Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - What if everyone had other Final Smashes?

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This video shows several ideas for alternate Final Smashes that the playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could have.Our YouTube Network: |

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A Weirdo On the Internet
What if waluigi was in smash?
Fierce Deity Link And Moon Punch Confirmed xD
Aksu Saukkonen
fierce deity would Be cool
I always wanted PK Rockin Ω \nTo be Ness' final smash \nOr at least be in one of his moves like Lucas uses PK Love
Daisy no.\nLink... Good idea
The Young Link's final smash should have been his Super from Hyrule Warriors, he literally slash the Moon.
Beau Rafferty
😒 Not into those at all\nExpect for Young link tho
Benny Boi
Dr Marios final smash should be an actual game of Dr Mario.
I'm actually kind of mad they didn't make Fierce Deity Link a Final Smash
Blanchard Games -nole-
The alternate final smash of ROB is so sad 😢
Did you run out of content to give us?
Blu Inkling
I think the Crash ability would work better for Kirby
Bob Jeezorham
That Moon Punch idea would have been a great Final Smash to see for Donkey Kong, as well as Fierce Deity Link, the Mr. L transformation, the Great Sacred Treasure, the S W O L E Dedede, and plenty more.\n\nSome of these are ones I feel are fine as is, though. I like Meta Knight's current Final Smash better than the one proposed here, for example.
Brendan Weber
It’s dumb that young link and toon link have the same final smash I wish they would give young link fierce deity and I think toon link can keep triforce slash tbh
But It's Poorly Animated
1. Mario, although better maybe something from one of his rpg games.\n2. Ness, just no, PSI Rockin Omega is good and all but PSI Starstorm Omega is much better. \n3. Took Link, his makes no sense, don't know what would be better but not that.\n4. Luigi, no, Mr. L, although a good character, is in one spin-off game. And we need more Luigi Mansion representation.\n5. King Dedede, idk, I like both equally the same, but Masked Dedede a little more.\n6. Yoshi, no, that game is mediocre and I'd much prefer the current one or one from the original Yoshi Island.
Chase Priest
What ever happened to the Mii fighters!? I feel like they should have new final smashes!
Copeland Pennington
How would Dark Samus' even work?
1:00 Majora's Mask in a nutshell
Cutesy Sylveon
Well, not exactly EVERYONE, but some.
David Sprague [DragonMan64]
It really *should* have been Fierce Deity Link.
Daisy definitely needs the Crystal Gauntlet for her final smash... Peach's doesn't suit her well
D’ Marmott
I think it would be cooler if daisy has luigis final smash from brawl
Ewan Johnson
After watching this, it makes me even more annoyed that Toon Link and Young Link didn't have their own Final Smashes and after seeing Majora's Incarnation I'm also even more annoyed that Skull Kid didn't make it in. Some of the Final Smashes were just lazy and T-Rex would have been a way more interesting FS for Mario
First name Last name
Where is Peach's?\nShe has Psych Bomb ability
Forest Knight of Whispys Forest
Rosalina’s would actually be lit
Fox Lylat
Im really happy for young Link comming back. But im dissapointed of his Final Smash.\nFierce Deity would have fit him so much. He didnt even need that much difference. He could still just use Triforce Slash but as Fierce Deity.
Ahh cmon Sakurai, so many missed opportunities...
Game_ b0yo
2:25 Hypernova SUCKS
Mario odyssey looks incredible!!!
For DK I would have seen the little scene when you beat a boss and you have to mash
Hyper shadow638
6:02 not only do you turn evil but it is game over.
I PixelGamers
Nah... A final Smash it's not about the strongest action the character has, but about a recognisable move: like Mario's Fire Balls, Luigi's Poltergust and DK's Punches had no chance against the T-Rex, Mr. L and the Moon Collapse, althoug I admit that some of that would be great, like the Rainmaker and the Deity Mask
Infinite Warrior
6:22 that is the PERFECT final Smash for Rosalina and Luma.
Inkling Girl
Tbh, I think the Killer Wail is better than the rainmaker
Invader Zebanyan DX
5:33 *SWOLE BOI*
Isaias Ruiz
Just hope that concept of second final smash comes out in the next installment (geez we have even Ryu as example since wii u version).
It's a real shame that Young Link didn't get to use the Fierce Deity mask in his final smash.
Jonah J
Young Link having triforce slash disappointed me immeasurably.
Jordan Brooks
Bowser Jr could hop into the big Koopa Clown Car and a Super Mario World final boss like scenario would occur.
Jordan Esquivel
Young link deserves that final smash
Junpei19 Iroi
Fierce diety Link would've been perfect!
Just for Lawls and trolls.
Um, Inkling's Final Smash IS the Rainmaker.
Kenneth Kay
Why does Daisy eat flowers for a final smash anyway?
Kirby Smash
Kirbys FS could've been were he gets in his star allies sparkler and fire a laser like he did to Dark Matter. He could also summon some friends to help him
Lightning The Emolga
Do you really want to make kirby final smash broken?\n\n\nAlso\n\nGET BUFF DEDEDE AWAY FROM ME
They already said smashes are supossed to be fast
Mai Shiranui
0:23 Gaaaaaaahh
Many Achievables
I was wondering that Young Link's Final Smash could be turning Fierce Deity Link and then cutting the moon in half, and then the moon pieces could fall onto people.
Mario Mythes
1:31 OMG YES! I would love that as Mario’s Final Smash instead of Mario Finale\n7:31 we already have 3 Critical Hit Final Smashes, we don’t need a another one\n7:48 actually first I though that would be his new Final Smash
Master Marx
Yoshi: Throws a giant egg from offscreen.
Some of those ideas are really better than the ones in game. I don't understand some ideas that Sakurai had, for example, the Final Smash of Young Link and Toon Link. Why are they the same? Same for Pit's Final Smash. Why is it something you can already do with only normal objects when there is the Final Smash that Nintendo Unity chose?!
Michael myers
OMG yes friecd deity link
Mr. Anonymous
Dark Samus should have had the Leviathan Seed.
Mr. Gamer17
Although I love Nintendo and I am grateful for what they give us, they were pretty lazy with some of these final smashes.
To be honest this is what I would have only changed for Final Smashes which I consider necessary. \n\n-Young Link should have used Fierce Deity Link but the effects would be just work like Triforce Slash \n-Toon Link should have used the Four Sword (with 3 copies of himself) but it would still work like the Triforce Slash. \n-Pit should have just kept the 3 Sacred Treasures. \n-When Pokemon Trainer uses his Final Smash like in the game, Charizard should Mega evolve aswell. And each Mega evolution would depend on the gender of the Pokemon Trainer (X for Male & Y for Female) \n-Duck Hunt should have just been a game of Duck Hunt like with Snake's Final Smash \n-Robin should of had him calling upon a popular character from Awakening instead of Chrom or turning himself into Grima.
Nicolas Andrade
i loved the idea of The Fierce Deity(Young Link),Great Sacred Treasure (Pit),Buff Dedede (Dedede),Phazon Corruption (Dark Samus),Comet Observatory(Rosalina),Arrow Rain (Dark Pit) and Rainmaker (Inkling) as your choices if They had 2 final smashes!
Nimi Dahav
6:23 wouldn’t hitting let’s say.... pichu, with the *ENTIRE COMET OBSERVATORY* be A BIT TOO MUCH?
Number 27
I really wish transformation final smashes were still a thing. All final smashes now are either the target floating in the air while the character attacks them a bunch of times, or some cutscene. It makes them feel more like a cheap win.\n\n(edit) Yoshi's new final smash is awesome, though.
What if pikachu's was catastropika
Or Something
Sheik could use her harp. My choice would be Song of Storms.\nPikachu could use any of his Z-moves.\nGreninja could use Hydro Cannon or Hydro Vortex.\nRobin could become Grima.\nRyu could use the Raging Demon.\nPeach could use the Vibe Sceptor's powers.\nBayonetta could use Umbran Climax.
Some of these would be hard to implement because of Mr. Sakurai’s concept of universally quicker Final Smashes and thus removing all controllable ones, but this is a nifty concept
PK REC Animations
Came up with some others for Pokemon:\nPikachu: Catastropika\nJigglypuff: Moonblast \nMewtwo: Mega Mewtwo X\nPichu: Gigavolt Havoc\nSquirtle: Hydro vortex\nIvasaur: Solar Beam\nCharizard: Mega Charizard Y\nLucario: Hyper Beam\nGreninja: Acrobatics\nIncinaroar: Body Slam
Phoebe LaRose
Peach uses her Anger vibe\nPit keeps the Three Sacred Treasures\nInkling becomes the Kraken\nRobin summons Grima (the one I want as an alternate Final Smash the most)\nPikachu uses Catastropika
King Dedede could transform in Fire Dedede
Pika Chu
Ness Is Mine !!! Also Mr.L Is My Favorite Final Smash, Cause I Think Luigi's Final Smash Would Have Been Mr. L The Whole Time....
PikaPlayer Gaming
This would all be great if you didn't spoil all the game endings.
Pingüino S Castillo Herrera
I wanted a playable masked dedede
Piranha Garden
My approval on these ides: Yes for Meta Knight, yes for Toon Link, yes for Young Link, yes for Rosalina, yes for Dark Pit, yes for Chrom,
Pixel Bro
Mario's fs can't be in ssbu sakurai said that rhere is no controllable final smashes and luigi's
01: Mario - Mega Mario
Sad Boi
Really good ideas you have !\nI was also thinking of the Daybreak as Final Smash for Pit/Dark Pit and (maybe) the Urbosa Fury for Link. What do you think ? =D
Sara Wayne
Mario’s smash: A t-rex appears Mario’s hat turns to cappy and throws him at the t-rex, Then he rampages all over the stage, K-Oing the other’s
Sensei Banda
I’d rather have the Giga Drill Breaker from Kirby Planet Robobot
Lucas: PK Love Omega\nPikachu: Catastropika\nPichu: Zap Cannon\nFox: Calls in some Arwings for reinforcements \nSnake: Pilots Metal Gear REX\nMeta Knight: Summons the rest of his gang, or uses the Halberd's Combo Cannon\nPeach: Vibe Scepter or Empress Peach Mega Strike
Steph Widdowson
Do origin of every song in super smash bros wii u
SuperSmashBrothers ITA Fan
This idea it's really cool
for link it would be the four champions probably \n\nlike if u agree if not still like
Tangy Brush
The one that bothers me the most is Mario. Out of all the games he’s been in and all the possibilities for a final smash, it’s just a strand of fire
Temple Rodgers-Bernal
You know that Nintendo (or Sakurai) Messed up when A fan can come up with better and new Final smash concepts for the veterans and echos.
That One Music Major In Your Comments
I don't know why Pit's final smash ISN'T the Great Sacred Treasures
The Crazy Shy Guy
Some of these Final Smashes should be official
The Gaming Pal Wolfang
Daisy, young link, meta knight, dark pit and chrom.
The Key Smasher
Why would ROB use that final smash? He hated sacrificing his brethren.
Since bowser now has a smash where he's in the background, they could've given Ganandorf bowser's old smash but better. But, i know, i know. \
TheMigthy Atmora
Oni Link!
That last one got me in the feels. 8:32 😢
Waheed Abdullah
I'm just glad Donkey Kong got a final smash that's easier to KO opponets
XxShiny JirachixX
Great video
andre gribble
If Ness gets PK Rockin then Lucas should have PK Love
carlos delgadillo
2:48 lmao
Young Link schould definitly have a Fierce Deity Smash and i don't get why Nintendo didn't do that because it is only an Animation, but i think Toon Link schould stay with the Triforce Slash it reminds me of his hunt after the Triforce Pieces he really earned this move like Young Link earned his Fierce Deity Mask.
lycanroc and mettaton999
matias Sanchez Alfaro
2:49 TASTE THE RAINBOW MAD****A\nBut i Wish kirby's final smash use the star allies sparkler
senpai sama
who is still upset that young link has triforce slash as his final smash..?
xXMega LopunnyXx 2002
Oh man i was expected fierce deity in young link final smash well hes back in smash 😊😓
『Nodby Nobdy』
I wish young link had at least one thing inspired by majora's mask
ッEnzzo Gutemberg
U are a Genius. :)