World Cup Team Profile: GREECE

Featuring interviews with Kostas Mitroglou, Giannis Maniatis and coach Fernando Santos, this is an in-depth look at Greece's World Cup history, how they qualified and their current squad (

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Διάλυσε τους όλους, Ελλάδα!\nΑν ο Μήτρογλου πάρει φωτιά, θα είμαστε καλά.
Lets go Greece
Adreas 13
Ελλάδα μόνο 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Agis Tournas
The hard part for us is to qualify to the next round..After that, with our defence, in a knock out game, impossible is nothing!! I don't expect spectacular football from my team, i m expecting fighting spirit and the famous greek heart.. PIRATES ON BRAZILIAN TOUR 2014!! 
I know we lost 3-0 from Colombia but there is still hope.. I dont care if we play good or not what matters is to win even with 1-0 even if the opponent lost many chances to score. Everybody in the end will just remember the result. Thats why in 2004 even if the odds were 150-1 we still managed to get the title by just getting the result we needed.
Alexis Anagnostopoulos
go greece!!
Andreas papastef
proud to be Greek!!!!!
Apollon 1990
I love Greece, love from Australia.
Bob Davidson
Good luck my fellow Greeks. :)
Chris APU
My big fat Greek wedding
Clive The Führer
It is fkn bs Greece under performed In the Whole tournement the reason the won is beacause of a corumpt moron thoughtbis was a good idea to use Silver goal..
Crazy Greek
i think they r strong enaugh to make this group, i dont want to be too positive, but i think this team with players who have much routine and \
Dean Plassaras
I am afraid they would lose all 3 games. I don't see them making a serious effort. No hard work. And when I hear about Mitroglou having a good day....just forget it. Guys this is a team sport. Where is the fitness and speed? Don't embarrass us. I am already upset at listening at your awful attitude. The other teams are afraid of you? Since when?
Dora Stathopoulou
Πάμε Ελλάδα!!!
Good Luck ELLAS (Greece) !!!\nOnly you can do a new miracle !
greece is the most christ country in the world
Elias Kaltsounis
Lets go Greece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fotini Karinou
Good Luck Greece!! \u003c3
Μέχρι και στο ματς με την Βοσνια που δειχνει εδω ο Γκέκας δεν μπορει να βαλει γκολ με άδειο τέρμα...
Jamie Liristis
I hope Belgium mess up in qualifying so we can automatically get through as long as we win and Bosnia don't catch up
Jared 2nd Channel
1. Colombia \n2. Greece \n3. Ivory Coast\n4. Japan
Jimmy Doin
Greece make us proud!!!\nRemove Greece from history and the world will be much much poorer in spirit and culture!!
Joan Bege
Gekas is lame 👎⚽🚫
KingRay 905
Me and my class was the only class in our school who cheered for Greece, I remember our teacher just skipped the lessons and let us watch the world cup
Kostas Z
Θίχτηκαν οι Θεσσαλονικείς? Οι μεγάλες ομάδες φίλοι μου δεν γίνονται με τα λόγια, αλλά μέσα στο γήπεδο με τίτλους και επιτυχίες. Έχετε λοιπόν πολύ δρόμο ακόμα μπροστά σας. Καλώς ή κακώς αυτές είναι οι τρεις μεγαλύτερες ομάδες της Ελλάδος. ΑΕΚ, Παναθηναϊκός και Ολυμπιακός. Καλή επιτυχία στην Εθνική μας
Leo Miliades
Good Luck to the Pirates of Greece wishing them the very best in making the people of Greece happy during the difficult economic times they are subjected to. The hospitality and support of the Brazilian people is noticeable as they seem aware of Greece's most difficult times. Viva Brazil! 
ΜΟΝΟ ΕΛΛΑΣ! \nGreece will proudly qualify!
LiveYourMyth InGreece
go go greece \u003c3
MD Ashraff
cant wait to see Fetfatzidis in action!!!
Manos GrEsc
Wish our players have good performances in the three group stage matches in order to finish in the first two places of the group and qualify to the knock-out matches for the first time in a World Cup. Go Greece!!! ΚΑΛΗ ΕΠΙΤΥΧΙΑ ΣΕ ΟΛΟΥΣ!!! 
Manuel Branquinho
Respect from PORTUGAL..Δύναμη Καραγκούνης
Maria D.
Hey where is Paok??????????????????
Michael Online
come on greece!!!1
Michael Skiriotis
ΕΛΛΑΣ we will do great this world cup\n
MoreGiannis The GAMER
greece is a brave lion
P Gk
We are not as good as we were then, but we will come back\n\nROAD TO EURO 2020 \n\nWe will surprise you all, as at EURO 2004\nProud to be a Greek 🇬🇷
PAOK Revolution Channel
aek kai oxi paok? axaxaxaxaxaxxa
Paul Kelakis
Attack as ONE !
Philipos Brooks
First player to to score for Greece was a Paokara not w Gayvro
Pinelopi Rapt.
Καλη τυχη Ελλαδαρα! \u003c3
Good grief, this video makes the Greeks look like a bunch of complete idiots. Sea-sponges? World's largest lollipop? What about their role in the world history and politics? dislike from the UK
Heroes plays like the GREEKS! Ελλαδαρα! \u003c3
Greece good luck! :) (I'm Bosnian)
Serru Serru
the girl i love is from USA but his father is from Greece, i live in México but i have some respect to Greeks. go Greece!!!
Stelios Gerochristodoulou
we must win cote divore TO GO TO 16
1:16 Otan se blepei h mana sou na febgis xoris zaketa
Thanassis Pros
Καλη επιτυχια Ελλαδαραααα,παμε στην Βραζιλια να τους τρελανουμε ολουςςς.\nΜαθετε τους τι εστι Ελλαδα,να μας κανετε περηφανους!
Thanos Anastasiadis
finally....go Greece!!!! παμε ελλαδαρα
Yiannis Smargianakis
The Profile Of The #Greek National Football Team! #WorldCup #Brazil #Greece
Greece into the next round! Good luck to this team on sunday against Costa-rica for the 8 best teams in this world cup!
bea foxxylady
dsafa fafaa
finally!\nπαμε ελλαδαρα!
I like greece
3-0 Colombia yeeeeeeeeeeeah!
Greece are so defensive it is almost fun to watch
Vamos Grécia! Grécia e Brasil amor eterno!
Last one then I'll go to bed... Oh there's a Ghana one now? 
grecosgreece daz
There's a article on you tube about greece football team they are saying bad things about team i love too find article and give them abuse arseholes they are greece are a good team one best in the world
johnnytos 94
ok we lost to colombia... nothing is over though !!!!! deep down most of new we would lose this match ... but we can still draw/win japan and progress by winning ivory coast !!! congatulations to Pekerman !!! this guy won the match for colombia not the players... instead of classing with the greek defence he forced us to attack which is something we are really but ( we dont have a good striker GEKAS IS SHIT  and mitroglou is out of form) 
konstantinos palaios
kyle quincy
Go Greece!
Βραζιλιάνοι ετοιμαστείτε να σας κεράσουμε σουβλάκια... ;)
myrdraal 2001
Wow.  This Englishman is so marble-mouthed!  He is absolutely destroying every single Greek name.
nikolas argosports
καλή επιτυχία στην Ελλάδα μας στο Μουντιάλ!!!!!
odisseas xatzi
Καλη επιτυχια στην Ελλαδαρα  μας........
vincenzo bonavota
Παναγιώτης Κ.
10 χρόνια μετά το πειρατικό ανοίγει και πάλι πανιά!!! Πάμε ρε Ελλαδάρα!!!!!!!!!
δε villagers
people always blame teams that rely on a defensive game style like jose mourinhio in chelsea who won the C.L and Greece in 2004, but the result is all that matters and written in history so i think Greece has a very good team tactically without having great players ( second best defensive team in qualifiers too ) and they deserve to make it onto the next stage! GO GO GREECE !