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excellent movie but WHY Dub an english language film into some other language and then put english subtitles on?
Pariah language
Alexandra Luster
I freakin love this movie. It's strangely heartwarming, and dammit, the Warrior is hot, and the baby is adorable!
Ali Hakan Bey
Film name?
Anatagahoshii Kokoroo
English mY aSs....
Angshuman Sarmah
dhuuuh ... What's the title of the movie?\nI don't want to watch it in Tamil Audio
Anyanwu Chrisangelo
Still awesome for the 4th time i'm watching this movie!!!!!\nOld movie
Babe Walangsari
Nice & beautiful Video Shooting
Bangla & Hindi dances
hero of name ?
Blanche Neige
مهو عنوان الفلم
Bling Ting
Next is Rango vs Sad Flute
Breno Sousa
So fera
Bryan Salangsang
where part 2 ??? when part 2 ?
What is the original name of this movie
What an beautiful english..
what language talking is not chinese
Dyah Ayu
everytime i watched this movie..i never feel boring..repeat and repeat..specially when they got on fighting...awesome effect
Ema Ahmed
Faag7250 Fg
Fati Fatifleur
Freak Hunter
movie name plz
Frenkz No Fear
DAmn why u make comentator n sound in indian..EMBICILE!
GangStar Boys
Valoi Mone hosse
God Sun
Gram Theatre গ্রাম থিয়েটার
সব মূর্খ। বাংলা, ইংলিশ কোনটাই জানেনা।
Janna Victoria
Jhoana Ang
Jin JinJin
Hero. Korean Actor Jang Dong Gun! It is a very good actor. Best!😍😍😍👍👍👍
John Sweet
This is korean movie , if you guys want more info about korean movie , leave your email. I am korean man
Kasih Permata
Yhanks for this movie.
Khadeeja TRETOU
Kitty kat
Life is so Gewd !!!
I watched the first scene like 5 times
Lucio Adson
Show 😎
M Rosan
Nice movei
Mainuddin Alvi
I like it
Marcio Gualberto
Muito bom show 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Marsha Bailey
Damn good movie I love it.
Mas Dimas
Michael Dunne
that aint English thats peanut butter language. Word
Michael Klump
This is Warriors Way...
Mike h
This is the best movie ever
Mrl Mrl
Cadê dublado
Nattasit -_-
Nguyen Anh Tran
Deo co dua vn nao xem ak
Pattawee Khunpilouk
Rah Agus
What is the name of the film?
Rahela Petaca
does not have a translation and goes on resuming
Raiyan Siddique
Nice but it's other language oh
Rayhana Tasnim Rayhana Tasnim
WoW just awesome
Rayssa Kelly
Rhealyn Camacho
What is the tittle of the movie pls.tnx
Rhenz Arao
Ricardo Maldonado
Great movie....
Rosemalyn Palalon
i love this movie..
Sarazel Catahum
I cannot sleep only watching this movie..very nice actor and the way how to use his sword👏👏👏
Sassy Me
so nice but how i wish he will get back marry the woman and to have a new life together with the baby hehe
Scott H
Thanks for the upload the only thing to make better if was in English
Smarterthan You
Damn good movie
Special Days
Tanya Esguerra
Thanks for the movie😁
gr8 movie. ty
Thembelani Mpofu
totally awsome
Tiago Silva
What is the name of this movie?
Tom Silva
Qual é o nome desse filme
Tom my
Hay vai truong
Tracy-Ann Tracy-Ann
Vincent Sarah
I really enjoyed this film
Yılmaz Çelik
Türkçe versiyon
excellent movie !!!
a servantsoftheownerofDeathNlife
Annoying language but thanks for the English subt
alprece moftah
قصه في قمة الروعه..احسنت
ashok Pradhan
Fantastic action movie
bailochan shikhrakar
Can I get it in English or hindi 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪\nPlease
brenda taylor
I personally don't watch movies with subtitles because I don't want to have to read a movie , yet for some reason this movie compelled me to give it a chance , and as I got into it I couldn't stop watching as I was rather enjoying it and the story line. Thanks for taking the time to share it with others. :):):)
chub check
efe alptekin
Filmin ismi ne
ernith macapas
Very nice movie but you did write whats the title and the actor what name.
felix aronio
indah kumala
Nice movie thanks your share
jim hurley
Great movie thank you for your videos
ken wu
reading comments here can confused me to watch😊
lala hassan
wow რlove it man and baby💋😉
lyn n3wc1ty
I love this kind of movies😀
preslav jankov
I like ninjas
rosilda nogueira
Detesto filme que não dá pra traduzir no meu idioma. Ma gente fica sem entender nada.
siri pina
trisha lim
Nice movie
Why is the stupid International movies on the screen?
valeria s.castro
Melhor filme
ɦoàทջ ทăM
có ai nv.hông.điểm danh ạ
ابو البراء المشعت
لو سمحتو من عنده الفلم مترجم
سجل اناعربي
هههههه لو كان مترجم بلعربي 😔🙄
علااوي البصراوي
ليش مو مترجم للعربية
فاضل الخبير
افلام روعة
ملاذ الصمت
انشهد انه فلم كفوو👍
نور جمال مبارك
الترجمه هنديه \nهو ده اللي مطلع عنين اللي جابونا \nاللي فهم يجي جمبي
وحش الصحراء
ههههه يحجي هذي
What is film name?? And language??