Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video)

Sound Of A Woman Available now (UK DEC 01)

Ciaser Cisa Ciza Cyser Cysir Cyzer Dance Hideaway House Keezar Keisa Keisza Keiza Kiesza Kieza Kyzer Legend Lokal Lyrics Offic... Pop Video

#Alessia Leo#
Ooooooh aaaah 😂😂😂😂
Holy crap, this was really amazing! One solid shot!
Does anyone notice that she didnt pay for the taxi?
Albertt Polendo
Me encanta pinche rola❤
Anton W
those guysat 1:10 in the backround filming this like WTF???
Austin Morrison
pretty dope
Aylan Ouhrouche
Monoprix mamene
Bagnato Furniture
Late 80s early 90s style all over lately...and that’s a great thing...was a great period for music and party life
Bess Kinde
I've watched this a hundred times and just noticed she has knee pads on
Bérges Momba
2018 november?
CDTV's edgy cousin
Kind of sounds like Kermit the frog when she goes \
Caio Souza
I guess Misty out grew her pokemon training days
Still watching because Kiesza so t h i c c
Cresha Riggins
She got into faketaxi
Cristian Simone
Alright regardless of if you like the song or not... You've got to respect that this entire video is one continuous shot.
This song is stuck in my head all day !
El 011
1:55 the girl running was like tf going on 😂
Ellie Ding
2:51 look on the right side there's a random woman jogging was that meant to be in it??
Emma Ella
Omfg cant stop listening to this
Fernando Borrego
Excellent camera work.
Great video...I wonder how many takes that took?? All one continuous shot!!
Goose Nuts
I’ve never been in love but I swear I’m in love with this girl. Did this whole take with broken ribs.
Holly Carter
I couldnt remember the name of this so i typed in cool aussie song with cute redhead wearing red shoes!!!! haha
Human Being
Well..i don't like this song. She has a beautiful voice, but the song is just so wrong..she could use that voice for something better. This isn't really original, there are so many songs like this. And not to mention the ''ooh aah''-part just sounds like shes trying to mimic a duck or some random bird/whatever. So, its not for me, sorry Kiesza c:
ItsBluueh Eclipse
Is anybody watching this in 2018 or is it just me???
ItzNikita X
0:35 why the heck is the boot open interesting
Izham Roslan
*Repeat she will arrive in the same taxi*
I love how music is going towards to a hybrid 80's/90's feel \u003c3
Jinner Arcángel Díaz
🇨🇦 Hideaway 🎶🕺👍
dope video
Johny Leventis
Very good timing of flow between choreography and music
Jorgito francisco Caamal Leon
Joseph Morgan
she doesn't look like she belongs in this era at all lol
Juan Sipho Habdad Botha
The dancer at 2:17 looks like Renat L'eto
Kendra Johnson
she rocked Rey's hair before it even existed
Kharlz pstrana
cuantos aparte de mi se han dado cuenta que tiene rodilleras puestas????
Ladies Code
0:24 I thought the guy behind her was just a random stranger 😂😂 and I thought he just randomly picked her up
In the background there's just some random guys watching them all dance
Mars mars
мерс ахуенный
Maryanto Official
anyone listen in 2018?...
Miss Bradshaw
i've got to break free
Oof ahh ahh oof (is it a roblox?)
Nico.afropuffs K
2018 who thinks this song is still Poppin?
No Id
Харе мне про чукотку в постах впаривать я поставлю вас на место кукушки ебаные)
June 15 2018?? Anyone?
Pablo Sanchez
1:17 they almost bump into each other
Parker Avery
Are you playing Pokemon Go?
Parodie Italianizzate
0:27 per chi é Italiano, in questo momento dice \
She didn't pay the Taxi driver
September 2018??
Ricky Wilcoxson
Ok I love her I just clicked on the link on s whim
Rob D
i don't know if the guy on the skateboard was actually supposed to be apart of the video or not but it went with it regardless
Sample Text
HI, hi, hi, hi, hi, and, welcome.... AND WELCOME, HIIII
Sara F.
This is one of those songs that everyone has heard and knows the words to but has no idea who sings it.
Sarsenbek Nazibekov
саған алғашқы болып коментарий жазып отырған бұл мен жалғыз қазақпын Қазақстаннан Америкаға сәлем
Scoop Jaxson
Once the knee pads have been seen they can’t be unseen
Shaynee Michelle
I 💖 this because it seems like they nailed it in one take!
if you re reading this then i hope something good happens to you today
Sienna's Life
I sang this song of by heart when I was young
Spooky man7
3:58 default dance fornite
Imagine being one of the guys in the back at 1:10 and the later discovering the random chick you're watching record something is blowing up on the internet, and you're in it
2\n 0\n 1\n 8\n ?
Vreemde Eend
This video cost me €300,- because of drunk streaming while in Egypt.
mental how they did all that in one take with no mistakes, must have taken ages
Just imagine that in the end she couldn't open the door of the car
Yazeed Kloob
Every song comment ever\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n2018?
Poor girl can't afford a shirt and runs around with just a bra :/
This is the type of music they play in the mall when you're buying clothes
ano nym
This dance is amazing!!! 😍😍😍😍
asterisk 1
קליפ טוב השיר פחות
chris weaver
I am so weak in the knees for red heads.
don't care
Oh, oh, ah, ah, oh.. great lyrics
faisal k
So misty gave up her career as a Pokemon trainer and pursued her career in Singing
flor rosa
Uma tomada só. Imagina os \
This song will make a come back in 2019, it's super good .
j maldo
Well done! Kiesza ! Oooh Aahh Aahh Oooh...
loli bou
Abi bu şarkı çıkalı ne ara 4 yıl geçti bee
Anybody else watching the people in the background?
simo Tube
3:22 Dab ????
I’m cursed, I can’t stop starring at her knee pads... you’re cursed now! Like
star love
rock oNnn
its that type of song u hear at H&M
Sounds like a song I'd hear while walking down the runway
tiesiog žygis
Layk dis koment
twisted sneeze
The only reason it's got millions of views is because of the oohhhhs and awwwws
3:50 her taxi was waiting in the back to show up, 😂 epic movie fail! 😂
Александра Юшкова
это что
Виктор Терещенко
Спасибо, маши мерс не поцарапали!!!
Вячеслав Баранников
Нормалек! Удачи в дальнейшем!
Если пересмотреть , то клип говнецо. Самый просто , танцы это вообще боль для глаз , но песня топ. Реально крутая. \nPS: круче всего за людьми на заднем плане смотреть ( кто-то бегает , ребята в начале , чуваки с телефонами ... )
Кирилл Михайлович
Милашка тв
Кто с 2018?
Октавиан Август
Господи, какая отдушина для глаз! Как же осточертели меня клипы, в которых за 10 секунд сменяется сотни сотни планов... Ещё полтора ляма лайков от меня сверху за идею снять одним дублем!
Роман Гладков
2:48 это- я ,когда ногу сильно и резко поднял