauhan
pc love u
rahul jaiswal
That T-shirt n tuxedo quotation from srk. Luv u priyanka\n😘😘
renu bansiwal
you should wear your success like a t-shirt not a tuxedo. I like it 😅
why so many comments insulting Indians?? Yes we are proud of Priyanka Chopra same like you Americans proud of your exclusive Donald Trump 😁
save brockhill
tfw she wants to get out of Bollywood so bad
Love u priyanka 😍😘
tharun kumar
being indian i feel very proud of you. i hope you have long way to go.. and i am very happy to see an indian actress in hollwood
Every time I see PC on american tv interviews - I feel 'oh god woman, just shut up a little... ' Dunno why.. \n\nBut I think what she is doing is amazing - to go from india to US and make a mark there is a BIG deal. Kudos to her. And I think the ppl there (americans) have been really nice to her too.. Its just that - the american ppl still don't get to see the 'real' PC.. Priyanka is a bit more sophisticated in real - when she is in bollywood and india.. Because she just gets to be herself. In America she has to try a little harder to 'fit in'.. And I think it makes her look bad..