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My first DnB mix anyway - settle down and enjoy the music - leave a comment if you want to :)Link for Download: B-Complex - Ocean Deep

2012 darkside dubstep electro house jungle liquid neurofunk

Хорошая подборка
When I listen it I smell hydrangea
Positive energy for the whole day.
Aleksandar Krickic
fucking feil
Amber Capel
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies, so many memories on this one, most of all that I was on drugs most of the time that I listened to this, so when I hear this, I automaticly think back about going hard as shit.
Arnold Kazinczy
nice music, thanks bro.
This first track always hits me. 
Bakolisoa Randrianantenaina
thanks a lot for your mix  ,good mix 
Bledenis Pabledenis
boner mix
Brian Johnson
Respect bro
Cody Mack
Have this playing in the background at work, and I keep finding myself switching back like \
aight guys, I know there are some people who are enjoying this mix, some don't because it's a really bad mix and I'm well aware of that. It's more of a showcase of tunes I really loved back in the days and yeah well the quality... is a mess, I know. As i said like a year ago, I had no knowlegde of mixing back then. This changed now and I progressed a lot, made a lot of experiences, even had my first gig a couple of weeks ago. Have a clean set-up at home so I can practice anytime I want :) And more gigs are yet to come.\n\nSo if you probably noticed I'm not doing a lot here on youtube. And I won't do anything in the future. So if you want to see morestuff, just leave a follow on my SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/elednb is my link. I do mostly liquid stuff, and I repost quality dnb tunes from time to time. \n\nCheers
thank you :)
David Shualy Entertainment
The Island isn't a Drum n Bass song. Amazing song but it does not count as a Drum n Bass song.
Devin Pelletier
happy you made a mix like this, good job.
Dinu Adrian
From the first track i guessed it would be a nice mix !
Dylan Smith Topp
Eduardo Augusto
Woooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!! +Alexandre Godinho 
Emilan Kornacki
I still like :)
This made me dance behind PC :D
Funky Panda™
Dude Split the Atom is Flawless no matter how old it gets
What a terrible welcome
Georgi Treiger
ебашим драмуху на рейвах
Gleb Chorniy
Cool!!! Прикольно!!
H Johnson
awesome MmixX!!!
THX for the mix, BUT most tracks contain too much dubstep noises on my taste to be called DnB mix. Guess I am old and like the classic DnB beats :-)
Hipp Desf
15:25 Sub Focus - Splash
Dirty mix!
Julian Adams
Dear MixMaker,\nYou deserve a Blow Job\nLike if you agree!
Křivej Křivex
Little Biscuit
im still here xd
omg the bass of the first music ×_×
Epic \u003c3! DNB \u003c3
Anyone here from 2018 ??
Marius Unger
Matej Simek
Pecka nádherý drum and bass Nice Drum and bass
Michael Polliack
I just love it
Miguel Cocunubo
Debiste seguir subiendo remix
до 20 норм днб, потом не из названия...
Beatiful Lies....This track dude, after so many years. its still a fucking banger. Born to Feel blyat :D
NP_ Katarina1
BEST OF THE BEST !!!! amazing \u003c3
Niffe Ekko
ох, где то давно давно слышал, не могу вспомнить где же
Ola Smigielska
Super mix
Ollraf Bsave
Paja Havlík
best music (y)
Very nice mix! Brings back a lot of old memories from the 'old days', Party 'hard' every weekend, get stoned, twisted and high, all at the same time. :) Still get goosebums when I listen to some of these songs at work (got to think of those parties). :)
Patty August
Paul Riedmüller
It's Liquid DnB not Drum and Bass. Difference it.
Pavel Řehounek
Good Drum bigup !!
Quar Tutorials
GREAT! Greetings from Poland! Love! :)
Rafael d
Love it~\u003c3
Ryan Roach
Love it, love it, love it!!
Sam Fire
Nice and Like!!!!
Skrr God
Classic mix, I still have this on my phone from when my friend sent it to me on skype
Sound Surgen
I'm in the same boat, learning to spin D&B is tricky but too I'm trying to put mix together for my 1st mix, I hope I can surpass you, lol I love your mix.
Stefan NN
You bought me with the first song.
Steven Champion
Nice mix, nice rolling tunes. Quality. Respect.\n\nIf you ever wonder \
This is some really shitty good stuff !!! a tracklist would be useful though!
Top Sto
Епать копать.круто
Dude this mix is awesome , thumbs up for it ! if you have more mixes like this please give me links :) ! subback?
Wolf Pack
still the best in 2018
i didnt think anything that started with beautiful lies could get any better... i was wrong. fantastic track list!
ben staff
hot dram bass yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brett sullivan
bysTaXx Gaming
This is going in my playlists for work music
fajardokiller MartinLFjjtr Leontops
Kdkemskdkdk 2018
I've only listened to two mins of this and I already know this is awesome
harry cover
drum n bass+8.6+Lexomil= :)
ice water
Старый добрый DNB))
jjNIGHTHAWKjj's Cards
what a great song to start with, the second it started a smile went to my face!
эххх, ностальгия)
this is some gooood shittt
lega toko
I listened to music and painted by Picasso Pictures super.
liam battelle
banging tune man???
mul on
best mix ever
Срань какая то!!
Супеееер :)
mix? I dont think so.... playlist.
tom goodall
Best dnb track all rolled into 1 epic vid!
Іван Залізняк
Sub Focus - Splash!!!!!!
Александр Наумов
треки старые но зе бест!! но сведения нет.. fatall eror. во всех миксах главное сведение. mash-up_no(( this bad 
Алексей Митин
Все ок.НАВСЕГДА!!!!!!!!!
Буратино и_золотой_ключик
а если сделать дран басс в электро панк?
Валерий Иванов
Play list please?
Вилли Вилли
Fifst trek name??....from Rassiy!!!
норм музло
Любимые Треки
Много хороших треков в миксе
Михаил Морозов
Отличная музыка!!! Навивает ностальгию.
Николай Николаевич
Оег март
вообще неплохо . но вступление и первый MiX с пищащей девкой , сильно длинный
юра юркин
10.39 10\\10