Hype @ The World Of DrumBass, Moscow 2015

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Record: 19.09.2015TC Group represents new production of the legendary World Of Drum&Bass festival called Another Reality. Uncompromising rave atmosphere combined with the most outrageous music in the world provided by the best world stars and insane light show by Hardline 77 will open the gates to another reality that we will create together! World Of Drum&Bass is one of the greatest festivals in the wold of dance music. It has twelve-year history of performances in more than 25 countries! World wide known rave stars, unique performances, gigantic scenery, dozens of laser beam machines, hundreds of light devices, thousands of raised hands – all of this is the most popular and successful Drum&Bass rave in the world!Join us social networks:

DJ Hype (Record Producer) Drum And Bass (Musical Genre) LIVE Moscow (Russian Federal City) Radio Revolution Radio Russia

Brendan Belzak
I'll get you more views my brother. Now that I know about this video ;)\n\nKiller set btw Hype! Keep up the good work bro!
D - Kaiten
миллион даб плейтов )
bangin set !
Gary W-l-o-t
Is that Putin doing the introduction?
Jeff Heffner
18:18 my god.
Joey Liraxity Abbott
wow! Dj Hype did a great set.
Marko Radonjić
What is the track @ 12:35 ??
Neil Holder
Nice,but i feel some of the mixing I'd not the best for hype 😱😱
👍👍👍👍👍 Nice
Steve Gross
Badddd to ras
The Head Nod Squad
Hype tearing up a killa set.
anyone know the tune double dropped with rudeboy at 45:25?
awesome! anemone
Tracklist,,,[email protected]
disgraceland uk
Sad to hear Hype playing this sort of mainstream lo-com-denom shite. I guess a lot of the old gang are nowadays though.
18:19 whats the tune he drops with Voodoo People?
streetbass 786
i hate this drum and bass new shit music, i just like to see him scratching and cutting, like when he was on fantasy fm back in the days when he was playing 90's rave house music.
Track 25:13 pls????
Богдан Цикало
трек на 41:30?
Влад Брюхов
Дмитрий О.
трек на 40:20 ??